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Chapter Five: A Huge Fuck Up

Teagan had put Caden back to bed after the excitement of meeting Romeo, and had made the small boy promise he wasn't going to venture where he shouldn't. Once he was asleep, Teagan wrapped herself up in a thick coat, and tucked her short hair into a wooly hat before venturing out onto the deck with the lads. If anyone was to see her, at least she could sort of pass for a man from a distance. She snuck outside, snatching the bottle of whiskey away from Connor as she passed him, taking a seat beside Murphy as Romeo tried to persuade the boys to let him join them. Connor swallowed the mouthful of amber liquid, shaking his head.

"No," he said, in a very firm voice. Romeo's face fell.

"I got connects all over B-town, man," the Mexican explained "Romeo'll hook ya up like a tow-truck"

"Oh, Jesus" Teagan shook her head at the lame reference, swigging some whiskey and swallowing before taking a drag from Murphy's cigarette. Once his wife had finished, Murphy did the same.

"No" Murphy shook his head to, backing up his brother.

"Why not?"

"We don't hafta give ya fuckin' reasons," Teagan piped up "Ferget it"

Romeo slumped back after frowning at her.

"It's cos I'm Mexican, isn't it?"

"How dare you, sir, insinuate such a thing?" Connor frowned "The fact that yer a greasy Spic-" he was laughing now, as well as Murphy "-has got noting ta do wit' it"

Teagan glared at the pair of them.

"Stop" she said firmly. "I wont have Caden comin' out wit' dat racist crap, pack in in, da pair of ya" she pointed a warning finger at the lads, who attempted to stifle their childish giggles. Romeo rolled his eyes, but nodded thankfully at Teagan.

"Okay, okay, I'll let ya have that one, but I can do this, this isn't rocket surgery. You guys find bad guys doin' bad stuff and ya kill 'em, right?" Romeo looked at the three of them.

"It isn't dat simple actually" Connor admitted, and Murphy frowned at his brother.

"Yes, it is" he mused, passing the bottle to Romeo

"Spose yer right," Connor rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess I was just hopin' we was a bit more…artistic about it, I think"

"Yeah? Well ya aint" said Romeo in a matter of fact tone, before passing the bottle back to Connor. The horn of the ship echoed through the chilly night air, and Teagan wrapped her coat tighter around herself as she shivered. Murphy wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. "Now, whaddya plan on doin' when ya get to US soil?"

The three McManus' looked at each other, with blank faces. Connor cleared his throat.

"We don't really, uh, have a succinct plan yet…y'know, per se" he fumbled, glancing towards his brother and sister in law. Murphy attemped to carry on.

"Havent really, uh, worked it all out…as it were"

"As it were" Connor echoed. Romeo raised an eyebrow and glanced at Teagan, who shrugged, as the boys mumbled back and forth. Romeo smirked.

"You two leprechaun dicks need to chill in the green room, sippin' on some Pelegrino and let ya manager handle the details" Romeo gestured to himself. "No offence, miss" he quickly glanced at Teagan, who waved him off. "I'm sure she's got more than enough brains for all of us, but ya better have my Cub Scout badge ready, cos if ya wanna kick Yakavetta in the nuts, have him wake up with a horse head in his bed," he took a pause, smirking "Romeo's gotta ace in the hole for ya"

Teagan giggled slightly, burying her face in her hands as the brothers joined in on the laughter.

"Yer one of a kind, Romeo, I'll give ya dat" she chuckled, taking the bottle from Connor and swigging deeply. "Now, if ye boys will excuse me, I'm gonna go check me son isn't halfway across de ship, hand in hand wit' a burly pirate" she jumped off her perch next to Murphy. "G'night"

"G'night, babe" Murphy whispered, looking around before placing a kiss to her lips. "Love ye"

"Love ye too, Murph" she smiled, walking past Connor and kissing his head "G'night, Conn"

"See ye in a few hours, lass"

"Night, Romeo" she called as walked inside. Romeo's eyes were glued to her behind as he waved back. He felt a dull thump on his arm, which broke his concentration, as he hissed in pain and clutched his arm.

"Don't even tink about it" Murphy growled, narrowing his eyes. "Keep dem Spic peepers off me wife"

"Wife? Aw, jeez" Romeo groaned, before grinning "I was only messin'…C'mon, look but don't touch, right?"

