Hey guys my mom finally fixed my library card. Yay! I'll be able to upload my stories. Not really I only just found out that you can go on the regular website on the iPod. Boy am I stupid. Any way it's a new story and hope you guys enjoy it.


It's 4:32 am and nobody's around. Until...


Three gunshots were heard. Five boys with hand guns and machine guns in their hands were running away from 10 men. The boys turned away and loaded their guns. Five girls came out of nowhere and walked through the alley until one of the men called them. A brunette haired and brown eyed girl took two pistols from underneath her skirt.

She took the pistols and shot all of them . She promptly put the gun back to her sides while stunned boys watched them walked away. The boys only had one question.

"Just who was those girls?"

Find out in the next chapter.

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