Author's Note: Yay a second story! Teagan and the boys are baaaaaaack! I hope you guys like this story as much as the first one! This entire chapter was written by the incredible Neverland123, as I had no idea how to start this second story! I am incredibly grateful as the writing is amazing! Enjoy!

Chapter One: A Normal Life

Teagan drifted into consciousness with the familiar feeling of a large and warm hand running over her body. Pressed behind her was the welcoming embrace of her husband, keeping her far warmer than the several blankets they were forced to drape over themselves most of the year. One thing she had not missed about Ireland when she left or returned was the damp and cold weather. She continued to keep her eyes closed even as she felt slow and wet kisses pepper her neck, making her moan softly and arch further into him. She could feel Murphy's smile against her skin, even through the light scratching of his unruly beard, and suddenly the tank top and underwear between them seemed like too many layers.

"G'mornin' love," he murmured against her shoulder.

"Mornin'," she breathed out, her voice thick with sleep and something more. She cracked an eye open to try and see the clock on the nightstand, just the smallest hints of orange morning light creeping through the window blinds. "What time is it?"

"S' a bit early, we got some time 'fore we have ta get up," his hand started to travel downward between her legs.

"Feels like yer already up," Teagan chuckled, his arousal pressing against her backside quite insistently. "Do we have time 'fore the alarm goes off?"

Slipping his hand underneath her underwear, Teagan's breathing hitched as he began caressing her outer folds. His lips found the shell of her ear and bit down ever so gently before answering, "Is that a challenge or a question, Mrs MacManus?" He began circling her clit slowly, enticing the smallest of moans from her before he pressed down harder against it, slipping one finger slowly into her.

"Oh it's never a question Mr MacManus, I certainly know you're willing to rise to the occasion," she began panting into the pillow he continued his ministrations, extracting every squeak he could even after 10 years of marriage. She almost pouted when he removed his hand, only to feel him roll her onto her back. He pressed his lips against hers and she opened her mouth to him, the kiss starting out slow and gradually building until he finally had to break away for air. He reached for her tank top and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it to the side before he began kissing a path that descended toward her breasts. Teagan noted that Murphy was clad only in his boxers, hinting that he had removed the shirt she knew he came to bed in last night before he had woke her up.

Knowing that time was not on their side, Murphy took a nipple in his mouth while sliding her underwear down her long legs. Once they were off he took his place between them and kissed her on the mouth again, grinning against her as he rubbed his covered manhood against her now naked crotch. "Well then lass, I shan't disappoint ye, that's for sure."

She reached down and slipped the boxers down his hips, freeing his erection to both her sight and her touch. He lowered himself into the cradle of her hips as she took him into her hand, stroking him a few times before she firmly grasped him and guided him to her opening.

"Oh god, Murph," she gasped as he filled her completely. He quickly covered her mouth with his, pressing his entire body flush against hers as he began to move. Eyes closed they lazily began moving to one another, completely lost in the bliss of her velvety walls caressing him. So when the door opened they didn't hear the creak they had grown used to depending on hearing, nor the footsteps that slowly approached the bed and paused at the foot of it.

Murphy MacManus was almost never caught off guard, but as he was currently fighting the impending urge to release into his wife he couldn't help but let his guard down before a body was thrown against his back.

With an 'oomph' Teagan had the wind knocked out of her as Murphy suddenly slammed completely on top of her. She looked up at him and was about ask what the hell he was doing when another face popped up and over his shoulder, and suddenly two pairs of blue eyes were looking down at her.

"Caden!" She exclaimed, her newly 3-year-old son had his arms wrapped around his dad's neck and was completely unaware at what he was interrupting.

"Not Caden, Spiderman!" He corrected, grinning at down at the pair of them. He had been going through this phase of wearing his Spiderman pyjamas all day and climbing various pieces of furniture in the house. Of course he would pick this moment to graduate from furniture to people.

Murphy cleared his throat, honestly at a loss for what to do. Sure they had had close calls before but it was usually just before or just after they'd found time to have sex, but this was completely new to him. They had thankfully kept the blanket over them but it had now slipped down to Murphy's hips. Thank the Lord that he had been forced straight down and was essentially covering Teagan with his own body, not to mention he was still inside her. The family had lived in close quarters for years and after sharing showers with one or both his parents and a fun anatomy lesson during toilet training Caden knew the difference between boys and girls. This however was a conversation Murphy had planned shelf for at least another decade.

"Spiderman ye say?" Murphy questioned his son, and Teagan had to giggle at the higher pitch his voice had taken. "Well I don't recall Spiderman turnin' three today. I guess we'll have ta return all dose presents we bought fer Caden then."

The look of absolute horror that came across the angelic face of her son was so comical that she started shaking a bit trying to control herself, "Aye, I may have the receipts somewhere 'round here," she pretended to look around and feel for them.

Caden sat up and started bouncing up and down on his knees upon his father's back; both his parents winced, "No, no, no, no, no. I'm Caden! MY birthday! Dose are MY presents!"

Teagan smiled and reached up to touch Caden's hand and then let it travel up his tiny arm. The effect was immediate: the child stopped bouncing and flattened himself against his father's back as he sought out more of his mothers' touch. Like his father he loved it when he was stroked along his neck and almost resembled a kitten the way he would stretch out to seek more contact. His face scrunched up in confusions, "Why ye got not clothes on, Mammy?"

"Cuz I was hot—Are ye hungry?" Teagan asked, taking hold of a limp noodle arm and playing with his fingers, "What would ye like for breakfast?"

"Pancakes!" He exclaimed, "Why Daddy on top a' you? Are ye playin'?"

"Okay then," Teagan cleared her throat and nodded toward the door, "Why don't ya go down to the kitchen and get the skillet out of the cupboard and I'll be down in two minutes to make pancakes."

"Okay," the boy slipped off the side of the bed, his bottom taking the blunt end of the floor before he hopped up and took off out the door.

"Don't run!" Murphy yelled after him. He looked back down to his wife who made no attempt to move and instead stared up at him with a raised eyebrow. "I suppose I should let you go make our boy breakfast—"

"You've got two minutes. Get a move on, MacManus," Teagan pulled him down into a kiss, moving her hips just the right way so that he rose to full attention.

Murphy moaned approvingly, only breaking the kiss to reach back and pull the blanket completely up and over them, enclosing them in the darkness. For the next two minutes the only sounds that could be heard were the quickening of moans and Murphy's muffled voice.

"Does this count as birthday sex or lazy Sunday morning sex?"