Shinton no Naruto

Orpheus back once more with another exciting chapter of Shinton no Naruto! What could possibly happen now? Will Aoi get what he wants? What do Kairi and Ino's necklaces do? And when will I just let you read this chapter? Only one way to find out!

Chapter IV

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"Wh-what are you?" Aoi was bloodied, beaten and on his back as he stared helplessly at the blade of lightning aimed at his throat, mere inches away from killing him. The blood loss might do that in a minute though.

The one who held his Raijin looked at him with cold blue eyes shadowed by his sun-golden hair. "I am the demon that Konoha turned me into..."

Eight hours ago

With the dawn, Naruto awoke. He would've risen to begin his normal morning routine if not for a weight on his chest. Opening his cerulean orbs, he smiled as he saw the sleeping form of Ino. She looked so calm and peaceful. Her head was on his chest, her arms wrapped around his torso and her legs intertwining with his. To his left, he saw his katana and gloves with their hidden knives next to her daggers.

He remembered now. She had come to his tent last night and asked if she could sleep here with that cute smile of hers she always has when she wants something. He let her and though they spent the better part of an hour making out, nothing else happened before they were asleep. He rose his hand and moved a stray lock of her hair from her face. She was so beautiful.

He sighed as he realized he would need to begin his morning training and created a sealless Shadow Clone before using a Kawarimi with it. The Jounin section of the library had many useful ninjutsu.

He sighed and left the tent. Outside were many other tents in a makeshift camp and the twelve wagons were gathered in a circle around them. Off to the side was a firepit where everyone had sat for dinner and far off on the other side of the wagon ring were two dozen horses tied to a wooden post.

"Your up early." Naruto turned to see the client there with a small smile on her lips as she regarded him.

"This is my normal time to wake up, Kairi-san. I take my training very seriously, I'll have you know." She giggled and shook her head.

"You remind me so much of my brother, Naruto-san." The blonde looked at her quizzically. "My younger brother was exactly the same way with his ninja training. Even though he came from a civilian family, Kirimaru was quite the prodigy. He was already an ANBU Captain by eighteen and was nearly S-rank in the Bingo Books. He said the exact same thing every morning I watched him train." She sighed and seemed to be reliving a memory. "Would you mind at all if I watched you train? I see my little brother in you so much... especially last night how you were cold to others but so open with Ino-chan... just like Kirimaru-kun with Mei-chan." She smiled sadly.

Naruto could see her memories and saw a boy and a girl sitting together by a campfire. The boy was probably fourteen with blood red hair in spikes just as disarrayed as himself and brown eyes. He wore a Chuunin vest, a blue shirt and black pants. The girl next to him had long auburn hair that covered one of her eyes and two strands that formed an X over her neck. She wore a blue dress and steel shin guards and seemed probably twelve.

The two seemed to be cheerful and happy and only had eyes for each other.

Naruto blocked off his telepathy and backed up a step, shutting his eyes. "Kirimaru and Mei were engaged to be married when Mei turned sixteen. They had arranged for it to happen on Six Paths day that year, November 20. Yagura began his Purge November 18. His first casualties included the Kaguya and Yuki clans as well as the person he thought held the Shodaime Uzukage's bloodline, Kirimaru. But... my brother didn't have the Blood Release."

Naruto looked at her and saw tears in her eyes. "Naruto-san... there is a secret many do not know regarding the ninja clan my family was once a part of and four other clans of Uzushiogakure. There were five bloodlines Uzushio held to make it feared in war..."

Naruto looked at her and was shocked as her hair shimmered for a moment a deep blood red before going back to her normal shade. "You have to know the truth of this world and the Five." She sighed and looked around. "Not here though." The blonde nodded and pulled out a kunai and threw it far away, using a telekinetic pulse to push it a mile past the camp before grabbing Kairi's shoulder and disappearing in a smokeless Kawarimi.

When they appeared in the new place, they were in a tree branch, forty feet in the air. Naruto looked at the merchant and she began. "The Village Hidden in the Whirlpools had many famous clans. The Uzumaki was at the forefront of those and had many amazing bloodlines that made them famous. Less famous of them, however were five kekkai genkai... they were collectively known as the Five Life Releases. Health, Soul, Mind, Flesh and Blood. Each was held and guarded by a different clan and only one individual of each generation was born with them. The Uzumaki Clan had the Shinton... the Mizunami Clan held the Ketton, I am the One Born in Blood. You are the One Born of Mind."

