One Guardian.

Isshin Kurosaki and Masaki Kurosaki had just given birth to their healthy baby boy, Ichigo. He was born with a head of bright orange hair and his eyes were a beautiful brown that Masaki loved to look into.

Her son was gorgeous.

A few years later, Yuzu and Karin were born, twins and they looked exactly the opposite, Karin looked like her father with black hair and brown eyes, a spitting image of her father while Yuzu looked like her mother, same sandy brown hair, big brown eyes that resembled Ichigo's.

Then fate intervened and Masaki was lost to them forever.

Ichigo was never the same.

Yes, he may have graduated school and University with high honors, gaining a damn good certificate stating he was now a Doctor, there was something missing in his life, like there was some hole he couldn't fill no matter how much he succeeded.


Ichigo headed to his clinic where he founded, owned and worked there as the doctor. He had done the usual routine, going past his family's house to check on how they are, got a cup of hot coffee from the nearby coffee shop and walked to his work where his receptionist Rukia was sitting. "Morning, Dr Kurosaki." She chirped in a soft voice, her violet eyes watched him fondly as he approached her desk.

"Good Morning, Rukia, any calls or messages?"

"Yes, Renji Abarai wishes to see you about his illness, apparently the medicine you prescribed isn't working."

Ichigo sighed. "Considering I only gave it to him yesterday, it will take a while. Well, lets humor him. Call him in and make an appointment. And Rukia?"

"Yes Dr Kurosaki?" She asked, her black hair swinging as her head snapped up.

"You can call your husband Renji, I don't need the formal titles in this business. You are Mrs Rukia Abarai after all."

"Sometimes I wish I was Rukia Kuchiki again." Rukia said mullishly. Ichigo had no choice but to laugh at that. He walked into his office, setting his attaché case down and put his black jacket on the coat hanger and plucked his white lab coat off and shrugged it on, sitting down on his chair as he relaxed for what little time he had. Ichigo lifted the coffee cup to his lips and took a sip just as the buzzer sounded and the small sip he had ingested, spat back out as the buzzer frightened him.

"Dr Kurosaki, your 9:00 is here." Rukia said, holding back laughter as she knew exactly what she had done.

'I'll get her back.' Ichigo thought as he wiped coffee droplets from his chin and in a cool voice, he pressed the button and said. "Send them in, Mrs Abarai." Ichigo emphasised her title and there was a tentative knock on his door. "Come on in." He said pleasantly, changing his entire demeanor to be his Doctor-like persona.

The door opened and a small child of about 5 years bounded into Ichigo's office, coughing. The small girl had long auburn hair that reached her backside and big gray eyes, the only thing that held the child's hair back from her face was two snowflake pins, she gave Ichigo a big beaming smile that Ichigo returned with a half one of his own and he hung his stethoscope around his neck as the mother walked in. "I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience Doctor, but my child is very ill." The woman apologised profusely and walked in, the first thing Ichigo noticed was the same auburn hair flowed in the air as she closed the door behind her, the second thing was her big gray eyes that warmed his insides and her body was something he should not be interested in, a large bosom, curves that seemed to call out for him to touch and beautiful alabaster skin that gave off that sweet and fragile look.

The woman was entirely beautiful and her child seemed to inherited those gorgeous genes. "It's okay, this is the kind of thing I do, Ms..?"

"Orihime Inoue. Please call me Orihime." The lady said in a melodious voice, she sat down and cradled her child to her chest. "My daughter, Kazumi, has a bad cough and I wanted to get her checked out in case she had a cold or the flu." Ichigo nodded seriously and gestured to the patient bed.

Ichigo stood and Orihime set Kazumi on the bed and Ichigo lifted the back of her shirt. "Kazumi, this may be a little cold okay?" Kazumi nodded in response and Ichigo breathed on the cold metal to warm it up some, before he applied to the girls skin. The stiffening of the girl was the only indication of that she felt it was cold.

After Kazumi breathing deeply, Ichigo concluded that the child had a chest cold and prescribed some penicillen. "Was that all Mrs Inoue?" Ichigo asked and saw the child and mother out.

Orihime smiled. "Just Miss, Doctor Kurosaki and I was hoping maybe I could come back later, I have something that has been niggling at me for quite a while."

