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There was a stranger in the mirror, and he didn't like who he saw.

He hated to admit it. He had saved a picture of himself to his phone; his past self. Roxas -last name not included- was a famous rock star known for his devilishly good looks, dexterous vocals, and incredible guitar talent. He had jet black hair and smouldering hazel eyes; hair dye and contacts of course. He had wanted to be everything but himself during his mid-teens and Revenant Empire had been a way to express that and more.

The person he saw in the mirror wasn't himself but his older brother, Ven.

Emotions stabbed him rigorously. He turned away clutching the box of black hair dye in his hands. He was regretting everything.

The miniscule differences between them weren't enough; Ven had darker eyes, scars on his knees, teeth that were slightly more crooked. Roxas' hair was a lot messier, formerly pierced ears, eyebrows, lips, tattoos, and a small scar just underneath his left eye. They still looked the same, and because of that his guilt gnawed at him from the inside out.

He pushed these feelings to the back of his mind, as usual. There were better things to focus on right now.

Roxas' new home was a small but rather modernised apartment yet to be decorated with personalisations as of yet. It had a high ceiling and a wall that was actually a five-meter-long aquarium. It reminded him of The Destiny Islands.

In the very little time he had to become accustomed to the norm of the building he realised that his neighbour, the apartment to the right, was an artist.

He discovered through the mail. Since he was still getting accustomed to his address change he was quite confused when he got an official letter that didn't come from his recording company addressed to one N. D'Blanc. Coincidently sharing the name of a rather popular underground street artist titled D'Blanc.

Being a rather stupid admirer he pocketed the letter with all intention to deliver it to them personally.

Normal people would have come over, welcomed them with a hot pie and been invited in to learn all about their new tenant. Instead Roxas met Kairi D'Ambroise, which led to the great misfortune and blessing of discovering Naminé D'Blanc.

Someone knocked on his door insistently getting louder and more aggressive with time. When he opened the door he didn't know who he was expecting, to be completely honest. Family? Friends? All of them resided in Destiny Islands. No- who was standing at his door was a pretty girl who he'd never met before.

"Oh my god. I'm sorry. I have the wrong door."

"It's no problem." Roxas said, wiping his eyes sleepily.

"Are you new here? I swear to god the last tenant of this apartment was a cranky old man."

"Yes. I moved in a few weeks ago, I think."

She narrowed her eyes and smirked, eyes going up and down to examine him. She didn't look too bad either with tight clothes, red hair, and gorgeous violet eyes. She was the kind of lady who was intimidatingly pretty. "A definite improvement. I'm Kairi."



Her voice was breathy and soft but easily heard in the quiet hallway.

"Naminé," Kairi said, her smile forced. "I was just-"

Roxas' neighbour strode out of her apartment and moved to stand right in front of Kairi. She was small, blonde, and in the most atrocious clothing. But underneath her messy sex-hair and thick-framed glasses were the most beautiful pale lily eyes. She might have been hiding herself behind a weird green jumper and an asymmetric skirt, but her legs were long and flawless and there was just something… enchanting about her.

"Hi, sister! It's been forever, hasn't it?!" Kairi greeted cheerfully but Naminé didn't look at all pleased.

Roxas looked between the two girls surprised when Naminé's eyes were focused on him. "My sister's aura would have enslaved yours."

"What?" Roxas raised an eyebrow, confused that the clear bell-like chime of her voice could deliver something so blunt and harsh.

"The sunshine is too bright," she answered with a wave, giving Kairi an expectant glare as she moved to stride back into her place.

He didn't understand. They were indoors? And it was rather dark inside as well, hardly any windows to light the hallway. Kairi and Roxas sent each other mirroring looks of confusion before she smiled, waved and moved to follow her shorter companion, muttering, 'What the fuck are you wearing, Naminé?'

"Wait a second!" Roxas said, catching himself right before she closed her door. Naminé stared Kairi down until she gave in and went into Naminé's apartment. The blond herself leant against her door frame, expectant of Roxas' query. "Your letter was in my mail."

His neighbour's eyes narrowed as she tried to process Roxas, and he had to wonder how she didn't get her long feathery brown eyelashes tangled together. Her eyes bore into his own, raised goosebumps on his skin, and made his hands twitch uncomfortably.

"I have a mailbox."

"Well, geez… I'm sorry. I forgot."

"What do you want?" she demanded.


"Don't take me for an idiot."

Roxas flushed, moving to scratch the back of his neck nervously, "I just saw who this was addressed to and wondered if you're the underground artist, D'Blanc."

"She lives in this apartment, with me," Naminé answered, tilting her head to the side. "Did it benefit you, dropping out of college so soon?"

"What?" Roxas said in alarm. The only person who knew he applied for college couldn't even speak at the moment, let alone some creepy girl he lived next to.

"Or maybe you haven't come to terms with it," she muttered quietly as if he suddenly didn't exist. "Can I have the mail?" Roxas held out the envelope wordlessly. Naminé ripped it open with a particularly sharp fingernail painted orange when the rest of them were coloured deep purple.

Roxas was watching her face, and the curve of her eyelashes until her eyes darted up to stare into his once again, "You can go now."

He raised an eyebrow, "You're welcome," he said sarcastically, turning around.

"And Roxas?"


"It's not your fault."

Naminé pressed her chin into her shoulder in a half-hearted shrug, turning around and closing her door. Roxas stood there for several minutes trying to figure out what she really meant by those words.


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