"How do I know you speak the truth?" Naruto asked, though denial was futile. Kairi smiled.

"With this." She pulled out a hidden blade from her shirt and made a small cut on her hand, letting it drop down. Her other hand moved up and the drop stopped before traveling upward in front of Naruto's face. "With nothing but my will, I can control blood. If I trained I could also learn the Water, Brine and Wave Releases, but I have no need nor time for ninja training."

Naruto nodded and asked what he first thought. "D-do you know the others?"

Kairi shook her head. "I do not. It was only by luck I met you. But from the moment I saw you at the campfire last night, I suspected you were the Shinton-holder. Here." Kairi pulled a scroll from her pants and Naruto opened it. "That describes the Ketton in detail and its different abilities as well as jutsu for the Kansuiton, Namiton and Onmyouton. There are three more scrolls sealed at the bottom for the Kenton (Health Release), Konton (Soul Release) and Kuuton (Flesh Release). I was given the first by my father who had it before me and bought the other three from antique scroll dealers who didn't know what they were. Unfortunately, I do not know where a single copy of the Shinton may be." Naruto closed it back.

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"I want you to find the other four. By this point your generation's Five will be born. It is your job to gather them and teach them to use their gifts. I will tell you what I know of each clan so you may better search. We can only spend an hour here before my caravan is ready to move, though. Every day I will share my knowledge with you."

"And Ino-chan." Naruto said. "I tell her everything." Kairi smiled.

"Alright. I'll tell her too. Starting tonight after everyone else is asleep." Naruto nodded and sealed the scroll inside one of his robe's storage seals.

An Hour Later

Naruto and Kairi appeared back in camp, which was still devoid of anyone awake. The blonde raked his fingers through his spikes before heading into his tent to see Ino sitting there, looking right at him with a somewhat angry expression... okay, she was pissed. "Ino-chan..."

"Don't you Ino-chan me!" She half whispered, half screamed. "I knew that was a Kage Bunshin as soon as I woke up! I looked everywhere for you for half an hour! Start talking, now!"

Naruto smiled weakly and suddenly his eyes became pupilless purple with filmy white sclera and he looked into Ino's eyes. "Shingan!"

Ino's eyes widened as she watched his memories. She looked at him. "Wow..."

"Wow is right."

12: 53 AM

The caravan continued on its way when Naruto felt something. Malicious intent... from this far he couldn't tell individial thoughts but the intent was definitely aimed at the caravan. Naruto slowed his pace slightly, looking around. He spotted Asuma and took out a kunai before throwing it his way using a Kawarimi to end up next to him.

The Sarutobi clan head was confused by his student's sudden appearance. Naruto was the last one he thought to drop his post. "Asuma-sensei, it's probably nothing but I can feel some negative emotions ahead." That's how Naruto had covered up his sensory abilities. Uzumaki Mito had been able to sense Negative Emotions. She shared both Uzumaki blood and jinchuuriki status with him, so shouldn't it possible for him to have it as well?

Asuma nodded as he took a drag from his cigarette. "Thanks for the heads up, Naruto. Probably just some bandits. You and Ino tell everyone to get in position." Naruto nodded and soon, the shinobi were in a different formation. Asuma's team were around Kairi's wagon and Hayate's had hid within the trees.

It didn't take long before seven shinobi appeared in front of the wagon train, just a hundred feet from Asuma, who had point. Sensing no other threats, team 13 also appeared and Asuma growled to himself at the sight of the opposing force's leader. "Aoi..."

The Konoha turned Ame nin grinned. "Ah, hello Asuma." He said with a smiile and a wave. "How's it going?"

Asuma gripped his knuckle knives tightly. "What are you doing here? Isn't preying on merchant trains low, even for you?" Aoi chuckled.

"Oh, I don't care about the wagons. Or the merchant for that matter. I'm here for two things. The Wave Gem and Amulet of Susanoo. Now if you would be kind enough to get the merchant and the blonde girl to give them over, maybe I can leave peacefully."

Ino placed her hand over her chest, where her mother's necklace was hidden in her shirt and Kairi gripped her sapphire wave tightly. Asuma looked at Kairi and Ino before back at Aoi. "We'll discuss this later. Aoi... you will die today for your crimes!" Aoi smirked and drew Raijin, activating its lightning blade.

