I stand in front of her door, reading the nameplate over and over again: "Raven". My foot taps as time goes on without any response to my previous knocks.

"Rae?" I call out, leaning my ear to the door, listening for any instance of sound. Yet, there is nothing. Sighing gently, I stand up straight again and continue to stare ahead. Where is she? The one time I really need to talk to her! My eyes find the crack under Raven's door where light streams out from, and my heart jumps at a new idea. I can feel a smile spreading over my face as I morph into a fly, skillfully ducking under the crack, and transform back into my normal self, now in the depths of Raven's room. I survey the area, noting that it looks ultimately the same as the last time I entered her room. Well organized, with the occasional misplaced book and trinket. Burning candles adorn the top of her dresser, giving the room a musky scent that I find quite enjoyable. Nose twitching, I begin moving through the room, searching for any signs of life.

"Oh, Raaaven?" I say quietly, spinning around a corner. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" There is a long silence as I pause, ears perked. Not even a murmur. I drop my playful sneaking pose, letting my hands swing by my sides. "Seriously, Rae, I need to talk to you!" Exasperated, I scan my eyes around the room again. My ears drop as nothing appears, and I let out a gentle sigh. A long pause elapses as I remain in the center of the room, refusing to leave without an answer or a sign to where she is. My eyes run over her items, mentally sorting them as I wait. All of a sudden a warning sign goes off in my head. Um, Beast Boy? Raven doesn't want you in her room, poking around! Get out! I can feel my eyes widen at this realization, but it is too late. Gentle footsteps sound across the hall, continuously getting louder. Cursing under my breath, I move to the door quickly, an apology already running through my head. I turn, ready to morph, when I feel my elbow clash against something. A terrible crashing sound echoes out in her room and the world freezes as I look down upon the shattered pieces of Raven's mirror. The door swings open abruptly, revealing her silhouette donning an unreadable expression, dark against the background light.

"Uh, Raven..." I begin nervously, glancing down at the shards of glass. "I can explain." She glides forward, shutting the door behind her. I see her eyebrows begin to draw together in a line as she moves her gaze from my face to the ground. Her body begins to shake slightly as she bends down, delicately collecting each piece and forming a small pile. The silence is long and laborious as it runs on, the only sound the clinking of the glass shards. An apology runs through my head, and as Raven stands up I open my mouth to speak.

"Save it." She says, her words seeping with bitterness. "Right now I don't care why you were in my room." Raven shakes her head. "I do care about the fact that you tampered with my belongings. You broke my portal into my mind." She growls, stepping forward menacingly. "How many times do I have to tell you that it is not a toy?" This last part is shouted, her voice morphing into a raspy snarl as four glowing eyes grow out of her face. My heart jumps in fear and I assume a battle position, one arm in front of the other, as I look up at her growing figure.

"Raven." I say quietly as she advances, cape billowing. "Raven." My tone is more urgent now as I see the dark energy beginning to spill out around her. "I'm sorry." These words seem to have an effect on her. The demoness stops, and I can't tell if she's calming down or shocked by my audacity. The breath leaves my body in a relived sigh as she blinks away her four eyes and looming figure. Raven takes a deep, shaky breath in before staring at me. Her face seems emotionless, but I see the crinkle on her forehead and my heart sinks.

"Please leave." She says, her voice commanding. I hold in my apology as I move to the door, almost brushing her shoulder, and turn around in a final attempt. Raven says nothing, simply just staring at the ground with a slightly mournful expression.

"Will it be-" I clear my throat awkwardly as Raven looks at me, sending me a death glare. "Will it be broken forever?" She sighs irritably, like my concern bothered her. Which, I suppose, makes sense.

"No." She replies, arching her eyebrow. "But it will take a while to fix."

"And it has no effect on your powers?" As soon as I ask this, her glare intensifies and I regret staying.

"I lose all of my empathetic power. Now I can't sense your emotions or other people's. I can't even make sense of mine." Though she tries to keep emotion out of her voice, I can hear the frustration laced in her words.

"What do you mean you can't sense your own?" Another question slips past my lips.

"I don't know what I'm feeling and why, besides the regular happiness, sadness, and anger." She starts to rub her temples, closing her eyes. "And right now I'm feeling angry. Get out."

I go.