Sorry this story is taking so long to update. But it's complicated trying to write this one after having all of my notes on my former comp erased.

Anyways, here's you're long awaited chapter eighteen.


By the time Lexie and the mummies were done shopping and everything was paid for.

The three expressed their need to consume food again. Which left her with very little choice but to take them somewhere where they could do just that since she wasn't terribly sure what would happen to them if they didn't eat and drink stuff regularly. The restaurant that she took them too was a nice place with good food and an all you could eat buffet. And since it was well past two pm then that meant that the dinner buffet had just started, meaning that Lexie and the mummies had more or less been out for close to the entire day.

Hn, no wonder I feel like I'm dead on my feet. Lexie thought as she sank down into her seat and absently handed the others their drinks and plates and told them to 'have at it'. Rath and Nefer-Tina took off like a couple of shots across the large dining room while Ja-kal stood there with his plate in hand staring at her.

His princess seemed to have tired herself out considerably since this morning. So much so that he wondered if she was beginning to become ill like she had been the night before. Her skin had a sickly parlor to it, and though she didn't say it- he could tell that she wished to just curl up and close her eyes and sleep.

Which was understandable since she had used her 'gift' again. At least twice if he counted right. Once when they had been picking up their clothing and the angry man had grabbed her in a threatening manner and again when they had gone to pick out their furniture. So it only stood to reason that his princess would be perhaps- beyond tired at the moment.

Frankly he didn't know how she had managed to keep herself from collapsing thus far, but he was grateful that she had managed.

Shifting from one foot to the other, he reached out and very gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear causing her to jerk and open her eyes and blink up at him. "Ja-Kal?" She said in a drowsy tone, as if she couldn't quite recall what he was doing leaning over the table, into her personal space.

"Princess, will you not eat something?" He asked, concern coloring his tone. She blinked at him again as if he had just spoken to her in some bizarre alien language and then slowly, very slowly due to the steady rhythmic pounding in her temples- shook her head no. And instantly regretted it as her stomach cramped and she felt bile burn at the back of her throat.

"N-No. I'm not sure that I can stomach anything at the moment." Lexie stammered out once her stomach settled down a bit. Ja-Kal stared down at her for a moment, his blue eyes turning a stormy ocean blue as he curtly nodded his head then turned and walked off in the direction of the food as Rath and Nefer-Tina both started back over to the table with their plates so piled high with food that neither of them could really see over the top of them.

The two made it back to the table after a few minutes of walking and weaving about aimlessly, and finally sat down across from her as Ja-Kal also returned and set his plate (with only some mashed potato's and a small piece of steak and some bread) in front of her and laid his hand on her slender shoulder and gave her a little shake since she had apparently somehow managed to doze off a bit, causing her to jerk awake and look at him wide eyed before she blinked at him kinda owlishly as he said gently, yet forcefully at the same time.

"Princess, you need to eat. Will you please try?"

"I can't." Lexie said tiredly, missing the way his blue eyes narrowed at her as Rath and Nefer-Tina both stopped eating for a moment to look at her. She knew that she probably didn't look too good to them but there was little that she could do about that until she recovered.

She started to close her eyes again when she felt Ja-Kal's fingertips bite into her shoulder through her clothing and opened her eyes just enough to see the stubborn look on his face. And mentally sighed.

Well hell. He wasn't going to give up on this until she ate something. "Alright. Alright, I'll eat something. Just don't expect me to be able to stomach too much." Ja-Kal nodded as a smile curved his lips.

"Very well. I will wait until you are done."