"We'll see. Pick your opponents, people!" He commanded his subordinates.

"Asuma-sensei. You can't beat Aoi..." Naruto began.

"I'm the most experienced here, plus only wind can stop the Raijin's legendary blade." Asuma immediately retorted.

"Alone, sensei. You can't beat him alone. Let me help you. I also have a wind affinity and my natural affinity for lightning will let me sense where he strikes. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve I didn't tell you about." Asuma looked at his student and back to Aoi before nodding.

"Just be careful, Naruto... tou-san would kill me if I let Aoi kill you." Naruto nodded and they were off. Ino would've gone with Naruto and Asuma if three Ame nin hadn't just surrounded her and Kanami. A little ways away, Kurohi and Hayate had two shinobi to worry about while a single one chose the shadow-users to fight.

Kairi could only watch as her hired shinobi were pitted against seven from Ame. She gripped her sapphire in hand tightly. They can win. My control of blood is so poor that I would only be a hindrance and I couldn't hope to be a help with the Wave Gem... You have to win here Naruto!

Naruto/Asuma vs. Aoi

Aoi blocked Naruto's katana easily but was surprised when his Raiton chakra didn't conduct through its steel blade. He realized that the sword must've been coated in wind chakra. The Ame Jounin then jumped back to avoid Asuma's double overhead slash with his knuckle knives.

Aoi cockily pointed Raijin at the two. Asuma held his knuckle knives tightly as he took a stance. Naruto sheathed his katana, knowing his kenjutsu was not the best, and took out two kunai, each covered in shells of wind chakra.

Aoi disappeared in a burst of speed and Naruto was only able to duck his slash because of his telepathy. As he slid past Aoi, he stabbed one kunai into the ground before jumping up and leaving it there. Another kunai replaced the first from a storage seal on his robe.

Asuma knew what Naruto was preparing and smirked. He blocked Raijin with both knuckle knives in an X and pushed forward. Aoi stumbled back and barely dodged a slash from Asuma's left blade and was nicked by the lunge of his left. The Jounin jumped back and felt his left side, where he had just been shallowly cut. The blood felt sticky between his fingers.

He then saw a kunai with a tag trailing it headed his way. Quickly he jumped back fifteen feet and saw Asuma do the same. The blonde was up in one of the trees and had his hands in a ram seal. "Kakoi Fuinjutsu: Kai!" (Storage Seal Technique: Release)

Aoi could only Kawarimi as hundreds of kunai shot out of the tag and shredded it. He looked around the setion of the road they fought on and saw they now littered not only the dirt trail but also the trees. Despite that, he smirked. Not one had touched him.

He jumped down to the road once more and saw only the blonde left with Asuma nowhere to be seen. "You should give up now kid. Asuma's gone and that means you don't stand a chance."

Naruto grinned. "He's only gone to help the others because he knows I have this won."

Ino/Kanami vs. Arashi Triplets

The blonde and ravenette heiresses were back to back as they were surrounded by their opponents. Ino recognized them from their Bingo Book entry and was only too glad Naruto got her into the habit of reading each new edition. "The Storm Triplets..."

"Lookie here, onii-san, imouto. The blond one knows us." A girl with green hair that hung loosely with a windswept look and green eyes said. She wore a sleeveless green top that showed off her slim waist and toned stomach as well as a lighter green skirt that stopped inches above her knees slit on both sides to allow better mobility. She was Kazehime of the Wind.

"Won't save her..." the only male said. He had a mop of blue hair, dripping wet, and ocean blue eyes. His build was lean, tall and muscular, easily visible because of his lack of shirt and blue shorts. Atop his forehead were a pair of goggles with blue lenses. He was Suijin of the Water.

"Definitely not, onii-san." The last was a girl with two buns of blonde hair and amber eyes. She wore a battle kimono of yellow with lightning bolt designs on it. She was Raitenshi of the Lightning.

"Careful, Kanami. The Arashi Triplets may be genin, but their teamwork is extremely powerful. Each one is known to have a signature ninjutsu that can create different konbijutsu when used with one or both of the others. Do not underestimate them." Kanami nodded and made a handseal.

"Juujin Bunshin!" (Man-Beast Clone) Shiroga, who was at her feet, suddenly became an exact copy of herself.

