Shinton no Naruto

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This is my newest story, Shinton no Naruto, or Naruto of the Mind Release. I hope you like it.

Before it starts, here is some quick info on the Mind Release. First off, I do not take credit for the idea. Omnibender on Narutopedia came up with the initial idea, then I found some info on it on the Naruto Fanon wikia, and refined it to my personal liking for this story.

Shinton is part of a set of five releases that are inter-related. The Mind Release (Lightning/Yin/Yang), Body Release (Earth/Yin/Yang), Soul Release (Wind/Yin/Yang), Blood Release (Water/Yin/Yang) and Health Release (Fire/Yin/Yang). Together they are collectively the Five Life Releases.

The Mind Release itself has many abilities, more so than the other four, because it is a True Kekkai Genkai. Kekkai Genkai usually fall under one of three categories: Chakra (Sub-elements and the Uzumaki chakra reserves), Eye (Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan, etc.) and Body (Kidoumaru and Sakon/Ukon's Kekkai Genkai). The Mind Release has all three. I won't tell all the abilities, but they include telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, photographic memory, genius IQ, a doujutsu called the Shingan (Mind's Eye) and perfect control of chakra. Then there's the actual sub-element itself, which strongly resembles an amped-up version of the Yamanaka clan jutsu.

In this story, Naruto will be a genius above Shikamaru's level without the laziness and eventually be god-powerful, but he will have to train to get that way. As usual, this will be a Dark!Naruto but also a Manipulative!Naruto story. As for pairing…but I'm leaning towards a Dark!NarutoxDark!Ino, with Ino not being a fangirl.

To those wondering, as well, Naruto will have the following affinities: Lightning, Wind, Yin, Yang, Light (Lightning/Yang), Dark (Lightning/Yin), Mind and eventually Yin/Yang, though not to the extent of a Rinnegan user.

Without further delay (because I've already taken up too much of your time) here is the first chapter of Shinton no Naruto! Enjoy.


The mid-May dawn rose and cast a multicolored light upon the shinobi village of Konohagakure no Sato, hidden village of Hi no Kuni. The large Hidden Village was quiet… very quiet. Most people were still sleeping in their comfortable homes. The exceptions were the night shift gate guards, certain squads of ANBU, those jounin who trained as if they were insane (*cough*Gai!*cough*) and lastly… a certain twelve year old Academy graduate training to become a shinobi of Konoha.

This specific boy, one Uzumaki Naruto was in the most dangerous training ground, the 44th, also known as the Forest of Death, simply meditating. The boy had spiked blonde hair that went in every direction, azure blue eyes that were closed now, tan skin, three whisker marks on each cheek and wore a black robe that was opened to reveal a black shirt, ANBU pants, black vest that resembled a Chuunin vest, black gloves, and an amulet that held a large, pyramid-shaped piece of obsidian. There was one more thing…

Naruto was levitating two feet off the ground while he meditated.

This was no ordinary twelve-year old, no ordinary boy… no ordinary human. Uzumaki Naruto was truly an enigma among enigma, completely unreadable and unpredictable in anything he did or accomplished. No one, not even the Hokage, knew of his training and the abilities he had. But it had been this way ever since…

"Ever since that day." Naruto spoke coldly to himself.

Flashback no Jutsu

He remembered how it all happened seven and a half years ago. How he heard the matrons talking about kicking him out and he barely had enough time to seal his different 'borrowed' books and scrolls inside a storage scroll he had also 'borrowed'. He finished and hid the scroll within a storage seal he had placed on his shirt. Just then, the matron came in and Naruto coldly analyzed her posture. She stood rigid, ready to bolt at a moment's notice, her eyes were constantly flickering around the room, searching for escape roots, and her hands were shakily in front of her chest, meaning she was making a futile attempt at protection. In short… she was terrified beyond reasoning.

But he could've figured that out from her thoughts that were basically screams to someone like him. 'Why am I the one to do this! He… the Fox could just kill me! That way he's looking at me… that cold gaze! Like he's measuring up whether he can kill me and get away with it! Just like a fox! Please, Kami, let me live! I'll be a better person, I swear! Just Kami…'

"Kami won't save you here." The five year old Naruto spoke calmly and fluently, as if he were politician or a judge with decades of experience. The elder woman's eyes widened. 'Oh, Kami! He can read my mind! And… all those things I've ever thought of him… Oh Kami! Kami have mercy and save me!' Naruto stood from his seat just then and walked slowly, deliberately to her, and watched as she shook in fear, in complete fear.