Ichigo bowed his head in respect. "Of course, Miss Inoue, just tell my receptionist, Rukia and I'm sure she can fill you in. Goodbye for now."

"Thank you Doctor." She bowed and walked away with Kazumi's hand in hers, they stopped at Rukia's desk and then they left. Another patient entered, one that made a blazing smile on Ichigo's face appear.

"Renji!" He said and laughed as he shook hands with the long red-headed man.

"Hello Doctor." Renji's voice was raspy, no doubt with his sickness.

"Come inside and we'll talk about the medicine." Ichigo gestured to the door of his office and they walked in.

Hours passed and the patients blurred together in Ichigo's mind, the only person who didn't blend into a faceless patient was Orihime Inoue, her beauty refused to be unacknowledged.

4:30 turned the clock and Orihime Inoue came into his office once again without her Kazumi.

"Yes Miss Inoue? What did you want to see me about?"

"I know it's probably above your expertise but i have been having bad back pains and I sometimes it's too hard to get out of bed, I was hoping you might find out the problem. I don't know if I've pulled the muscle or a disc is dislodged." Orihime looked rather embarrased.

This was a serious problem.

Ichigo's scowl took his face as he was in deep contemplation. "Please take off your shirt and lay face down on the bed and I'll examine you." He felt his heart race as he saw Orihime take off her shirt, in nothing but her bra and shorts. Ichigo started to sweat. 'Dammit! Stop acting like a teenager for gods sake! Your a grown man Ichigo! Treat this as if it were another patient taking off her shirt...but her body...SNAP OUT OF IT!' Ichigo yelled mentally and Orihime lay face down on the examination bed.

Like a robot, Ichigo walked over and pressed his hands to her shoulders, feeling her jump slightly. "I'm sorry, my hands are cold." Once Ichigo felt her soft skin beneath his palms, he knew he was a goner. Her auburn hair lazily laying over the edge of the bed.

"It's not that." Orihime breathed and Ichigo's heart almost stopped. 'She can't way...she can't be referring to me!' Hope blossomed in his heart, but he quickly shoved it away as he wasn't allowed, as a doctor, to feel anything for a patient.

"So where is the pain your talking about?" He asked and his hands slowly trailed down her back and pressed lightly at the small of it, the small whimper of pain told him all he needed to know, after a bit more prodding, massaging and poking, he had his answer. "You've just pulled a muscle...I'd recommend not bending for a while, not lifting anything heavy and using a cream to soothe the pain." Ichigo put some cream on her back, cool cream that would soothe the abused muscle.

Orihime nodded and moaned lightly as the relief spread throughout her back, Ichigo's hands were like magic against her skin. "Thank you, Dr Kurosaki." She spoke softly. Ichigo nodded and washed his hands, giving Orihime what little privacy he could as she put her shirt back on.

Ichigo turned just in time to hear a soft exclamation before he saw Orihime falling backwards, no doubt having tripped. He ran towards her and caught her just in time, his hands wrapped tightly around her waist while her arms locked around his neck, their faces inches apart.

Ichigo's control snapped.

He lowered his head and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Nothing in the world existed but them, their mouths opened and their tongues battled for dominance over the other. Ichigo's hands slid into her hair, his fingers braiding themselves in the silky strands. Orihime's hands and lowered to his shoulders and her fingernails dug through the lab coat, his shirt and into his skin, making Ichigo shiver with delight.

The kiss ended all too soon, they broke away and Ichigo schooled his features into a perfect alignment of coolness. "Well, I hope you feel better soon, Miss Inoue."

Orihime nodded, fixing her hair and smiled pleasantly, though her lips were wet and swollen from their sensual kissing. "Thank you Dr Kurosaki, I'll come by tomorrow so you can see if my back is any better with your treatment." She walked off and Ichigo fell into his chair, sighing heavily. So much for his self-control. Though his heart fluttered at the thought of seeing Orihime again and he smiled as he felt her insistent lips upon his and her demanding tongue.

Yes, she was a feisty one.

"Dr Kurosaki, your 5:30 is here to see you." Rukia's voice sounded over the intercom.

Ichigo sighed and pressed the button. "Send them in."

'Well, back to work.'

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