"So an Inuzuka and a Yamanaka. Easy." Kazehime arrogantly smirked. All four then noted the rise in Kanami's KI.

"That bitch is mine..." Kanami said in a too calm voice. "I'm not an Inuzuka!" Kanami was on all fours and suddenly disappeared in a burst of speed, aiming a claw swipe for Kazehime. The wind-user ducked and aimed a punch for Kanami's exposed stomach but was caught unawares as the wolf-turned-clone hit her as a tunneling twister of claws and sent her hurdling back.

As this happened, Ino was watching the two who shared her elements. Suijin and Raitenshi looked at her, the former calm and the second with an apologetic smile. Ino pulled out a kunai and threw it between them even as they flew through three handseals each.

"Suiton: Suijin no Kokyuu!" (Water Release: Water God's Breath)

"Raiton: Raitenshi no Ya!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Angel's Arrow)

"KONBIJUTSU: RAI NAGASHI!" (Collaboration Technique: Lightning Current)

Suijin first opened his mouth and exhaled a thin, pressurized burst of water while Raitenshi pointed her first two fingers of her right hand forward and a beam of yellow lightning shot forth. They soon met and the lightning began to swirl around the water, electrifying it. It hit where Ino was just located and the ground formed a rather sizable crater. When the smoke cleared from the impact, a kunai was in the crater and the siblings looked around for her.

"Ranton: Kami Reeza!" They heard and looked in one of the trees to see the blonde kunoichi hold her palm outward, right wrist gripped by her left hand, as a blue and white beam shot from her palm right at the pair.

Quickly they jumped to the sides and each looked at her with widened eyes. "This... could be bad..." Suijin stated.

Shikamaru/Mutai vs. Kagemaru

As soon as their opponent was in front of them, Shikamaru's breath hitched. The man before him he knew only too well. His black hair was set in a topknot and his black eyes were analytical. For clothing he wore a patch over his left eye, where a scar showed, a conical straw hat, a black shirt, black ANBU pants and a Chuunin vest, even though his rank had been Tokubetsu Jounin. This man was one of his cousins and a former shinobi of Konohagakure. Nara Kagemaru.

"Mutai... do not use anything but your best. This man is easily B-rank and uses many Kagejutsu (Shadow Techniques) of the Nara clan. He used to be a part of my family until his unethical experiments with shadow jutsu on opponents got him banished and he left Konoha with one of my clan's most prized possessions as retribution. If you see him draw a sword from his shadow, use everything you can. The Kageyaiba (Shadow Blade) is very dangerous." Mutai nodded, understanding the difficulty of this opponent.

"Hello there, Cousin Shikamaru. How is Shikaku doing? Still rejecting great shinobi and their obvious talent from his clan?"

"What you did was sick and cruel!" Shikamaru yelled, out of his lazy demeanor for once because of the memories of what he saw Kagemaru do. He still hated that the Orochimaru-esque cousin of his forced him to learn some of his techniques.

"Still mad over that? Heh... don't worry. You soon won't worry about those memories... one of us is going to hell today!" He announced as his shadow shot out, becoming the shape of three vipers. "Ninpou: Kagehebi no Jutsu!" (Ninja Art: Shadow Snakes Technique)

Mutai's eyes became flecked with black in his sclera as he waved his right hand up. "Kurogan: Kageheki!" (Dark Eye: Shadow Wall)

A wall of shadows rose up to block the snakes. Shikamaru pulled out a flash bomb and through it up. He shut his eyes and it went off, removing all shadows momentarily. He then opened his eyes before pulling out three kunai with custom seal tags Naruto had made him and threw them. Kagemaru's vision cleared up just as the kunai landed at his feet and the tags attached themselves to the nearest chakra source, his ankles.

Kagemaru jumped back and glared. "What are these things?"

"Chakra draining tags." He answered simply, but his eyes widened as the Kagemaru erupted into a cloud of smoke. Kage Bunshin! Shikamaru thought and looked around. "Mutai! Look out!" Shikamaru warned a moment too late as the real Kagemaru appeared from Mutai's shadow and hit him with the hilt of a blade made completely of black steel with an onyx handle and cross guard as well as a black sapphire set in the center of the hilt. "K-kageyaiba..." Shikamaru whispered.