He then stood right in front of the woman, who was caught in his gaze. 'The scroll said Genjutsu was forcing your chakra into someone else's system… but I have something better. My powers, as I have come to understand, are directly revolving around my mind. I can use more of my brain than others, and so my mind can force itself within their own and hear their thoughts. So if I…' Naruto looked directly into her eyes and focused his consciousness on the woman and visualized a different area than the orphanage, instead imagining her burning in the fires of hell. And suddenly, the woman let loose a piercing scream, a scream shrill enough to make cracks in the single window in the room.

After that, Naruto simply walked out of his room, leaving the woman within the illusion and left the orphanage, his possessions safely within his clothes. All of the other occupants of the orphanage had headed straight for his now ex-room and Naruto simply walked out of the orphanage, unchallenged. Not ten minutes later, and the boy was cornered into an alleyway… too bad they underestimated his training.

"Heh, we got you now demon brat." One of them said to five-year old Naruto. The blonde assessed the situation with an analytic eye only seen on a genius.

"Fifty men, and no shinobi?" Naruto asked in a voice colder than ice. One that actually scared some of the full grown men. "That only makes this faster." Naruto created the exact same image as earlier with the matron and all of the mob instantly took a step back in massive fear before falling to the floor and screaming their heads off. The blonde simply walked past them, scanning their minds past their screaming to find out what they held on their person. Not a single one had anything useful, but they all agreed on one, single piece of fact.

Flashback no Jutsu Kai!

"I am the prison of the demon lord of the Kitsune, the strongest of the Bijuu, the master of flames and illusions, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Yet… the Hokage never thought to inform him of this. Not once did he tell him why he was so hated. The one man he found he trusted was, in fact, the one who lied to him on a daily basis. That man was the only person that could have possibily tied him to this Kami-forsaken village… not anymore.

But Naruto wasn't a genius for no reason. He knew he couldn't hope to survive in this world with Konoha after their 'loyal weapon' and a world of shinobi who wouldn't even hesitate to kill a child. No… he had to use this village just as they were using him. He would bide his time and learn the way of the shinobi, and that's why he had enrolled in the Shinobi Academy the year before. Hiruzen had approved immensely and even given Naruto a new scroll to study, one on the basics of chakra that he had mastered that very day. Photographic memory was very useful.

Anyways, that day, which was roughly eight months after he was ousted from the orphanage, Naruto unlocked his chakra and became very curious about its limits. So using another of his self-named Shingen, or Mind Illusions, he became invisible and walked right into the library, knowing that the librarian herself hated him and would've kicked him out had he entered and been visible. And so the blonde went through the library to find anything he could that would be useful.

And useful things he did find.

While it was true that the civilian section of the library had little in the way of things useful to a shinobi, Naruto was a knowledge addict. His abilities, he later found was referred to as a kekkai genkai, involved a few things so far as he could tell. They all revolved around his mind.

Firstly was his ability to hear people's thoughts. While it was usually annoying, he could just filter it and ignore everyone. The second was his photographic memory, which he used very often. The third was his Shingen. And the final one that he had discovered thus far was an ability to… move things. Without touching them.

The library had been useful in understanding how all of his powers worked. Even if some of them were just theories that were untested.

The best Naruto could figure… all of his abilities were the cause of being able to use more than 10% of his brain power. And all kekkai genkai were simply the product of a certain mutation.

Biology wasn't the only thing Naruto looked into. He decided to read all the books he could find on various subjects: psychology, medicine, physics, chemistry, botany, weapons, ancient fighting styles, tactics, extinct civilizations, and other things. With his perfect memory and his high IQ (he had gotten an IQ test under a disguise and found his exceeded 250), the whole of the library's civilian books lasted him until the end of his third year at the Academy.

With all of that information, he still had no fighting experience, even if his Shingen were very strong because he had more ideas for said illusions. So he decided to use his invisibilty Shingen and went into all the different shops to begin his self-training. The Yamanaka Flower Shop supplied plants for his herb and poisons, the Higurashi Weapon Shop provided kunai, shuriken, senbon, and a katana, the Akimichi Barbeque provided daily food for him, and other shops provided other things. The village that denied him so much provided him with the means to become a truly great shinobi.

But, that was just what he did from the shadows, the light was more important, for that could get him killed if he made one mistake.

The first three years of the Academy were far too boring. They all revolved around civilian studies. It was pretty much filled with reading, writing, mathematics, basic sciences, and history. Every single one of those, Naruto knew in more detail than the sensei themselves. It was rather sad the speed that most of the kids learned, and the of the three children that could hope to take him on in terms of academics, two were fangirls, and the last was a Nara, which translated to a lazy genius in Naruto's mind.