Romeo's yelp of pain echoed around the cargo bay as both brothers delivered punches to his arms.


Sneaking Teagan and Caden off the cargo ship was stressful and awkward enough, but sitting in Romeo's piece of shit, cringe worthy car was by far the most difficult thing the Saints had ever had to do. Turns out Romeo's 'inconspicuous' car was a bright orange, pimped out tin can, complete with an upside down Jesus Christ bobble head glued to the roof of the car. Murphy sat up front, whilst Connor, Teagan and a fast asleep Caden squeezed into the back. Caden was in his uncle's lap, clinging to the front of his coat as he gently snored away, giving his mother some space to herself.

"I thought ya said yer car was inconspicuous" Murphy spat, the embarrassment evident on his face.

"Yeah, well I don't like words with 'spic' right in the middle" quipped Romeo "Besides, it is where I live"

"Yeah?" scoffed Murphy, "Where's dat? Magarita-ville?"

Teagan rolled her eyes as Connor stifled a giggle.

"Hey, I hail from a colourful people!" Romeo protested, a little too loudly. Caden stirred in his sleep and Teagan kicked the back of Romeo's chair. "Besides," his voice had now dropped in volume "You wouldn't know style if it pitched a tent in your ass"

"I beg to differ" Teagan interjected. "I'm a woman"

"Honey, no offence, but the clothes ya got on right now aint exactly in the most recent issue of Vogue" Romeo shrugged. Teagan scowled at him in the rear view mirror.

"Well, I aint gonna be killin' bad guys in a mini skirt and platform heels, am I?" she snipped. Romeo chuckled.

"Now, that I would wanna see" he wiggled his eyebrows at her in the mirror. Murphy thumped him once again on the arm. "Ow! Jeez, okay, okay"

Caden whimpered in his sleep, his bright blue eyes opening a little and gazing up at Connor, who tried to soothe him as best he could. But Caden was having none of it.

"Mammy" he cried, softly, shifting and sitting up. Teagan took her small son from his uncle, wrapping him tighter in the blanket he was sleeping in. Murphy turned in his seat to stroke his son's arm in comfort.

"Ma's here, baby, and Daddy too" she cooed softly, stroking his hair gently. "We'll be at Grandpa's soon, sweetheart, okay?"

"Uh-huh" Caden sighed, before closing his eyes once more and snuggling into his mother. Teagan held him close to her, placing a kiss on his forehead as he drifted off to sleep again.

"Man, I never thought that two of Boston's finest killers would've ever had a kid" Romeo mused. "You're good with him, considering"

"Tanks" Murphy nodded, and the rest of the car ride was ridden in silence, except for the occasional snore or whimper from Caden. The plan was, before they got to Docs, to take out a warehouse full of Chinese men, supposedly working for Yakavetta. Teagan was fully against it as first, but Romeo has reasoned with her, claiming that they could miss their chance to take them out. As ridiculous as he could be, Romeo apparently knew his stuff. He even had a plan for Caden, when Teagan brought up that anyone could see the small boy sitting alone in the back of the car and anything could happen.

"Why don't ya pop the little leprechaun in the trunk?" he shrugged as the McManus' passed ideas back and forth.

"What did ye just call him?" Teagan's eyebrows furrowed as she glared at Romeo. "He has a name, ya know"

"Yeah, I know, but he likes it when I call him that" Romeo shrugged as Caden, now fully awake, smiled at the Mexican in the rearview mirror.

"Jesus" Teagan sighed under her breath. "We cant put him in da trunk, he's just been cooped up in a crate for three days!"

"He'll be fine, lass, just pop da noise cancellin' headphones on him, give him his toys and stuff, we wont be long, I've got a plan" Connor tapped the side of his head and gave her a wink.

"Oh, yeah, a genius plan I expect" Teagan said sarcastically. She looked down at her son. "Alrigh', I guess we'll have ta put ye in de trunk whilst Mammy, Daddy, Uncle Con and Romeo go talk to dese nice men. Will ye be alrigh'?"

Caden nodded enthusiastically.

"Ye, Mammy. Can I play Sonic?"

"Of course ye can, baby." Teagan smiled down at her son.

"Remember what daddy told ye, though, Caden?" Murphy questioned his son.

"I hafta be quiet as a mouse in a house" Caden recited and giggled as Murphy tickled him.