"Now that this little Yabun is out of the way, why don't we have our real fight? Kinpou: Kage no Mai!" (Forbidden Art: Dance of Shadows)

Hayate/Kurohi vs. Mei/Hikari

The sword-using Jounin and his student stood across two teenage girls who were likely sisters. They had similiar builds and heights. Each had short hair that gave them a tomboyish look. They each wore shirts that molded to their figure as well as shorts. The differences were in the fact that one had raven-black hair, onyx eyes and black clothing while the other had silver-white hair, silver eyes and wore white clothing.

Hayate recognized them though. Yuugao had fought alongside these before back when they were of Suna. "Sabaku no Hikari and Sabaku no Mei, nieces to the Yondaime Kazekage." He coughed out. But what were their abilities? It was something about energy?

"Do we know you?" The ravenette, Mei, asked.

"It doesn't matter." Hayate said as he drew his katana. Kurohi looed nervous, but drew his own chokuto.

Mei launched forward and ducked under Hayate's slash before grabbing his right arm momentarily. She kicked him in the stomach and back handsprung to jump over Kurohi's sweeping kick and used his head to go higher before landing on her feet. Hikari started handseals that caused Kurohi to gasp. "Enton: Endan!" (Blaze Release: Blaze Bullets) She launched off three balls of black fire and Kurohi held a ram seal.

"Katon: Fenikkusu no Nami!" (Fire Release: Wave of the Phoenix) He exhaled a wave of white-hot flames that engulfed the black fire. The Enton of the Fenikkusu Clan was special. On the one hand were the black flames of hell it created, nearly unquenchable and burning for days. On the other was the white flames of the Phoenix it created, easier to mold and control than fire and the only thing that could stop the hellfire. Kurohi was able to use both aspects of the Enton, a truly rare ability among his clan as most only gained half the kekkai genkai and not the full bloodline.

"That's their ability..." Hayate suddenly remembered from what Yuugao told him. "Kurohi! Mei absorbs chakra and energy while Hikari can channel it! Don't let her touch you!" The Fenikkusu heir nodded in understanding and held his sword in front of him.

"Hai, sensei. We will use kenjutsu then!" He stated even as his tanto's blade shimmered between pitch black on one side and stark white on the other.

Naruto vs. Aoi

The blonde stood still even as Aoi rushed forward, Raijin held low for an obvious upward slash. Naruto made a ram seal and released the weight seals- set to 250 pounds- on his robe but left his 15x gravity seals activated on his body. He disappeared from sight and was behind Aoi, giving him a roundhouse to the back of his head. With Asuma gone he could use more of his power.

Aoi flew forward until Naruto pulled him towards him telekinetically and waited until he was almost to him before punching forward with a telekinetic fist, launching him forward again. With a quick Kawarimi he was in front of the flying Jounin and kicked upward, sending Aoi towards the cloudless sky.

Naruto smirked to himself as he pulled an object towards himself that the still airborne Aoi had let go of. He held the hilt of a sword. As Aoi finally succumbed to gravity, Naruto now held a blade of pure lightning in his hand and had it pointed at Aoi's throat. "Wh-what are you?" He asked in fear. Naruto's increase in power had been so sudden, what else could he feel?

Ino/Kanami vs. Arashi Triplets

Up in her tree, Ino saw Kanami and Shiroga fly towards her and so she performed handseals in rapid succession. "Suiton: Juunami!" (Water Release: Gentle Wave) She expelled a burst of water that became a wave to catch the wolf-like kunoichi and her clone without causing them harm save for a mild bath of coldish water. Ino hopped dow next to them and saw Kazehime walking towards them, obviously pissed.

"Stronger than you thought?" Ino asked.

"C-caught me by surprise." Kanami replied, nursing her left shoulder where a shallow cut could easily be seen. "Watch out for her jutsu... I was hit by a glancing blow and it still cut me." Ino nodded. With both Naruto and Asuma around, she knew just how bad Fuuton could be to those unprepared for it.

"And my Raiton is now useless." Ino muttered. Kanami smirked though.

"My Katon's not. Just so long as you keep Suijin away from me. I don't have enough chakra to go wasting it." Ino nodded.

"Suijin! Raitenshi! We are taking that bitch down now!" Kazehime yelled in anger. They saw singe marks on her skirt and top, burns on her flesh and soot in her hair. She was not happy.

