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The war feels as if it has been going on forever. Throughout almost half of my life, our world has not known peace, certainly not my life. All of this is why, contrary to what would be considered good judgment, I was sent to Hogwarts, which after the fact had been taken over by the Death Eaters. What was supposedly the safest place in the wizarding world, had been breached by the snakes.

The Death Eaters ran the school just the same as it had ever been ran. The muggle borns were separated and held in the dungeons, but other than that, even the blood traitors were allowed to move about the castle, but not without strict oversight. Apparently, they didn't want any more wizarding blood to be shed than what was needed so that the race could continue to prosper—or something along those lines.

Here, even though I was a Weasley, even though I was known as Harry Potter's girlfriend (or "slut" depending on who you asked), no one paid attention to the youngest Weasley. The lack of attention made school easier, but it didn't come with many more benefits.

I couldn't blame my plummeting grades on the Death Eaters though. Many of them were actually decent teachers, most likely from teaching their own children dark arts during the breaks. Amycus Carrow had taken over my Defense Against the Dark Arts class, which had become more of a Dark Arts class; Rookwood took over my Ancient Runes class; Beatrix Lestrange took over my charms class; Karkaroff, who switched schools, took over my History of Magic class; Pettigrew, the stupid rat, took over my Transfiguration class; Nott Sr. took over my potions class; Vitis, a Death Eater of whom I'd never heard of, took over my Herbology class; and finally, Crouch Jr., who had somehow managed to avoid the kiss, took over my Arithmancy class. Snape was currently our Headmaster, undoubtedly taking orders from Voldemort.

All of the previous Hogwarts teachers had been replaced by Death Eaters, thrown in cells with the muggle borns so that they wouldn't be able to take part in the final war.

But none of what went on in here really mattered, not compared to what went on outside of these walls. How were Harry, Ron, and Hermione all doing? The Order? If things were anything like they were in here, it was very likely that the number of faithful Death Eaters now matched, if not superseded ours. My grades had begun to slip as all my thoughts were overcome by the worries of my family, of my friends, of all of The Order.

Hardly any of the Order parents had sent their kids to Hogwarts this year, and those children that had been sent were essentially stuck, worrying. We weren't really allowed to talk amongst ourselves much, which most of us that were left didn't have much faith left in anyone and kept to ourselves anyway.

Every day, I couldn't help but wish for what I had my first year. For someone to talk to. For someone that would listen and just make everything better. Someone that could take away my pain. My tears. I wanted Tom, but I couldn't. Tom was the reason for all of this—Tom tried to kill me. Anyone even remotely like Tom would surely just inflict more pain on my life. Wouldn't they?

I shook my head, willing the thoughts to go away so that sleep could overcome me. I was going mad in here—mad waiting.

There was a loud bang outside that shook the castle, stirring surely everyone and everything within. I personally shot up and reached for my wand out of pure instinct. A few of the others seemed to do the same, but there were many that still just laid in bed. After what seemed like eternity, the door was opened and Alecto Carrow, our new head of house, waltzed in.

"All of you," she barked, illuminating the room with a flick of her wand, "up. Now. Get dressed. We're going to the Great Hall." She stormed out and she could be heard yelling the same thing to the other rooms.

We all did as was ordered in silence, not wanting to again be subjected to the torture that the Carrows had grown accustomed to dishing out. In about ten minutes, all Gryffindors, along with the rest of the school, were standing in front of the doors to the Great Hall, Snape standing before us all as some brave students whispered softly amongst themselves.

"Silence!" he snapped, immediately silencing all students. "Once you walk in, you will stay silent. Understand?" A few students nodded as he continued. "Your new headmaster has arrived and wishes for you all to immediately be re-sorted." There were a few whispers that quickly died as they saw the look of rage that flashed over Snape's face. "I want you to all understand, although he may appear young, you are to show him more respect than you have shown any other headmaster. Some of you may recognize him, but most of you will not. Also, there will be no complaining about any re-sorting that may occur, understand?"

I was a little curious to see who this new headmaster was. He must be someone pretty important to have knocked one of Voldemort's top Death Eaters from the top position in the school. Voldemort himself surely wouldn't come to the school, it was almost too obvious of a place. It was the place of one of his greatest humiliations. It was guarded, but at the same time… It just wasn't secret enough for the most sought after dark lord.