"Good boy. " Murphy praised him as they got out of the car. Caden jumped from his mothers lap and raced around to the trunk, eager to climb inside. Teagan gave him a granola bar, a small box of juice, and his toys to make sure he would be entertained for however long they were gone. "Now, we'll be back as soon as we can, Cad, okay?"

"Yes daddy" Caden answered, already absorbed into his game of Sonic on the small handheld console. Teagan slid the headphones on his small head and tucked the blanket around him, kissing his cheek. Murphy kissed him too and Connor ruffled his hair before shutting the trunk and locking it, making sure he was securely hidden away. Teagan sighed sadly, despite the encouraging hand squeeze from her husband, as they gathered the gun bag and dashed across the empty parking lot, crouching down and hiding themselves away.

"Alright," Connor whispered "Here's da plan"

Teagan inwardly groaned as she listened to Connor's Hollywood action film inspired plan. Although Connor was smart, his love of the movies often ran away with him, and heavily influenced his self titled 'genius and brilliant' plans.

"..we go ta Doc's fer a shot o' Irish, we're at home in time fer tacos" Connor finished enthusiastically, clapping his hands. "Dat's what we'll do" Romeo nodded along with him, grinning. Connor then turned to Murphy and Teagan. "What?"

Teagan and Murphy looked at each other before starting to speak.

"Well, it's just dis plan…it''s-" Murphy began

"Da fuck's wrong with da plan?" Connor interjected. Murphy looked lost for words and he glanced at his wife, who cleared her throat before speaking.

"Well, Conn, it-it's-"

"It's genius" breathed Romeo, looking at Connor with complete admiration.

"Don't encourage him" Teagan sighed, shaking her head.

"No, its way cool. I can even drive an f-lift man, got my class D license and everything"

"Dat's the fuckin' spirit!" Connor grinned, and Murphy rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna need a gun" Romeo said, and the three Irish looked at each other.

"Ferget it" they said, in unison. Romeo scowled.

"Fuck, man, I'm in on this shit! I'm workin' here!" he argued and the McManus' sighed.

"Fine" Murphy waved him off and Connor reached into his boot.

"Fer fuck's sake" he hissed, pulling something out and slapping it into Romeo's palm. Romeo grinned, but it quickly fell off his face at the sight of the tiny gun in his hand. Murphy and Teagan held back giggled.

"What the fuck, man, did ya steal this from the little leprechaun back there?!" Romeo hissed, waving the tiny gun at them.

"Dat's what ye get" Connor said sternly. "Is der a fuckin' problem?"

Romeo sighed before answering.

"It's fine" he said through gritted teeth.

"I'm fuckin' watchin' you" Connor growled, gesturing to his eyes and Romeo's. "Understand me?" he hissed, before standing up to check if the coast was clear.

"Dontcha worry, Rome, shit like dis…it builds character" Murphy smirked.

"Yeah, character for your bitch" Romeo bit back. Murphy pointed his gun in his face.

"Now dat's just unprofessional"

"Says the guy who brought his toddler to a mob hit"

"You got a problem wit' our parentin' skills, der, Rome?" Teagan hissed, cocking her gun and raising an eyebrow. Romeo's cocky grin quickly disappeared.

"N-no ma'am" he stuttered, afraid of getting punched again.

"Dat's what I thought" Teagan reached out and patted Romeo on the cheek, making it as patronising as she could. "Yer learnin' fast, what a good boy"

Murphy chuckled at his wife before tapping his brother on the leg. Connor crouched back down.

"Well, whaddya tink?" Murphy questioned.

"I tink Yakavetta killed a good man just ta send us a message" said Connor, solemly.

"Well, let's send one right back" growled Teagan, gesturing to her gun. Connor and Murphy both looked at her in complete admiration. "What?"

"I knew der was a reason we met ya, love" Connor chuckled. "Let's go."


It had been a long time since Duffy had found himself in a crime scene like this. Aside from Dolly and Greenly everyone else was a compilation of excitement at getting to work the crime scene of a possibly Saints hit. It would take hours to process with all the warehouse supplies, papers, and heroin floating around. He was taking notes when looked up at Dolly and saw him staring intently at Greenly.

Green Beans had his headphones in, looking at the bodies of the dead Chinese gangsters and occasionally humming to the words of what appeared to be 'Sister Christian'.