"Change in plans... they're trying for their ultimate technique." Ino warned. "Use your strongest Katon jutsu and I'll augment it with my bloodline!"

"Katon: Okamigadan!" (Fire Release: Wolf Fang Bullet)

"Fuuton: Kazehime no Reppuu!" (Wind Release: Wind Princess' Gale)

"Raiton: Ya no Raitenshi!"

"Suiton: Kokyuu no Suijin!"

"Ranton: Kami Reeza!"

"KONBIJUTSU: ARASHI REEZA!" (Collaboration Technique: Storm Laser)

"KONBIJUTSU: KAIFUREA OKAMIGA!" (Collaboration Technique: Divine Flare Wolf Fang)

The triplets made a stream of wind with a double helix of water and lightning while the wolf of orange flames was hit by the blue and white beam before turning the same colors. The storm laser went forward while the wolf went into a Tsuuga-esque twister. When the moves collided, an explosion occured which had the genin sent backwards on opposite ends of the road.

Ino's consciousness only lasted long enough to see the triplets vanish in swirls of water, wind and lightning and Kanami checking to see if she was okay.

Damn tree, giving me a concussion... was her last thought before all went dark.

Shikamaru vs. Kagemaru

Shikamaru froze at the declaration of his cousin's technique. Suddenly, all the shadows in the area flew in between the two Nara in a large, hollow ring and Kagemaru threw Mutai in the center of it. "You know the rules of this game, cousin. When I let it begin, the shadows will slowly get closer to the 'prize'. If the 'prize' is not touching light then it is gone forever into Kageyochi, the World of Shadows. How do you win the prize? Kill me in the time limit. Kagemai Hajime!" (Shadow Dance Begin)

Shikamaru saw the ring unmoving but knew the reality. It was just moving slowly and would pick up speed soon. This was one of the 'games' Kagemaru had taught him as an Academy student when he took Shikamaru to an underground base without Shikaku's knowledge. He had three minutes to win.

Shikamaru frowned. His only Nara technique was the Shadow Possession... but Kagemaru had taught him seven techniques he did not want to use. So Shikamaru drew a trio of shuriken and tossed them at his cousin. Kagemaru moved his head slightly to dodge one and caught the second while the last scratched his arm. The second rule was that no 'player' can move their feet until the game is over.

"Won't work, Shika. You know it too. Use them!" He commanded. Shikamaru shook his head viciously and instead pulled out a kunai with an explosive tag on it, throwing it. Kagemaru simply batted it away with Kageyaiba with a smirk. Shikamaru glanced at the shadow ring and saw it was already a quarter to Mutai.

"Two minutes and ten seconds, cousin. Any of them would work here. Just remember the fun games we played in that cave." Shikamaru growled and pulled out a Kunai and tossed it.

"Kage Kunai Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Shadow Shuriken Clone Technique) he turned six into six dozen and Mutai shook his head. With a wave of his sword, the shadow kunai dispelled and he caught the kunai by the ring with the tip of his blade.

"Shika, Shika, Shika. You know as long as I have Kageyaiba the shadows are mine to control. Only thirteen kagejutsu exist which are immune to this blade and I made seven of them. One minute until he is consumed into Kageyochi."

Hayate/Kurohi vs. Mei/Hikari

Hayate and Kurohi dashed forward, side by side, with swords held low. Mei jumped above Kurohi's low slash and placed her hand on Hayate's lunging katana to use as leverage as she somersaulted backwards in midair. Hayate disappeared in a swirl of leaves and tried to behead the girl from behind, except she ducked.

Kurohi would've rushed forward as well except that Hikari was suddenly in front of him holding a half-tiger, half-ram seal he recognized. "Enton: Kurohou!" (Blaze Release: Black Phoenix)

He quickly used a Shunshin to escape the phoenix-shaped bullet she sent his way of black fire. Appearing behind her, the clan heir lunged for her heart, but barely missed her arm as she dodged. "She didn't touch me... how did you use something that requires my chakra?" Hikari smirked and jumped over his leg sweep.

"Mei-chan doesn't need to touch anything to absorb energy. She naturally absorbs chakra of all those around her and I can release it." Kurohi ducked her punch and rolled away from her dropping kick. He saw sparks there. Hayate-sensei has a Lightning affinity.

