Lost Feelings By: Enja

Ages: Ash: 12, Misty: 13

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!

PLEASE READ: This isn't based on the TV show what so ever! Only a couple of things are.

I watched the clouds drift away outside before my eyes. I silently cried tears of sadness. The weather agreed with me. It was gray and cloudy. My life is not what you would call perfect right now. I was sitting in the hospital sitting by my sleeping friend. Her face was not a peaceful one, in fact it was a painful expression. I had sat by her side for two days. I had not eaten or slept very much. My bloodshot eyes were filled with tears for this girl. My girl. I loved this girl. She meant every thing to me, if she did not survive I would not survive. You see I have not told my feelings for her. My life was once again a living nightmare. I watched her breathing, it was not well, it was raspy and shallow.

We were walking down the street, it was a sunny and warm day. "Where are we going, Ash?" she demanded. "You'll see Misty," I spoke with determination in my voice. I led Misty through the entrance of the city. The woods soon came into view. I smiled, this would be the best day Misty would ever really have. I was taking her to the spot we had first met, it had now been two years since I met her. The first time I saw her was when I was ten and I was now twelve and Misty was thirteen. Those two years have been the best of my life. Before I met her my life was the most rotten I have ever had it. My dad abandoned my mother and I when I was eight. My mom sadly passed away soon after that and I was left alone with my aunt. I hated her and ran away and that's when I met Misty. After that I was not alone anymore.

"Here we are!" I called. I slid the blindfold off Misty's eyes. She rubbed her eyes and looked around curiously. "Ash, where are we?" Misty asked in confusion. "Take a guess," I say happily. It took her a minute but she finally recognized it. "ASH! This is the place we first met!" She looked at me and I nod. We were by a clear river with a beautiful waterfall, the grass was green and the flowers shone brightly towards the sun. "It's a radiant day," I exclaim. "You think," Misty retorted. I smiled and glared at her and that soon turned into laughter. The light from the sun placed itself on the crystal clear water, it glimmered beautifully. I grabbed Misty's wrist and dragged her to the waters edge. I threw off my shoes and socks and dangled my feet in the cool water. Misty copied my actions. The Mino's in the water swam off quickly afraid that our feet squish they're tiny bodies. I lay back and close my eyes and free up my mind.

"Ash?" Misty asks. "Huh," my eyes are still closed. "Come and try to catch me!" I heard her get up and run off in a different direction. I get up and run after her. "I'm gonna catch you!" I yell. "Ya right!" she screams. I continue to run after her speeding body. I see an old tree root sticking out of the ground. Right next to it is a huge rock. Misty is running towards it and does not notice. "MISTY! WATCH OUT!" I yell. Too late. Misty trips over it and hits her head hard on the rock. I run up to her in worry. She is unconscious. Tears start to creep out of my eyes. "MISTY, MISTY?" I cry. No response. I pick her up and run towards the city.

With Misty in my arms I dash through the brush that guards the forest. Leafs painfully cut me on my arms, legs, and rip my clothing. I don't care though, all I care about is getting Misty to the hospital in time. I watch the road getting closer and closer. I finally hit the cement and hurry towards the city. When it comes in view I am running slower. I was getting tired very fast but I pushed myself. My crying slowed me down greatly. The busy city streets pass by slowly. People stare at me in pity. I just keep going. The hospital is now a few yards ahead of me. "I... can...do...it," I say taking breaths after every word. I race through the doors and call for help. "What happened?" a doctor asked. "Just...help...her!" I yell still panting. "Okay, I need a stretcher for a young lady!" he called. Two nurses came pushing a stretcher. I lifted her on to the stretcher. They immediately started taking her to the ER. I followed. "I'm sorry, but you can't come with us, young man," the doctor told me. I started to complain but they were gone already.

I sat in the waiting room, no one had any information yet and Misty had been in the ER for over five hours. I cried till I could cry no more. I stared at the ceiling counting the dots hoping it would make the doctor come faster with information. A nurse came up to me, she did not have a happy face. "Your friend has suffered from a head injury. Her skull has been cracked and it does not look too good. She has been moved to the ICU," she explains. I nod. "May I see her?" The nurse nods and leads me to her room. As I enter I hear the beeping of the heart monitor. Every now and then Misty would skip a heartbeat and that wasn't good. The nurse left me and I just sat there, watching her.

Here I am now, two days after the accident. She has not woken up yet and the doctors say she is in a coma state. My eyelids wanted to close but I would not let them. Everyday I would talk to her even though she couldn't hear me. "You know Misty, ever since I met you I've loved you. I never told you because I was afraid of rejection and losing our friendship. You know people say you never miss something until you lose it. Misty, I don't want you to die, please don't leave me in this world alone," I plead while cry. "Please don't leave me!" I yell. I squeeze her hand tightly. A piercing scream falls into my ears. I look up and the heart monitor. It's showing a long flat line. "NO!" I screamed. Misty was flat-lining. Minutes pass by and screech doesn't stop. She is dead and no one can do anything about it. I cried into her hand. The doctors must have heard and dragged me away from Misty. I let go of her hand that fell to her limp side. As soon as the doctors hauled me out I ran down the hallway. I have lost my feelings, my feelings for love, my feelings for Misty. Misty was half of me and without her I was only half. My feelings were lost.

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