"I don't know." Dolly deadpanned.

Greenly stood up, removed his headphones, and proclaimed, "It's not them."

Special Agent Eunice Bloom stood up from a few feet away and removed her ear plugs, "It's them."

All of them mentally winced. This was not good. His own words from the day before came back to him. "We know the boys; we know Teagan. Is there any part of you that thinks they're just gonna let this slide. Believe this, they're either on their way or they're already here." When Smecker was alive he had assured them that no one would ever find out their involvement in the Yakavetta hit, making all of them swear they wouldn't utter a word to anyone else who wasn't a part of it.

As Eunice went on to explain the mind set of the Saints and how the entire events of the night went down, Duffy's mind wandered to how they got into this mess. He didn't regret a single moment he spent with the Saints and Smecker, helping them take down Papa Joe and make the public question their own responsibility and take on the justice system. The three of them had taken shifts those three months before the trial bringing them news and supplies, and sometimes just to hang out. They'd moved around between Boston and New York, but the detectives made sure that credible anonymous tips were sent in from Border States like Ohio and Wisconsin with sightings of them, making it appear like they were heading out west.

Those three months were like summer camp to them. Maybe it was the underlying knowledge that they were doing something they shouldn't. Maybe it was just because overall the Saints were fun. They were the hard-ass, rough kids down the street their mothers would forbid them to play with as kids. In-between planning for the day of the trial they would play poker using Oreos or whatever snack foods they could find as chips, switching to Irish poker whenever they got their hands on alcohol. Greenly was the first to give in and pass out and made a perfect pillow out of Teagan's lap. Dolly, Noah, Connor and Murphy could often be found sitting on the same couch and yelling at Bruins games whenever it was obvious the referee couldn't find his ass with both hands and a map. The same month of the trial it was Smecker's birthday and he and the detectives had learned what a good cook Teagan was when she surprised them with a home-cooked roast and coffee cake, which he and Smecker took seconds of. Murphy had helped him change the tire on his car when he hit a nail two blocks from a motel they took up. These were things people, not criminals, did for one another. They had all become friends. But with the murder of the priest and the appearance of Bloom everyone was on edge waiting to see if they'd been connected with the Saints, and even more they'd wondered when their old friends would make an appearance.

And now they had proof they were back

"What's the symbolism here?" Dolly asked.

"Symbolism?" Eunice raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, what does this symbolize?"

"It symbolizes a huge fuck up!" Her southern drawl brought them sharply to attention, "This is a plan that fell to pieces. A lot of it don't make sense which is why it all makes perfect sense."


"You didn't have to bash me in the skull!" Then warehouse employee wiped the blood from his eye and glared at Romeo while Teagan and the boys unloaded some of the coffee beans from the crate.

"Sorry, man. But we got a plan going on here. Technically I was supposed to knock you out, but they gave me this faggoty little gun see, and the weight of its just not—"

"Christ, that's a gun?" The man exclaimed both at its presence and size, "Why didn't you just point it at me and say, 'scram'?"

"Fer fuck's sake," Teagan was fed up with this conversation and raised her gun to the man, "Scram! Get out of here now!"

"Yes, m'am!" He took off running, terrified.

"Hey guys, let's not let this one little incident get in the way of—" Romeo began to try and redeem himself, taking a step out of the forklift.

"Shut up and get back behind the fucking wheel!" Connor yelled, "Jesus."

"Well, at least yer plan's off to a winning start," Murphy rolled his eyes.

"Oh go fuck yerself." Connor snapped. They continued to unload the coffee beans so all three of them could fit inside when they suddenly came upon something solid, "The fuck?" They brushed a layer of beans away to reveal a layer of tightly wrapped white packaging. Murphy picked up a crowbar and quickly pierced a hole in the packing, letting some of the off-white powder spill out. Connor took a bit on his finger and brought it his nose to sniff and then let the tiniest bit touch his tongue, "That's heroin."

So that's what the Chinese were smuggling in. Murphy looked at the contents of the crate and then quickly back to his brother with a raised eyebrow. "How the fuck would ya know?"

"Fuck ya, I know shit." Connor came back very defensively.