With those three, Naruto found Sakura… unbearable. She was far too loud, and according to her thoughts, the girl had a split-personality. Naruto could've cured her, sure, but he didn't feel the need to. Then with Shikamaru, all that kid did was sleep, which did not interest Naruto at all. Ino though… Naruto found her at least bearable. Even if she was his fangirl. In the beginning at least.

About three months into his third year, where she started following him around, Naruto accepted Ino's advances… sort of. She asked if they could hang out, and Naruto told her if she wished to train with him, she was welcome to. And she did.

Being a clan heiress, she already had a training regiment, if you could call it that, but Naruto upped it to the limits her nine year old body could handle. By the end of the fifth year, Ino's fangirl ways were utterly destroyed, and she was probably at about high-Genin level, low-Chuunin level. He still remembered the way Ino looked the first time she asked about his Gravity Seals, probably about three weeks after her own were set to 1.2x gravity.

"So, what are your seals set at, anyways, Naruto-kun?" Ino asked with a bit of panting as her ten year old body was still adjusting to her own. The blonde simple smiled at her.

"Mine? They've been at 10x for the last few weeks… in fact… I should probably change them soon." And Ino predictably gaped at him, not believing his admission.

It was still funny, remembering it now. But not near as funny as a certain Uchiha's face during the Fourth Year end of the year Tournament when he was beaten by a 'clanless loser'. Or the Fifth Year. Or the Sixth, just a few days ago.

That boy thought that just because he was Uchiha, he was the best. And Naruto proved him wrong every time. Maybe if he spent less time brooding, and more time training, he might stand a chance against Itachi. Maybe.

The Fourth Year of the Shinobi Academy was filled with lessons of the Academy-Style Taijutsu. It was actually pretty decent, really. Balanced for equal parts offence, defence, and speed, but Naruto didn't need it. Through studying scrolls at the library's civilian section, he had come across books on ancient, long-forgotten styles of fighting. One such was known as the Kyoushouken (Assassin's Blade) that involved a retractable knife hidden in the bottom part of gloves and in the front of boots (or sandals in Naruto's case) that could be used to slice a target who was only prepared for a punch or kick. He also combined that with another style that was called the Gumo no Mai (Spider's Dance), which was full of advanced acrobatics, swift kicks, strong punches, and pulling targets close with what were described as webs. Together, they formed his personal style, Shinken, or Mind's Fist, where he kept blades in his gloves and sandals, used the acrobatics from the Gumo no Mai, and also used telekinetic pulls o bring targets in close that got too far away. All of his punches or kicks though… they were accompanied by a telekinetic burst of energy from either his fist or foot that enhanced each blow much like chakra and made it so that neither his fist nor foot ever made contact with a target unless using the blades.

The fifth year contained theory on chakra, targets to aim for in taijutsu, different styles of fighting in the Elemental Nations, the five natures of chakra, the famous sub-elements, basics of Genjutsu, including dispelling a Genjutsu, famous battles of the shinobi wars, famous shinobi and their styles of fighting, basic tactics, kunai and shurikenjutsu, and the introduction of the first ninjutsu that would become part of Naruto's arsenal. The Kawarimi no Jutsu.

As soon as Iruka and Mizuki, the two sensei, introduced this technique, Naruto obsessed over it for a whole month, since it was his only ninjutsu. It wasn't really necessary, as he already had it mastered by the third day, he needed no seals by the fourth, and didn't need to say its name by the fifth, but it was something else that interested him about it.

Most shinobi only practiced enough to kawarimi with logs or people… but in theory, you could kawarimi with anything, right? So Naruto tried. And succeeded.

There was just one thing… it required multiple tests and experiments over the course of three weeks, and he found it to be absolutely true. It took less chakra to kawarimi with objects that had similar mass or volume to yourself and more the further away they were from your own mass or volume… distance had absolutely no effect on the chakra amount. The smoke that was involved in the technique was also not needed, and was simply the result of leftover chakra used in the technique. In one month's time, Naruto had mastered the jutsu to the point of being able to kawarimi with a moving kunai in two seconds. And any inanimate object in half that time. This was all while most other kids barely had it down to being usable within ten seconds time.

The entire summer that year was spent with Naruto training the now de-fangirled Ino in every aspect he could. Her high chakra control and average reserves made her easy enough to train in his newer version of the kawarimi, and she was pretty smart in other places. She also shared her clan techniques with him, and this is where Naruto learned the true usefulness of Ino, even if he saw her as a friend.

