Home for the Lost Souls

A/N: So I've got this theory that Felix is actually good (he didn't seem to be affected by the music like the other lost boys were). So, now, I'm shipping Felix and Tinkerbell together even though it would most likely never happen on the show. Please read & review. Tell me what you guys think.

Before she fell, she was floating. Drifting in the brightest green light she could have imagined. It was only a light, yet it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. At first Tinkerbell thought it was a figment of her imagination but she couldn't control it. The light was like an ocean; there was so much of it. She was bathing in light, rolling around in it and slowly drowning. It took all her unconscious strength to keep her head above the surface. That's when she realised she was not floating but hanging, clinging to an edge. She was clinging not because she's stubborn but because she was afraid of what lies below.

"Let go," said a mellifluous voice. Tinkerbell looked up to see the Blue Fairy hovering above her; her wings beating gently.

"I can't," cried Tinkerbell, even though she knew she could not hold on for much longer. "I will fall. I don't have my wings. Y-you took them away from me…"

"So?" said Blue. "Fall."

"But I'll die…"

"No," said Blue. "You will not die Tinkerbell."

"How do you know?"

"Because below you is a void to a portal; a portal that will take you to your exile…far away…you are banished from the Enchanted Forest and you are no longer are a true fairy.

A single tear slid down Tinkerbell's cheek, warm and wet.

"Please Blue; I can make it up to you." The plea was desperate. Honest. Frightened. "Just give me another chance…just don't send me away."

"You've already had your chance," said Blue harshly. Swallowing her tears, Tinkerbell looked down at the open portal beneath her. If only she had her wings, she could fly away.

She looked up at Blue, her lips trembling.

"Blue?" she asked tentatively. "Where does this portal lead?"

"A land for all the lost souls," replied Blue. Her face was impassive as stone. "Neverland." Never Never Neverland.

Tremulously, Tinkerbell loosened her grip until she was falling into the light; tumbling through a cataleptic void, until she landed lightly, almost weightlessly in a strange, dark forest. The light faded away, leaving Tinkerbell alone. Trees surrounded her; looking like old men, with their grey beards and moss infected bark. She swore the leaves were conversing to each other in a language she couldn't understand. It was raining too. She hated it. It hardly rained back at home. Home. It was long a mermaid song that tugged at her heart strings.

She was alone.




Numbly, Tinkerbell lowered herself to the forest floor, her legs too shaky and weak to hold her weight. Resting her head on a soft bed of leaves, she released shuddering breaths, as she thought of her banishment, Regina's betrayal and the loss of her beloved wings.

Tinkerbell's soaked body trembled both from the horrific realisation that she was no longer a fairy and the chill of Neverland's rain.

Tinkerbell let herself cry.

Wrapping her arms around her torso, she rocked back and forth and sobbed, howling like a wounded animal.

She was lost.

She wasn't sure how long she stayed like that –crying in the forest, with the wind whipping her skin with cutting stings and the rain pounding down on her. Her brain became muggy with grief and she felt like she had submerged her head under the darkest of waters. Everything, even the rain, sounded distant and far away. It was only with dim realisation that she heard footsteps but she was too deep in despair to acknowledge the new comer. Instead she hugged herself tighter and cried.

A large, lean shadow fell over her and she looked up, her stinging eyes making out a figure of a tall boy through the pouring rain, with a club clutched in one large hand.

He was going to kill her.

She was going to die.

She didn't care. Her life felt like death anyway. She had died the day she lost her wings. Real death would be a release.

"Girl," said a drawling voice. "What's your name?"

Tink ignored him. She couldn't stop the tears that flowed down her face.

Suddenly she felt the weight of warm arms around her shoulders, the smell of earth and the forest, and then suddenly the boy's sturdy arms scooped her up, bridal style, cradling her tired body against his solid chest. Too weak to fight him, she allowed him to carry her through the rain, his whispered words of reassurance barely registered in her head.

She closed her eyes; feeling Neverland's strange temperature and magic get the better of her. She dozed off and when she awoke, she was lying in a makeshift bed on a wooden floor. Dazed, she sat up. The blonde haired boy was there, chewing a tooth pick between his front teeth. She backed away from him.

"Where am I?" she whispered, surveying him with wide frightened eyes.

"In my tree house," he replied, analysing her just as critically. There was a pregnant pause, and then, he asked for the second time – "What's your name?"

"Tinkerbell," she whispered.

"Tink, eh?" he said, giving her a nickname already. She was about to ask for his name, but she was too scared, she didn't have the courage to form words, and her heart hurt, but she didn't need to ask, for a gentle whisper flooded across the tree house towards where she sat huddled in the furthest corner.

"I'm Felix."

Another A/N: So this takes place after Tink gets her wings taken away and how I imagined she ended up in Neverland. Any thoughts? Continue or not?