A/N: Another quick bit of Beyblade fic, scribbled off for Miss Scarlet this time, who thought I should write more for the fandom. More shameless Rei x Kai! ^_^ Of course.

Kai's POV this time, just because I like the phrase "tiger-claw beauty", which Rei would probably not say but works in reference to him quite well. I know it's short; forgive me.

"Beyond Holy"

You slink across the dance floor, drawing more eyes than magnets draw nails, and your tiger-claw beauty is beyond stunning. You are alone; perfect and untouchable as the crowd parts for you like the Red Sea did for a certain holy man.

But you- you are beyond holy.

I want to dance with you, but I fear to be pushed away- or worse, not even noticed.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, yearning to touch you and hypnotized by every turn of your perfect hips. And you are certainly turning them . . . I shiver as a particularly erotic song begins to play, and your dancing changes to suit it.

Oh God.

I hear your voice suddenly, faint and low as you sing along with the music, and I can't prevent myself from blushing at the lyrics. The thought of you saying such words in sincerity takes my breath away.

I want to kiss you so badly at this moment. I jump to my feet, intending to flee and praying that I can escape before humiliating myself before you.

But then you lift your head . . .

And meet my eyes . . .

And I am lost.

* ende *

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