The Yamanaka were a clan of mindwalkers. His kekkai genkai revolved around the mind. It was a perfect match.

The only problem was… the Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Switch Technique) was the only one Ino knew. So Naruto had only one choice, the two set out to master the technique together. IT was a lot more difficult though.

It took all of two weeks to pull off using it without saying the name. Another week was spent to try and go without using the handseal, until they figured out that was impossible. The seal was an absolute must. So, after that the two had some fun with it. Naruto and Ino would take turns watching each other's body while one used the Shintenshin no Jutsu on a civilian or shinobi and acted like them for a bit. Much havoc was wreaked and much chaos ensued. And no one ever figured out who was the cause of it all!

That small event signaled the true start of their friendship. It was… the first time Naruto had smiled in years. The first person Naruto found he could trust. He found maybe… just maybe he could be merciful to the village and stay. So, at the very end of the summer, four days until the Academy began once more, Naruto told Ino about his tenant. Or more like… he asked her to use the Shintenshin on him. This would insert her into his mindscape.

Although he had been in other's Naruto had never been within his own mindscape, but once Ino used the technique, they both ended up within his mind, which had the form of a sewer.

"This… is your mindscape, Naruto-kun?" Ino asked worriedly.

"I suppose it is. The sewer would definitely reflect my life."

"But… my tousan says that a sewer mindscape would only appear in the most abused individuals."

"Exactly why I said it seems right." Naruto was then struck with a certain sense of… where to go. So he grabbed Ino's hand and began leading her through the sewer pipe, not noticing the blush or smile on his fellow blonde's cheeks. Eventually, they came to a set of large golden gates with a paper marked 'Seal' that seemed to lock it. "So this is where it is." Naruto said quietly.

"Where what is?" Ino asked and then gasped as two crimson eyes opened from the darkness behind the cage.

A deep voice then spoke. "Ningen! Finally you show yourself. And you've even brought me a sacrifice!" Ino held Naruto's hand tighter, looking at him, seeing him smile reassuringly at her. This calmed her immensely.

"Do not speak as if you are free, prisoner. You cannot touch me so long as you are stuck behind the cage. You hold no power, and instead, I am taking yours. You may be strong, but your thoughts betray you, mighty fox, mighty lord of the foxes, mighty lord of the Tailed Beasts, Kyuubi no Kitsune." Out of the shadows then emerged the large form of the Kyuubi, blood-red cloak of fur shining as nine immense tails swayed behind him and his enormous maw of katana-length teeth showed as he growled at the pair.

"Do not get cocky, ningen! One day I will be free, and then I will enjoy killing you!"

Ino looked at Naruto then. "N-Naruto?" The blonde noticed her distinct lack of –kun and found it was disheartening… if he were to lose the only friend he had in this world…

"Ino-chan. You are the first person I've ever told this to. Ino… eleven years ago, on my birthday, when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, it wasn't killed by the Yondaime. No… instead, Ino-chan, since no human could ever slay a biju completely, the Yondaime sealed the fox within an infant born that same day. A boy who would grow up to be hated, shunned, and abused by all but one, very special girl in his life. He would suffer countless beatings that he couldn't stop for fear of the next ones turning into assassination attempts, for the only time he ever prevented one from happening, back when he was five, the very day the orphanage kicked him out, the next week he was jumped by civilians who had one shinobi who trapped him in a Genjutsu so they could beat him.

"That same boy would grow up hating the entire village, wishing for their demise, training, studying, and reading, all so it could happen. Except that over the past summer of his life, that same boy found his only friend in the village and is actually, against his own judgement, considering sparing it just so he doesn't have to see her sad, so she won't lose…"

"No." Ino stated just then. "You know that the Shintenshin lets me view your memories at any time? I just saw only a few of them, and they were bad, Naruto-kun… do it. I saw how they treated you, and you don't deserve it. Naruto-kun… I'm with you, all the way. You won't be unavenged. Your pain needs to be dealt out to your torturers."

After that day, Ino had supplied him with all sorts of ideas and the two had also upped their training once more, with Ino getting scrolls from the Yamanaka Clan Library for their use. Besides the mind jutsus, it also contained Genjutsu and ninjutsu of the Lightning and Water elements. That was good, because after getting ahold of two pieces of chakra paper, it was seen that Ino had the Lightning and Water Natures, while Naruto held the Wind and Lightning. There was just something strange with them.