We were arranged into lines by house in alphabetical order. Slytherins were all the way to the left, followed by Ravenclaw, then Hufflepuff, then Gryffindor. Then, like cattle, we were ushered into the hall.

Standing at the front of the room, next to the stool with the sorting hat, was none other than Tom Riddle—a probably twenty year old, human looking Tom Riddle, not the snake-like humanoid that I had seen at the end of my last year. Dread sunk deep down into my very being as I saw him. It took every fiber of my being not to turn and run out of the room as the doors to the hall shut with a bang. All I could do at this point was keep my head down and pray that once I walked up, he wouldn't recognize me.

He couldn't recognize me, right? The diary had been destroyed. Dumbledore even confirmed that the diary had been destroyed, and no one was as brilliant as what he was. But Dumbledore's dead, now isn't he? And Voldemort is now running the school. I took a deep breath in, held it for a second, and then breathed out. This sort of doubt wasn't what was needed in times like this. I had to be strong. I had to be strong for everyone on the outside. Doubt about Dumbledore's knowledge of horcruxes wasn't going to help us.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed the sorting of all the other students.

"Ms. Weasley, I assure you, you're not exempt from the sorting, so if you could please, make your way up here so that we can all go back to bed, it would be much welcomed," Tom, Voldemort, snapped at me.

I held my head down as I walked up, if my family saw me now, they would surely be disappointed. Ron, Fred, George, Charley, Bill… they'd all have their heads held high right now, but I just couldn't risk him recognizing me.

As soon as I had sat, the hat was dropped onto my head, the brim of it going far down past my eyes, making me feel even smaller than what I was, and even smaller than what I had already felt.

Ah… Ms. Weasley… It's been… Five years since I last took a look into your mind. Oh, how you've changed… Interesting… Interesting… You're a very talented witch. You're quite brilliant, but you lack the motivation to do the work… You've become quite an outcast in your own right. Helga would have loved to take you under her wing… But it doesn't seem to be a correct fit. You're still loyal, but it's different than what it used to be… You're more reserved. You're…

That's interesting. You've learned Parseltongue? Now when and how did you exactly did you accomplish that…?I think I've made my decision… "Slytherin!"

"NO!" I screamed, throwing the hat off of my head.

Immediately the hall burst into noise. Angry stares were shot my way from the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables. I was the center of attention, panicked, and steps away from a breakdown.

This wasn't right! I'm a Gryffindor. My entire family was sorted into Gryffindor. Gryffindor was where I belonged. Why would that hat possibly put me into Slytherin? I didn't belong there! Did that hat want to further outcast me from everything and everyone?

Maybe I could go sit with the Gryffindors anyway. Surely they would all know that this was a fluke—that the hat was picking up the vibes from the evil man that stood beside me as the sorting took place. With that thought, I started making my way towards the Gryffindor table, but was immediately stopped by a hand on my arm.

"And where do you think you're going?" Venom dripped off of every last word that came out of his mouth.

"It's obvious that this was a fluke," I muttered, head down. "I don't belong there, sir."

"We'll see about that. Go to where your new house sits."

Against my better judgment, I fought with him. I had never won as a first year, but maybe now I could win as a sixth. "No." I tried to pull my arm out of his grasp, but it tightened, almost painfully so.

"Go sit with your house," he hissed at me. "This sort of disrespect will not be tolerated. There will be no re-sorting. If that is where that hat says you belong, that is where you belong. Now go."

"Just because a hat says that I belong somewhere doesn't mean that I actually do. Harry decided what house he belonged in, so why can't I?" I tried again to pull myself from his grasp, but at the mention of Harry, his fingers dug into my arms. Out of pure instinct, I brought my free hand down across his face, the sound echoing through the hall. He let go of me, but as soon as he did, a wand was pointed at my throat.

Everyone watched in silence as this all played out. None of the teachers dared to move to defend their lord, but no one could take their eyes off of the situation that was blossoming before them. And I couldn't help but smirk as a bright red hand print marred the face of the young dark lord; it almost seemed worth having the wand to my throat.