Kurohi was back up and smiled nervously. For once, his nervous habit of reading and babbling would work to his advantage. "She always absorbs chakra?" He asked even as he coated his blade in black and white fire and rushed her with feet covered in the same substances. They would increase his speed and offensive ability. "And you release it. That means you can't absorb my hellfire and Phoenixfire!"

Hikari realized her mistake and dodged his flame-coated slash and ducked the spinning kick he sent her way. Dammit! My big mouth... I need to control it! Without the Enton chakra, I don't have the natural immunity to flames a Fenikkusu has. One hit from the black fire and I'll be burned alive. The white fire will give me immediate third, perhaps fourth degree burns. Hurry it up Mei!

Mei, meanwhile was swiftly dodging Hayate's strikes. She was defenseless though. Her fighting style heavily relied on Hikari and separating the twin sisters was not good for them. Without Hikari, she had no long-range support. The single downside to the sister's kekkai genkai was that while Mei could in fact actively or passively absorb an infinite amount of chakra and energy, she couldn't release it herself. The girls were born without chakra of their own and the chakra Mei absorbed was the only thing that kept them alive.

Mei ducked another slash and pulled out a kunai to stab Hayate in the gut when she suddenly dropped to the floor, writhing in pain. Hayate jumped back, expecting a trap.

Just seconds before, Kurohi had lunged forward and waited for Hikari to dodge, which she did. She went left and he quickly pivoted while slashing towards her. "Houken: Kiba!" (Phoenix Sword: Fang)

A large arc of black and white fire jumped unexpectedly from the blade and Hikari could not stop her movement in time to dodge it. She died in a 'blaze' of glory.

Mei still was on the ground, screaming in pain, as Kurohi appeared, sword sheathed. "Sensei..." he said anxiously. "We... need to go. She's going to...explode." Hayate turned his head quickly to his student who was obviously nervous. He was pale and looked to be shaking. Hayate imagined Kurohi must've made his first kill. "She's absorbing energy passively from the surrounding area, but there's no one to release it for her. She's a ticking time bomb!" The Jounin kenjutsu user nodded and grabbed his shoulder before they were gone in a swirl of leaves.

Mei gritted her teeth against the pain and knew the Fenikkusu boy was right. She needed a way to release the energy or she would die. She gripped the kunai in her hand tightly and made up her mind...

Shikamaru vs. Kagemaru

The ring was fifteen seconds from closing and Shikamaru made up his mind. Mutai wouldn't die because of his weakness! He would use those techniques, but only to help his friends. "Kageton..." (Shadow Release) Shikamaru held a half-snake, half-rat seal just as the shadow ring disappeared and Kagemaru's mouth dripped blood.

He was frozen in place as he saw Kagemaru release his sword and it flew end over end... right into his shadow, where it disappeared. Kagemaru fell to his knees with a weak grin. "And now it's yours, Cousin. Take your mantle as Kagejin (Shadow God) and use the power." He fell down and Shikamaru saw a smiling Asuma there, knuckle knives out forward to show he had just killed Kagemaru.

"Arigatou, sensei." Shikamaru said weakly, glad he didn't have to use one of those jutsu.

With Naruto

Naruto's Shingan was active as he looked at Aoi. "I am the demon Konoha turned me into... something they will regret. They underestimate me just as you did and will pay dearly for it." He then lunged forward and severed the nukenin/thief's head from his body with his newly acquired lightning blade. While he held it, Raijin took the form of a katana, just like the one he always wore.

He stopped the flow of Raiton chakra and placed the hilt on his waist while simultaneously dropping the katana and scabbard he had stolen all those years ago from the Higurashi weapon shop. He pulled the nukenin's head to him with his telekinesis and it was sealed inside his robe shortly after.

Turning, he saw the wreckage of the four battles and deactivated his doujutsu. This would be nothing compared to the destruction he would one day wreak on Konoha. The world, especially Konoha, would come to fear him...

For he was Shinton no Naruto.

Original Jutsu

Suiton: Suijin no Kokyuu- Water Release: Water God's Breath. The signature ninjutsu of Mizu no Suijin. Suijin expels a thin stream of pressurized water from his mouth. C-rank. Creator: Arashi Suijin. Users: Arashi Suijin.

Raiton: Raitenshi no Ya- Lightning Release: Lightning Angel's Arrow. The signature ninjutsu of Rai no Raitenshi. Raitenshi releases an arrow of lightning from her index and middle finger. C-rank. Creator: Arashi Raitenshi. Users: Arashi Raitenshi.