Ino's had soaked completely on one-third, and crinkled on another third… but the remaining part had began to glow and soon released a small burst of energy outward. And Naruto's was cut in four pieces with one crinkling, one glowing, one becoming dark, and one drawing the other pieces to it and causing them to float around it. Sub-elements. Naruto understood his a little… the last one of his was his kekkai genkai, which he then decided to name the Shinton, and that paper obviously showed his telekinesis, but the other two were difficult. However… Ino's was easy enough to figure it out. Kumo had a relatively common kekkai genkai known as the Ranton, and after some questioning of her father by Ino, it was found out that that's where her now deceased mother was in fact from. Now… it was a matter of figuring out Naruto's.

After much debate and research which took half of the sixth year, it was soon found out what it was. There were five chakra natures, Katon, Fuuton, Raiton, Doton, and Suiton… but there were two others that were harder to find info about. If chakra was a combination of physical and spiritual energy, what would happen if one was used without the other? The Yin and Yang natures, that's what. Yin was the spiritual aspect and Yang was the physical, while Yin was cold, Yang was hot, Yin was mind where Yang was body, but most importantly… Yin was darkness where Yang was light.

And that's where the last two natures Naruto had were. If Lightning was energy, then the combination of it with Yin would draw energy in and with Yang would instead expel it in any form. These two were named the Houton (Light Release) and Meiton (Dark Release) soon afterwards. After some experimentation and time, the end of sixth year to be exact, the pair of blondes had at least one technique a piece in each of their sub-elements.

Sixth year itself was rather eventful. The academics of that year included two more jutsu, the Bunshin and Henge no Jutsu, both of which were replaceable with his Shingen. Other than that, they also learned about the cultures of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, their main styles, about the greatest clans of the Elemental Nations, about more advanced tactics, storage scrolls, the advantages of Taijutsu vs. Kenjutsu and vice-versa, different types of ninjutsu, what were the requirements of something being a kinjutsu, more history of the world, and more. Naruto duly noted that the Uzumaki clan and more advanced fuinjutsu were not mentioned, even if they wore their symbols on headbands and the Jounin uniform. It was… disgusting.

Then there was the practical lessons. Those were mainly just target practice, taijutsu spars, and ninjutsu practice. Every one of which Naruto and Ino topped the rankings every time, with Sasuke just behind Ino. And Sakura would always be last. How could that girl ever be a shinobi with the confidence problems she had?

And then just four days ago, the Genin Exams had been held, and Naruto had no problem getting perfect scores in everything. True, Mizuki had attempted to stop him on every single of the five test: Written, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu (which was only dispelling), and the final test that was a no-holds barred tournament where anything, including killing, was acceptable. He overcame every attempt though and came out a Rookie Shinobi of the Year. Ino easily got Rookie Kunoichi of the Year with little competition. Hinata was easily the smartest one there in both theory and practice, but she was far too nice to hurt anyone. Sakura was the smartest one in books, but had no motivation to do any practical because she was a hopeless fangirl. It was all too easy for her.

The only other person Naruto cared to know in ranking was whoever the aptly named 'Dead Last' was. And lo and behold… it was Nara Shikamaru. Since the boy slept through every lesson and barely passed the written tests and the Genin Exams, he was given a collective score just a few points behind the other class slackers, Chouji and Kiba. So, just why did it matter who the Dobe of the Class was?

The Hokage grouped the teams, and he always paired the Shinobi of the Year, Kunoichi of the Year and the Dobe as one team, without fail. That meant that Ino, Shikamaru and himself would make one team.

Now, four days later, Naruto was stuck all alone in the Forest of Death, where he basically lived, because Ino's father had taken her out of the village for a small trip to train her for two weeks until the teams would be announced. It had only been four days since she left, and Naruto missed his only connection to this Kami-forsaken village. The only thing he had to remember her by while she was gone was the black pyramid around his neck that she had given to him a year ago. It was actually a symbol of the mind that Yamanaka clan head, heirs or heiresses would only give to their most trusted friends, and Naruto used it as telekinesis practice to float around because it was very heavy. For an amulet anyways.

With a sigh, Naruto let himself fall to the ground slowly and landed on his feet. "May as well see what I can do… maybe I can persuade the Hokage to give me a jutsu scroll for making genin… or maybe spy on a shinobi practicing his own so I can learn it myself?" With a shrug, Naruto set off to go and find more knowledge.

Because as he knew, Knowledge is Power, and he needed power to destroy this Kami-forsaken village. Knowledge and Ino-chan.

Chapter End!

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