"No one," he began, fury encasing his every word, "lays a hand on me. Crucio. " Hot pain shot through my body, pain unlike any other. It wasn't my first time ever being put under the Cruciatus curse, yet still no pain could rival the degree in which the most evil man of the century was capable of casting. If it had been the Carrows, I would have been able to hold back my screams, but the power that radiated from Voldemort was so much stronger. My high pitched scream echoed throughout the room. It felt like forever before he finally lifted that curse. I could still feel the shadow, the echo, that the curse had left behind, and even it was unreal.

I had collapsed under the curse, and shakily, I stood back up, head hung before looking into his eyes, then turning towards the Gryffindor table. Their faces still read betrayal as I took a step towards them. That's all the further I got before I was once again hit with the Cruciatus curse. This one seemed to be a little lighter than the last, but not by much and I was once again, crippled and screaming.

"Are you quite done yet, Ms. Weasley?" the young lord asked as he again released me from the curse.

"Not quite." I brought out my wand, attempting to shoot a disarming spell—for whatever good that may do me.

With a flick of his wrist, he both blocked the spell and disarmed me with his own. Finally, I held my head, hopeless, not moving to get up only to be knocked back down. I would have to wait before I would be able to do anything of use. I certainly had no chance without a wand.

He came over, grabbed me by the same arm as before and dragged me back up. "Come on." He led me over to the Slytherin table, placing me beside Draco Malfoy, who had returned shortly after all muggle borns and old teachers being placed in the dungeons of the castle. "New assignment," he began, speaking to Malfoy. "Watch her, have someone else watch her, I don't care. Make sure she stays with Slytherin. Or are you incapable of doing that too?"

I saw Malfoy wince at the last part. "I can do that, my lord," he answered bowing.

"Good." And with that, Voldemort made his way back to the front of the room.

With his back turned, I moved to get up so that I could leave the room. I needed out. I needed away, but Malfoy grabbed my arm. "Do you want to get in even more trouble, Weasley?" he hissed under his breath.

I shot him a glare, but I didn't move to get up. I just had to wait.

"Draco," Voldemort called out before throwing my wand, which Malfoy snatched with Seeker precision. "You can give this back to Ms. Weasley in the common room. Now… some of you know who I am. I know both Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Weasley know who I am, but most of you do not, am I correct?" There was silence. "I am Tom Marvolo Riddle, but most of you will know of me as Lord Voldemort." He smirked. "Here, you will call me Headmaster, Professor Riddle, or my lord. You will show me respect." He swept his arm across the room. "You will realize that all of your robes have been changed to match your new house. Your belongings have been re-located. All passwords have been changed. Those seen attempting to go back to their old house will be punished. Prefects, you will lead your houses back to your house. You're dismissed."

"Slytherins, follow me, Draco called out, standing up, not letting go of my arm as he led us all to the common room. Everything down here was so dark and as we got closer to the Slytherin common room, I couldn't help but be reminded of the Chamber of Secrets. "We're here," Malfoy stated, stopping in front of stone wall. The password is Parseltongue. Passwords are posted in the common room and stay up for two days. If you don't know it by then, you're sleeping outside or you have to hope someone will come let you in. The layout should be the same as any house you're coming from."

The wall opened to reveal a common room quite similar to that of Gryffindor's, but the colors were changed. It seemed darker, harsher, than the Gryffindor common room had ever been. I wanted more than anything else now to go back to Gryffindor tower. I couldn't sleep here.

"Here Weasley." Malfoy let go of me and handed me my wand. "Hey, Pansy," Draco called as she started to walk by.

"What do you need?" She sounded civil enough towards Malfoy. It made me wonder if all the rumors of them being an item were really true.

"I need you to watch her. I very well can't have her staying in the boy's dorm with me."

"I can do that. Come on, Weasley. You can go get some things; we have an empty bed in my dorm, so you'll be staying in my room with me, okay?"

By this point most of the student's had gone off their rooms to go back to sleep, so it was now that I needed to try to get away. A deserted common room was much better than a crowded dorm room. I pointed my wand at Pansy, "Stupefy."

Pansy must not have expected it since it hit her, but immediately after hitting her, I was hit with a full body binding spell, I felt myself fall backwards, and everything went black.