"Magnus," Alec sighed looking at the glittery boy that still had on his street clothes and jewelry. "Inspection is it five minutes, why aren't you in uniform?" Unlike Magnus Alec was in full uniform including hat and plume.

"I don't think those uniforms are my style really." Said Magnus who was looking at his perfectly polished nails. The only reason he was doing this was so Alec would speak to him, the shy Section leader wouldn't dare speak to the out going teen unless it had to do with his job.

"We've discussed this Magnus." Alec huffed and dropped his clipboard, walking away only to return moments later with wet wipes, cottonballs, and nail polish remover. "Start taking the nail polish off, I'll get your uniform, what's you numbers?"

Magnus grinned and looked up from his defiantly painted nails. "Bib pants and Jacket number 177" he said sing-songy as he admired the blue eyed boy. "Hat number 28 and plume number 750" he opened the bottle of nail polish remover and got to work on his shiny nails as Alec left to go find his uniform.

It was only a matter of minutes before Alec was standing infront of him holding the uniforn on it's hanger in one hand, and the hat box and plume tube in another. "Are you done with your nails?" he asked, eyes the glittery make up that he knew he was going to have to struggle with Magnus to get off.

Sadly," Magnus showed Alec his nails

"My poor babys." Magnus pouted at his nails, "They're all dried out thanks to the nail polish Yremover." Somehow Alec found that funny and laughed.

"It wouldn't be a problem if you didn't wear nail polish in the first place." Alec grinned matter-of-factly before sitting, or as close to sitting as he could get in uniform.

"I don't think you understand my need for nail polish" Magnus sighed pitifully at his nails.

"And I never will." Alec shook his head and then noticed how dingy his shoes were, he started polishing them with the wet wipes as he kept an eye on Magnus.

Magnus didn't mind being babysat, not be Alec. He started working on his make-up, he used the front facing camera on his phone as a mirror. HE did his best to get the glitter off, but as everyone knew you could never get rid of glitter. If he stopped wearing the stuff now he would still find flakes of it when he was 80.

Alec looked up at Magnus, he didn't see why the other boy wore make-up, he didn't need it at all. His squinty eyes perfect without the assistance of eyeliner, Olive skin that was flawless from what Alec could tell.

"see something you like?" Magnus smirked when he noticed Alec staring at him, though Alec quickly looked away when Magnus acknowledged it.

"You're done?" Alec ignored Magnus question and returned to his purpose, getting Magnus ready for inspection which he was conducting for his section in.. he looked at his watch, two minutes.

"I suppose so" he did a final check of his naked face in his camera before putting it down to start getting in uniform. He pulled his bib pants of the hanger and pulled the on easily enough. Next came his jacket, he shrugged it on and turned to Alec, "Do me?" he asked, making Alec blush.

` "Do you have to ask it that way?" he asked as he zipped up the back and buttoned it, hooking to top to make the collar fit properly around Magnus' neck.

"But of course." Magnus chuckled as he turned around, he stretched his arms out, He was getting used to the uniform, though he had worn it every Friday for the past month and a half.

Alec 's blush deepened and he looked away, he would never get used to seeing Magnus in uniform, it always surprised him how sharp he could look.

"Here's your hat." He said, handing Magnus the hat box. Magnus took it and popped it open, retrieving the black hat that stood as tall as his hand, wrist to fingertip.

He put it on and buckled the strap underneath his chin. Putting two fingers above his ear he tested the way the hat sat on his head, thankfully it was correct.

"Here." Said Alec as he stepped closer and fix the way it was angled," better?" he asked when he stepped back to examine the teen.

The bill of the hat now rested in his eyesight, almost blocking out his eyes, which contained cat-eye contact lenses. Something Alec couldn't make him remove since the band handbook said nothing about contacts.

"Good." He nodded, he always felt so official in uniform . "Plume?" he asked, bowing his head so Alec could reach the slot that the plume went in.

Even though Magnus bowed his head Alec still had to stand on his tip toes to reach. Once Magnus was plumed Alec stepped back and admired his work, he almost patted himself on the back. "Now get you instrument and everything you need for inspection." Alec said as he walked/jogged away to get the inspection sheet, he was running behind since he had helped Magnus.

His sister Isabelle handed him his sheet, she was in a different uniform than him, instead of the black bib-pants she wore white and the plume was white instead of gold. She was a drummajor. She raised and eyebrow at him and hid her smile, she had seen him with Magnus. "Shut up," he hissed, though she hadn't said anything. She just shook her head and moved to talk to the flute section leader behind him.

Alec started to check of, scold, and fix the members of his section. He was an Alto saxophone, but his section included the bass clarinets since there was only two, Magnus and his brother Jace who was usually a trombone back had to switch for marching band.

He finally got back down to Magnus, with out having too much trouble from Jace.

"Hey," he smiled at the other boy.

"Hey" Magnus returned the smile and waited for questions

"Instrument?" Magnus tapped the case with his toe.

"You know I need to see the actual instrument, " Alec shook his head while Magnus kneeled and opened the case showing the back and sliver instrument that it contained.

Alec nodded and check it off the sheet, "Reeds?" Magnus held up the clear container that held the wooden reeds. Check.

"Music?" Magnus nudged the folder full of his stand tunes. Check.

"Waterbottle?" Magnus kicked the half-gallon container. Check.

"Black socks?" Magnus lifted up the pant leg to expose the tall black socks. Check.

"No jewelry, nail polish, or flashy make up?" Alec looked up and made sure nothing hung around Magnus' wrists, neck or ears. Check.

"You're all clear." Alec smiled and signed off on the bottom of the sheet before returning it to Isabelle.

"I'm telling you, he's in to you." She whispered under her breath

"Shut up" Alec hissed back, he could never believe that someone like Magnus would like someone like him.

"Why else would he wait 'till the last minute so you'd have to help him" Isabelle smirked, thinking she had made a point.

" Maybe because he's an idiot?" Alec shook his head, he knew that Isabelle was trying to be nice and helpful, but it wasn't the best time to talk about it.. it was too public.

Thankfully right then the band director called the drummajors over and told them to call the band to attention. Alec moved quickly to his spot, just in time.

The drummajors yelled in unison "Band, Ten Hut!"

"HIT!" the whole band yelled out, everyone standing at attention, it was silent through out the bandhall. No one moved, no one spoke, but everyone's eyes were on the band director, waiting for orders .

"Seniors, load up." HE spoke and then the seniors grabbed their case and duffels that were filled with the things they needed for the game and left the band hall and to the trailer where they put their instruments. Alec set his down and was about to walk out when he noticed a black case cover in brightly colored ducttape and stickers being sat next to his.

He looked up to see the owner, now free of his hat, which was held in his other hand. Magnus.

He winked at Alec quickly before leaving the trailer to go to the buses.

Even though Alec was eighteen, this was the most romantic and scandalous thing he had been apart of.