It was a few days later as Tim grumpily walked down the grocery store, getting the monthly groceries. He suddenly stopped when two boys ran past him in a hurry.

"Come on Chris, if we hurry we can get to my house in time to see the football game!"

Tim groaned. "I can't believe Jill's making me do this on a Sunday when there's football games going on."

A big guy then bumped into Tim, dressed to the tee in ratty clothes, and a skuzzy completion, who also smelled of beer.

"Oh, sorry, buddy, no harm done right?"

He then laughed like it was the most hilarious thing, and walked off. Tim shook his head and continued shopping, still unhappy about missing his game. **

About ten minutes later, Tim made his way out into the parking lot, suddenly noticing the same skuzzy looking guy as before standing next to the nomad.

"Uh, excuse me, sir," Tim said as he made his way to the car door.

"Excuse you for what?"

"Nothing, I just need to get my car."

"For what?"

"Well, I don't know, to maybe put my groceries in?"

"Dude, sorry, I- hey, wait a minute, are you Tim the tool man, uh..Shoot, I just had it.."

Tim sighed. "Taylor."

"Oh, hey, Ross Mitchells. Nice to meet you. I-"

"Wait a minute, Mitchells? Would you happen to be able to be in any relations to Jack Mitchells?"

"Yeah, he's my little brother, why?"

"Really, tell me something, do you give your brother alcohol?"

"Sometimes. What business is it of yours, anyway?"

"Tell me, did you happen to give him some, oh I don't know say, on September 20th?"


Tim then grabbed him and shoved him against the car. "Because I asked you, that's why, scumbag."

"Allright, allright, take it easy, man! Fine, I think I did."

"You think?"

"Allright, I did, I did! Why do you want to know, anyway?"

"Don't you think sixteen is a little young for drinking?"

"Yeah, I guess, but it wasn't that big of a deal, I-"

"Wasn't that big of a deal? Yeah, I think it was, Ross! Because of your carelessness, my son nearly got paralyzed and could have been killed!"

"What a minute...Taylor... you mean your son is the one that my brother hit?"

"Very good, Ross!"

"Look, dude, I'm sorry I didn't mean to get your son hurt. I was just watching my brother while my parents are out of town. And he thinks I'm really cool, so I-"

"So you gave him alcohol and then what, you sent him to get more or something?"

"Look, I'm sorry, I never meant for anyone to get hurt."

"Oh, right, is that why you sent him on the fake road where no one ever goes?!"

"Look, I don't need any of you hassling right now!"

"Do the cops know you were the one responsible for my son's accident?"

"Well...No. But I love my little brother, and he knows it, so that's why..."

"So that's why you gave an underage kid alcohol?! Well let me tell you something, I love my son, but not because I give him alcohol. Because he's my son and I would do anything for him, that's what real love is!"

"Look, I didn't mean any harm."

"Well you did and now you're going to pay for it," he said getting out his cell phone and dialing. "Yes, hello, officer? I think you need to come and pick something up." **

"Wow, so they arrested him?"

Tim nodded. "Yup. And he's not only done it to his brother, but also his younger cousin and some of their friends. His trial is next week."

Jill smiled and kissed him. "Honey, I'm so proud of you."

"That makes two of us," Randy said coming into the living room.

"Oh, Randy, I-"

"Dad, it's okay. I'm fine. Thanks to you lending me you ear to let my feelings out on, I felt better and I even talked to my counselor at school. In fact, we're getting together every week until I'm more at ease with this."

Jill smiled. "Honey, that's great. I'm so proud of you. And I love you so much."

Randy just grinned as Jill held him in a tight embrace. "Thanks, mom. I love you, too."

"Hey, it's a good day for the Taylor men, I guess," Tim replied.

"Yeah, I guess it is."

He then walked over to Tim, giving him a hug, making Jill grin from ear to ear.

"Thanks, dad. I, uh.."

"I know. I love you, too, son."

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" Brad said, as he and Mark entered the room.

Randy and Tim quickly parted. "Uh, nothin', just doing some manly stuff, ho, ho, ho!"

"Yeah, some manly stuff," Randy repeated.

"Like what?" Mark asked.

"Like uh, well, we were just about ready to go to a rated 'r' movie," Tim said.

"Cool, can we come?"

Randy sighed. "Sure, Mark, but you had better bring your security blanket, because there's going to be some scary parts in it."

"Yeah, well you alone will scare everyone out of the theater."

"Nope, I'm sorry fellas, but as long as they have that spicy stuff I like, then I'll be the one scaring everyone out of the theater," Tim chimed in.

"Oh, man, I think I'll be sitting in the next row," Brad said, walking towards the door.

"Are you sure that'll be far enough?" Randy said, as he and Mark followed him.

"Ha, ha, very funny, wise guy!" Tim shouted back. "Look, just wait for me in the car, I'll be out there in a minute! Do you want to come with us, hon?"

"No, that's okay. I think I'll just invite Patty over and watch those movies I got."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about your Mel Gibson festival. Ohhhh, such bulging biceps, he's so hot, I just can't stand it!"

Jill laughed. "Well good, because I'm sleeping with him on the side."

Tim pretended to cry and then smiled. "I'll see you later."

"Okay. I'm just so happy that everything's going to be back to normal again."

Tim nodded and watched as Randy talked to Mark and Brad outside. "Yup. We're going to be okay. We really are."

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