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I find her on the rooftop, hood down, legs dangling over the edge of the building. Her gaze remains on the horizon as I quietly make my way over to her, taking precaution not to sit too close. Taking a deep breath and holding it, I let myself watch her. Her violet eyes sparkle with the evening light, though they hold little emotion, and the color-streaked sky casts gorgeous hues on her pale skin.

She is glowing.

A gust of wind suddenly crosses the roof, blowing a strand of her blue hair out of place. Her hand quickly moves to straighten it, but I am already there, tucking her locks behind her ear. Quickly bringing my hand back to my side, I feel my body flood with heat and I mentally smack myself. You aren't her boyfriend, you can't just do that.

A slight blush graces her cheeks as she brings her eyes from the horizon to look at me, a mixture of puzzlement and irritation on her face. I force a small laugh.

"So, Rae-Rae," I say quietly.

"Raven-" She corrects coldly, but I continue.

"Why don't you wear your ring anymore?" I gesture to her clasped hand resting on her lap. I can tell she's surprised by my question, but promptly answers.

"It didn't work." My eyes widen. I bring a hand to my hair, ruffling it around.

"What do you mean?"

"The emotions it showed me were wrong." Behind her monotonous voice, I can distinctly make out tones of disappointment.

"Impossible." I shake my head. "I asked Jinx to put a spell on it so it was accurate." Raven's face doesn't change as she regards me.

"I suppose the spell didn't work. The emotions shown were wrong." She repeats, looking back at the horizon. I feel confusion well up inside me. I got Raven a gift that doesn't work? I shake my head and turn to say something when I see she is lost in thought again and shut my mouth. A little pause elapses and we sit together, in completely separate worlds. At last, she speaks.

"I'm sorry I've been so moody lately." She says quietly and I glance at her, surprised.

"Hey, it's fine." I reply, but she waves off my comment.

"No it isn't okay. I can't just go off ignoring people at random times and get away with it," Raven continues. "It wasn't your fault. I was just having... an internal conflict." Her ending is hesitant, and I place a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it." I say, and she finally turns to me and looks straight into my eyes.

"Okay." She says simply and we watch each other for a couple seconds before she blushes an even deeper shade of crimson and glances away.

"So, um, I find it kind of hard to believe my amazing present doesn't work. Can I see it?" I say for lack of a better subject. With a small snort she brings it out of the pocket of her robe, and tosses me the ring. I examine it before cautiously sliding it onto my pinky finger. The ring immediately glows an obnoxious bubble-gum pink with swirls of indigo. Cocking an eyebrow, I raise my eyes to Ravens.

"That's exactly what it says for me." Raven says, gaze on the ring. She shakes her head, letting her close-cropped hair fall over her face once again.

"What does it mean?" I question, slipping off the ring and rolling it around in the palm of my hand. An exasperated sigh escapes Raven's lips as she answers.

"It means that you're in love." The words are blunt. A rush of blood shoots up to my cheeks and, despite the cool evening temperature, I start to sweat.

"Oh." I manage to get out. She nods.

"I told you it didn't work. I'm not in love, and I'm pretty sure you're not in love, so it has to be wrong." Raven states, reaching over and plucking the ring out of my palm. I continue to watch her as she stares at it, before slowly putting it back on her finger. There is a pause before I speak.

"I'm not so sure about that." I murmur, and Raven turns to look at me with an eyebrow arched. "I mean, I think… but… yeah." Embarrassment floods my body. Way to go, Beast Boy. Smooth ending.

"Beast Boy, we're friends, right?" Raven asks, her voice void of emotion.

"Yeah, duh," I reply without hesitation. She sighs, obviously holding back a snide comment over my answer. "You're my closest friend here!"

"Even more than Cyborg?" I nod vigorously. "Then why haven't I heard anything about this girl? If I had control of my empathetic powers I'm sure I would have sensed something but…this is pretty big news. You haven't liked, let alone loved, anybody since…" She hesitates, but I give her the thumbs-up sign to continue. "The point is, this girl has got to be a huge part of your life. And you haven't said a word about it. Either you don't trust me or you're surprisingly secretive and mysterious." I let out a small laugh, placing my hand on her shoulder again. She doesn't immediately shrug it off, like I expect, but instead turns to face me.

"You've not exactly been in the greatest mood lately." I point out, and she blows out a puff of air and raises a hand to her temples.

"Yeah, okay," She admits. "But... I feel better now. The fresh air has done me well." I laugh, agitated.

"Well, I can't tell you now either." I choke out. She cocks an eyebrow.


"Um, I'm just nervous."

"Because? Beast Boy, if you think I'm going to judge you then you're completely wrong. I let you go after Terra for God's sake, and I wasn't getting good vibes from her-" I cut her off.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" Shaking my head with disapproval, I shoot a teasing smile her way. "You are my best friend. I trust you more than anyone in the world. I know that you would never judge me, and the same goes for me." Raven's forehead creases with confusion, and she peers up at me.

"Then why won't you tell me?" Raven murmurs, dropping her gaze to her lap. A slight grin spreads over my face, and I can feel my body tingle with nervousness as I slowly lean closer. "There's no reason to be nervous unless of course, that person was…" And she looks up. My green eyes gaze into her violet ones as I place my hand on the small of her back.

Now I don't need a mood ring to see her emotions. As I move to fill the space between us, I can hear her speak.

"Oh." She breathes, and is soon cut off by my lips on hers. Her shaking hands move to rest behind my neck and Raven pulls me closer as her lips move on mine. She tastes clean, like a fresh spring day.

So this is heaven.

All of a sudden the moment ends when she abruptly pulls away, leaving me breathless. I immediately brace myself, waiting for rejection or a lecture, but am met with a pause. Then she turns to me with a knowing smile on her face, shaking her head softly.

"My emotions are going to give me hell for this when I get back to Nevermore." Raven says, and I laugh loudly, letting the sound echo into the night.

"Don't worry about the future. Focus on the now." I say, gently kissing her once more.

And we sit silently in the cool night, our faces illuminated by the light of the stars and the glow of her ring that started it all.

~~the end~~

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