"Well guess what I know!" Teagan snapped, "I know that ya two have gotta pack it in and focus because we've got a three-year old in the trunk of a car and we've still got some heroin smugglers to kill before going to me da's place," She paused. "And do ya have any idea how fucked up that sounds when I say that out loud?" She threw a large armful of coffee beans onto the ground and brought a leg over to get inside before pausing to look over and gave both boys a quick jab to the shoulders. "And thanks for once again stuffing me in a fuckin' crate! Filled with heroin no less."

"We love ya Teagan." The boys said climbing in after her.

"Fuck ya both," She muttered

They settled into a tight fit inside when Teagan heard Connor begin snickering, "Ya've already done that."

Her eyes widening, Teagan reached over Murphy and grabbed at Connor's coat to make him stop laughing, "Don't ya dare bring that up in front of Romeo!" She hissed.

"Bring up what?" Romeo's head peaked inside the crate, ready to put the top on.

"Nothing!" She all but shrieked.

Romeo stared at her for a moment before sealing the top. They heard the fork lift start and grabbed onto the sides of the crate as it shifted onto the forks and onto the carriage. Within a minute they knew something was wrong, the crate jumbled about more loosely than it should have and Romeo's driving was not at all straight.

"Christ, what the fuck's he doing?" Murphy yelled.

"I don't know, hang on!" Connor ripped away some of the lining on the wall, revealing a hole where he could see Romeo driving directly in front of them. They were blocking his view, "Christ, he can't see where he's fuckin' going!"

Suddenly the crate bounced, sending them up a couple of inches. Murphy took a hold of Teagan while trying to look over her and out the cracks in front of the crate. "Shit! Tell him to turn left now! Tell him!" He saw they were heading straight for a wall.

Connor yelled directions at Romeo, who quickly complied and almost sent them crashing into one another. Murphy tossed beans at Connor angrily, "I can't believe I let ya talk us into this. Fucking stupid plan!"

"It's all in the execution, and you's two's negative attitudes ain't helpin' any!" Connor yelled back.

"Oh yeah, that's what's fuckin' up the plan right now," Teagan sarcastically replied.

"Negative attitude? Our fuckin' negative attitudes!" Murphy couldn't get the disbelief out his voice.

"Yeah, yer fuckin' negative attitudes! You've got ta visualize the end result! You've got to force it into reality and believe! You've got ta fuckin' believe!"

"This isn't a spin class, Richard Simmons!" Teagan yelled.

"I'm about ta believe my fist right up yer fuckin' ass!" Murphy yelled, making a fist.

"You'll what!?" Connor yelled before launching himself at Murphy. Teagan almost had to spit out coffee beans with how quickly they were flying everywhere with the boy's scuffling.

"Are ye fuckin' kiddin' me?" She couldn't believe they were doing this again, just like they had in the air ducts of the Copley Plaza hotel eight years ago. Feeling as if she were wrangling toddlers she tried to work herself in the middle of them to get them to stop and did what she knew worked with scrapping children and tried to go for their ears, all while yelling, "Again! Fuckin', again?!"

Sudden upward movement of the crate made her pause just before they were all jerked and the world flipped sideways, along with their stomachs. They felt themselves falling along with the crate from what felt like a very far height. She felt someone, not sure who, try to pin her down against any part of the crate just before it hit the ground and the world became a mushroom cloud of heroin and coffee beans.

Maybe it was the adrenaline but the impact them hitting the ground didn't hurt that much. They heard shouting in a foreign language and knew they had literally been dropped off in front of the Chinese. Scrambling up off the ground, throwing off pieces of wood and debris as they ran up the sunken loading bay. Raising their guns just as the head gangster sputtered and recognized who had come a-knockin', they began shooting. Several of the dealers at had been seated at a long table wearing medical masks, but each rose with a gun when the shooting began. Romeo came barreling behind them in the forklift, using it as a shield while he took shots as well, and rammed it right into the table and sending the smugglers that were still alive off to the sides. After they'd taken care of all but one, the three of them pulled their rosaries out and stalked towards him.

This would be the first time that Teagan would take a direct part in the final execution. Taking a place between the boys all three of them began reciting the family prayer while the man kept rambling in Chinese, "And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti." Three shots rang out at the same time.

Romeo cam over with the pennies and all of them went to work crossing the arms of the dead and putting the pennies over their eyes, all of them making signs of the cross as they did. They took a moment to take in the scene and then the cold demeanor changed and it was time to retrieve Caden out the trunk and go home.