A/N: *whistles innocently* Oh look, it's a sequel to the fic for Miss Scarlet! Heavens, where DID it come from? Well, she's been so nice to me, so call it a 'thank-you' for being put on her favorites list.

Rei's POV, shameless shounen ai, and hints of impending yaoi. Come on, you know you want it. ^_~

"Dance With The Phantom Tiger"

You sip your drink briefly as I glimpse you over my shoulder- even though I am dancing, I can barely bring myself to keep my eyes away from you. Are you watching me? I can't tell; you're too far away.

I can't even see your beautiful eyes, only your hair and those wild-beast stripes on your face. The others refer to them as triangles, but I can only see stripes- tiger-patterned and making my poor heart ache with all that they remind me of, and my body ache with the feral touch that they give you.

I start towards your shining beauty, barely realizing it, and to my faint displeasure those around me clear a path. Am I so unworthy? I want to be with you, but no one ever seems to see me as attractive, so I fear you won't either. Even in the middle of a dance club on a Saturday night, no one touches me. I can't understand it- it's not as if I am so lovely and unattainable as you.

I don't mind it so much, though- I just wish that you would dance with me.

The music changes from slow and romantic to something fast-paced and heartbreaker-gorgeous, and I close my eyes and let it take me; pretending that you really are at my side in all your false-tiger glory. If only you could be . . .

It's so easy to lose myself in such thoughts, and I know that I must look like a complete fool to be dancing like this by myself- as if there were a phantom lover's hands ghosting over me, moving with me and making me shiver. But I can't stop myself so easily, and I find myself singing along. The words are simple and sweet, but deceptively seductive in their false innocence.

I wish that you were the one saying them though- and in sincerity, and to me. An unlikely possibility, of course, but such a sweet thought. To have a mate like you would be beyond wonderful.

I sigh deeply and raise my head, hoping to glimpse you again through the crowd. To my shock, I find myself not ten feet away from your table, and you on your feet, staring at me from that tiger-striped face.

And then our eyes meet . . .

And I see what you feel for me . . .

And I am lost.

* ende *

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