Greetings ya'll! This is my first ever Mummies Alive story. And with Halloween just a few days away I thought it'd be fun (and appropriate) to finally publish one of my old stories. I mean this thing is so old that I wrote it in Jr. High.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. It's going to be fun.

(************************************************* ************************************************** *************************)

The first time they saw their pharaoh's reincarnation was in June. When their sarcophagi were brought to the Museum of Natural History in the country of San Francisco. There were people everywhere, setting up display's to show off and protect the ancient artifacts that had been on the truck with them.

Their sarcophagi had just been moved to the middle of the room and set down when they had each decided to subtly shift the lids to create cracks for them to see through when their pharaoh walked by carrying an ancient vase with hieroglyphs painted on it.

They knew the young one was their pharaoh because they could see the light of his soul shining as brightly as the light of Ra. The sun god. God of light and creation. The boy placed the vase on it's red velvet covered pedestal and shifted from one angle to the next to check out how it looked. Finally giving them a good look at his face.

Their pharaoh was almost a man fully grown, though to them he still seemed like a child due to their ages. He was pleasing to the eye as well. Surely he must have many maidens trying to gain his favor. His skin was lightly tanned, his hair was slightly longer than they were used to seeing, hanging almost to the middle of his back in rich dark strands that looked as tempting as silk. His eyes were wide with jet black lashes that almost hid his unusual emerald green eyes.

"Lexie, how is that vase display coming?" A woman called out, causing their prince to turn his head. Angling it slightly in a manner that reminded one of them of a falcon he had once trained to hunt several thousand years ago. Long before his death.

"It's coming along fine." Their pharaoh replied.

Odd, his voice sounded strange. Like he was becoming ill. His voice had a low pitch that was almost husky. Airy. It made them concerned.

Was their prince getting sick? They wondered as someone went over to the boy and placed their hand on one of his shoulder's causing him to automatically jerk away with a snakelike hiss before snapping, "Don't touch me!" The one who had offended their prince looked at him in confusion and started to apologize, but Rapses merely waved the apology off and said in a gentler tone.

"Sorry Jim. I didn't mean to snap like that but I sort of got hurt there and well when you touched me it really hurt." The man nodded and said something in a low tone, apparently still trying to appease Rapses before offering to take over so that their prince could leave the museum.

Rapses said something that was difficult for them to hear then with a small and somewhat forced smile he then turned and bolted from the room looking like he was going to be sick.

(************************************************* ************************************************** *******************)

I'm going to be sick! Lexie thought as she ran down the hall with her hands covering her mouth as her stomach cramped and tears started to slip down her face as images of what she had seen flashed through her mind.

"I'll get the ball uncle Jim." A seven year old boy with curly blond hair and big brown eyes said as he started to wade into the ocean waters. Jim smiled and waved at the boy as he got so far out and turned and waved at him.

Neither of them suspecting the danger lurking just off shore.

The boy swam out a little more. And a fin cut through the waves as Jim's attention was called away for a moment by his brother-in-law. They talked about the little boy's surprise birthday party which was being held later that afternoon. And the moment Jim broke off the conversation to check on his nephew... All he saw was reddish pinkish water and the ball that the boy had gone out to get.

"Mat?" Jim said as he searched the waters for a moment before realizing that something was wrong. He called out to his brother-in-law, Mat's father and quickly dove into the waters and headed for the spot he'd last seen Mat.

Lexie closed her eyes tight, trying to will away the onslaught of Jim's memories echoing in her brain. But they were so strong- they just kept going.

Jim waded out of the water with what was left of his nephew, crying his heart out for the small broken body that had once been his flesh and blood. Mat's body had been bitten completely in half from the waist down. His insides had been ripped out, and eaten by one of the most terrifying monsters of the sea. His little face was twisted in fear and horror, his dull glassy brown eyes seemed to stare up at Jim accusingly.

As if to say, Why did you let this happen to me? Didn't you love me?

"Oh Mattie..." Jim said in a broken tone as his nephew's body was taken from him. "Of course I loved you."

Finally the vision subsided and Lexie found herself in the women's restroom with her face just a few inches from the toilet seat. Her breathing was harsh, her heart was thudding frantically in her chest and she was still crying. Poor Jim.

And poor Mat too.

She hoped that damn shark rotted in hell for killing Jim's nephew.