Konbijutsu: Rai Nagashi- Collaboration Technique: Lightning Current. A combination of Suijin and Raitenshi's signature ninjutsu that creates an electrified stream of water. B-rank. Creators: Arashi Suijin/Arashi Raitenshi. Users: Arashi Suijin/Arashi Raitenshi.

Ninpou: Kagehebi no Jutsu- Ninja Art: Shadow Snakes Technique. A Nara clan technique that creates multiple snakes out of the users shadow. If the snakes bite a person's shadow, chakra will be shut off from reaching that area for a short time. B-rank. Creator: Nara Clan. Users: Nara Kagemaru.

Kurogan: Kageheki- Dark Eye: Shadow Wall. A Yabun clan technique that requires an activated Kurogan to be used. The user solidifies and then forms surrou ding shadows into a solid wall. C-rank. Creator: Yabun Clan. Users: Yabun Mutai.

Kinpou: Kage no Mai- Forbidden Art: Dance of Shadows. A Nara Clan kinjutsu that requires the Kageyaiba. This technique is one of the 'games' the Kageyaiba can create using shadows. This game requires two 'players' and a 'prize'. The time limit is three minutes. Both players are situated on opposite ends of the playing field and separated by a large, hollow ring of shadows surrounding the prize. Neither player is allowed to move their feet. One player must die or the prize is banished to the world of shadows. If Kageyaiba's wielder loses, the other player becomes the new wielder and is given the title 'Kagejin'. S-rank for its ability to be inescapable. Creator: Nara Clan. Users: Nara Kagemaru.

Enton: Endan- Blaze Release: Blaze Bullets. Requires the kekkai genkai for Enton or a perfect balance of Fire and Yin chakra. The user spits out multiple bullets of black hellfire. C-rank. Creator: Fenikkusu Clan. Users: Sabaku no Hikari.

Katon: Fenikkusu no Nami- Fire Release: Wave of the Phoenix. Requires the kekkai genkai of the Fenikkusu Clan. The user exhales a wave of white Phoenixfire. C-rank. Creator: Fenikkusu Clan. Users: Fenikkusu Kurohi.

Suiton: Juunami- Water Release: Gentle Wave. The user creates a wave of water that is calm enouugh to cushion a landing. C-rank. Creator: Senju Tobirama. Users: Yamanaka Ino.

Katon: Okamigadan- Fire Release: Wolf Fang Bullet. A Kuroga clan technique taught to those with a fire affinity. The user exhales flames that take the form of a wolf in the Passing Fang technique. C-rank. Creator: Kuroga Clan. Users: Kuroga Kanami

Fuuton: Kazehime no Reppuu- Wind Release: Wind Princess' Gale. The signature ninjutsu of Fuu no Kazehime. Kazehime breathes out a stream of wind sharp enough to slice stone. C-rank. Creator: Arashi Kazehime. Users: Arashi Kazehime.

Konbijutsu: Arashi Reeza- Collaboration Technique: Storm Laser. A combination oof the Arashi Triplets' signature ninjutsu in which a stream of water is surrounded by a double helix of wind and lightning to create a powerful laser. A-rank. Creators: Arashi Triplets. Users: Arashi Triplets.

Konbijutsu: Kaifurea Okamiga- Collaboration Technique: Divine Flare Wolf Fang. A combination of Kanami's Wolf Fang Bullet and Ino's Divine Laser where the wolf bullet is hit and coated with the laser, adding to its destructive force. A-rank. Creators: Kuroga Kanami/Yamanaka Ino. Users: Kuroga Kanami/Yamanaka Ino.

Enton: Kurohou- Blaze Release: Black Phoenix. Requires Enton kekkai genkai or perfect balance of fire and yin chakra. The user spits out one or multiple phoenix-shaped bullets of black hellfire. C-rank. Creator: Fenikkusu Clan. Users: Sabaku no Hikari.

Houken: Kiba- Phoenix Sword: Fang. Requires the Houken blade of the Fenikkusu Clan. The user charges the sword with both hellfire and phoenixfire before swinging. The flames will jump out in an arc of black and white flames towards an opponent. C-rank. Creator: Fenikkusu Clan. Users: Fenikkusu Kurohi.

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