"D-Do you guys have... Ice packs?"

I looked up to see some kid that looked about my age, a fresh yellow around the majority of his eye. I blinked, knowing I've seen this kid before. But I ignored my thoughts and pointed to the small freezer in the corner of the store. He smiled weakly and walked back to where it was. Fuck, this kid looked familiar. He came back and pulled out his credit card. I took it and glanced at the name.

Miles Hollingsworth III

Oh god. I knew I knew him from somewhere. Miles, the rich kid that just moved to Degrassi. The one trying to tag my girl. Well, okay, she isn't mine yet, but still, he's interfering with my territory.

Ever since, well, you know, I've tried my best to keep my mouth shut about people I don't like. But I only had one chance and I couldn't just let it pass me by.

"Brag a little too much?" I asked, pointing to my eye and smirking a little.

He looked up and his face fell, and if I wasn't mistaken, tears started welling up for a split second before blinking them away. Miles snatched his card back, put the ice pack on his eye and stormed out.

Shit, me and my big mouth.

Thank goodness my mom walked in AFTER that, she would've killed me.

"Ma, take over for me? I wanna see if that kid is ok."

She looked skeptical, but she waved me off. I jumped over the counter and jogged over to him.

"Miles! Miles, wait up. I was kidding!" I said, catching up to him. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

He rolled his eyes. "It's whatever. Go away."

"No, wait." I said, stopping him. "At least tell me what happened..."

Miles chuckled bitterly. "I doubt you'll understand, Zig. Just leave me alone. Please?"

"Miles, I'm just trying to help you, ok?"

"Help me?! After what you just said, do you really think I want YOUR help right now? What, am I just supposed to spill my guts to someone I don't even know?" he sighed. "Besides, I have enough venting for Chewy anyways."

I frowned and watched him turn around, pulling out his phone, stand for a second with it to his ear, then hurling it onto the concrete. No doubt he'll need another one. He began screaming at the top of his lungs in French, I could barely understand him, I never paid too much attention in class, but then he screamed a very familiar word to me: Fuck.

"FUUUUUUUCK! FUUUUUUCK! FUUUUUUUCK!" over and over Miles belted.

I ran over to him and tried to calm him down. "Miles! Miles, dude, sit down. Please, man, just chill out. You're gonna be okay. Miles, I got you, just calm down, okay? Calm down."

He eventually calmed down but his composure was nowhere near in check. He sat down on the bench next to him and began to cry. He didn't care that people saw, the truth was going to come out anyway.

I took a deep breath and asked again. "Miles... what's wrong."

"Um... everything, I guess?" he answered through his tears. "I'm a disgrace to my family, Chewy and I aren't getting along... My dad."

"What's wrong with you and Chewy?"

"Just... some shit going on at home. I was angry. I snapped on him. I... I didn't mean to. Chewy is all I have. He's like a baby brother to me, and now he won't even talk to me. I need him." he spilled, sobbing.

"…. And your dad?" I asked, but this only made Miles cry even harder. And then it clicked. "Miles... no."

"Yeah... It's true. Toronto's next mayor is beating the shit out of his own son. The one Hollingsworth that just... isn't perfect. The one that turned to shit." he said.

"No, Miles, you're not. I mean, you can kinda be a dick but... um..."

"But what?"

I paused for a second. "I... I don't know. To be honest, I barely know you... Or like you for that matter."

Miles looked down at his feet. "You're right. You don't." he said, getting up and walking into the middle of street. He sat down in the left lane crossed-legged.

"Woah, what the hell are you doing?" ! asked him.

Miles sighed. "Waiting for the next car to come by and just... end it."

My stomach dropped. No, not this. Not again. Not while he's right in front of me.

"Miles, I may not be a fan of the majority of the people in Toronto, but I'm pretty sure when they see a kid in the street they're going to either drive around you or stop. No one's going to just hit you. Now get up."



"I'm not moving."

"Dude, just get-"


"Fine." I said, walking into the street and sitting directly in front of him.

Miles sighed again. "What are you doing?"

"Well, if I'm gonna have someone kill themselves again, might as well die with them." I said.

"What do you mean 'again'?"

I hated talking about this. Thinking about him just makes me feel like a shittier person every day.

"That kid that died last year..." I started. "It was my fault. I said something I shouldn't have. I just wanted him to stay away from Maya. I was protecting her. I didn't think that he'd... No, that was it. I didn't think."

Miles looked at me with a surprisingly sympathetic look. "How do you even cope with something like that? I mean, it must be torture at school."

"Actually, people don't even blame me. Sure it seems like a freebie from getting my ass kicked on a daily basis, but I still feel responsible. It's a weight on my shoulders that just doesn't seem to go away."

Miles frowned. "So... that's why you're helping me. Guilt."

"N-No! Just... I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you went off and committed. Not when I know I could stop it this time." I said, getting up and holing my hand out. "So come on. I'm not letting you do this. And don't think I wont drag your ass over to the sidewalk."

Miles stared at my hand and finally took a breath and took it. Without even thinking I interlocked our fingers and walked us back to the bench, sitting down. Not a word was said between us, but I felt Miles slowly rest on my shoulder. I didn't resist and rested my head on his. I also noticed that he hasn't let go of my hand yet.

"Do you... need a place to stay?" I asked him.

"No... I can go home."

"No, hell no. You're coming home with me." I said, my hand gripping his tighter.

It was quiet, but I didn't realize how... well, 'Tristan' I was being, and I think Miles noticed just about the same time I did. We quickly let go of each other and slid to the opposite ends of the bench.

"Um... so you're house?"

"Yeah... My house."

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