Bulma and Vegeta - The love story

I'm Trunks and you all know my parents; Bulma and Vegeta. Given that fact I believe many of you already wondered; how the hell did they get together? Here is the real story.

While everybody was busy preparing for the fight against the cyborgs, Vegeta stayed in Capsule Corporation by Bulma and spend almost all of his time in the spaceship, training in a high gravity environment. He always managed to destroy the training equipments within weeks and his body was always covered with injuries. One of the serious ones was, when he even destroyed the spaceship and ended up in his room covered in bandages. Shorty after that Yamcha decided that he will train somewhere else and moved out.

I hardly see you – complained Bulma when one evening she went to a restaurant with Yamcha for dinner.

You know that I don't have time. I need to train – explained Yamcha.

You are just like Vegeta and the rest. Actually I spend more time with him then I spend with you.

I'm nothing like him! – shouted Yamcha and many eyes turned so see them, so he repeated the statement this time whispering.

Anyhow, I miss you.

About that... I'm not even sure if it's really working between you and me.

Are you saying you want to break up?

Maybe. I'm not sure. But it seems that we grow apart.

Fine with me, then let's break up! – said Bulma angrily and she left without saying any other word.

She came by car but decided to take a walk so she can gather her thoughts. She knew that Yamcha was right and their relationship wasn't the same any more. But still, they were toghether so long she couldn't imagine being apart. She was afraid of being alone as she was so used to have Yamcha by her side. Still, she wasn't angry with him, because he at least said it out loud what they both felt for a while now. The next morning Bulma called him and they had a really long talk during which they shouted with each other, then she cried but when they ended the call, both of them felt ok and relaxed for the first time since a long time. Bulma decided to take of his mind from Yamcha so she offered to help his father with developing training equipment to Vegeta.

What are you doing here? – asked Vegeta in the afternoon as he entered the laboratory.

I live here – answered Bulma, while she kept assembling a new radar which was capable to absorb energy and then throw it back to a random direction.

You know what I meant woman!

I already told you not to call me that! – said Bulma quietly, looking at the saiyan prince.

Where is your father?

Call me by mine name and I might tell you.

I don't have time to play around! You should play this game with your god-for-nothing boyfriend not with me.

We broke up.

Even so, I'm not him nor Kakarott nor any of your earthling friends. If I ask a question I demand straight reply!

You know what? I will tell you. He is out with my mother.

When will he come back?

Tomorrow afternoon.

Crap! The gravitation machine just broke and I need it immediately.

Let me check it. I'm actually a much better mechanic then my father – offered Bulma and she pointed to one of the toolboxes saying:

Carry that one!

What do you think who am I? Your servant?! – shouted Vegeta.

Do you think that I'm your servant? – asked back Bulma. – I'm actually the one helping you so you either carry that toolbox to the spaceship or you can screw your gravitation machine.

With that said Bulma left the laboratory and walked to the ship. Vegeta desperately tried to reply back something but he didn't dare to angry Bulma any further and he really needed to train asap so he swallowed the words, grabbed the box and went after her. Once they arrived he slammed the toolbox down with caused a big noise as it hit the ground. While Bulma was checking the device Vegeta was walking around from wall to wall.

Can you please stop it? – asked Bulma.

Stop what? – asked Vegeta while he stopped.

The walking. I cannot concentrate! Go and have a shower and have dinner or whatever. Just leave me work.

Vegeta didn't like that a woman was commanding him around, but heck, he really needed to train so he left. While he was showering he thought about the future; about the fight what they will have against the cyborgs. He wasn't afraid, he was excited to face an enemy which was so powerful. He was determined that he won't be killed this time. It was still hard to believe that they killed him in the future. He could believe that everybody else was dead as they were weak except for Kakarott, but the mere thought that the cyborgs killed him made him very angry. While he was still eating Bulma came back stilling down to the same table and began to eat an ice cream.

I fixed it – she said seeing Vegeta's unspoken question.

Took you long enough.

A simple thank you would have been sufficient – sighed Bulma, not really believing that Vegeta would say such a thing.

Weeks later the whether turned really hot so Bulma decided to fill the pool and swim a bit. As she was getting out of the pool she heard Vegeta's voice:

I need a new radar!

I will sunbath a bit and then I will build one for you.

I don't have time for that! – said Vegeta and he stepped in front of her, blocking her way.

For some reason it was really uncomfortable standing so close to her so he stepped back a bit but kept blocking the way.

You really should relax a bit. You need to rest as well, cannot keep training without any break. Try the water, it's really good – said Bulma and instead of going to the sunbed, she jumped back into the pool.

Vegeta watched her angrily as she emerged again and came out, dropping water all over her body. Strange as it was he couldn't take of his eyes from her body and he needed all his power to raise his eyes and look into her eyes. Bulma didn't fail to realize it and she couldn't repress a smile. Until that moment she never really though that Vegeta would be interested in her – or in anybody else apart from himself. But it seemed like this was the case. Since he would deny it, Bulma haven't said a word but leaving her towels behind she went to the laboratory. Once Vegeta realized it, he followed her looking longer at her back then he intended. But since Bulma couldn't see it, it was ok.

I must have some spare parts here – said Bulma while she pulled out some boxes.

Finally she managed to find 2 more radars and gave it to him. She was still thinking about Vegeta's reaction to her and she wasn't entirely sure that he was indeed looking at her that way. So she decided to test it and the next morning when Vegeta was having breakfast she went to the kitchen still dressed in her nightgown which was really short and lacy made from black silk.

What are you doing here? – asked Vegeta and had real trouble swallowing his coffee.

I still live here – replied Bulma, watching for any reactions.

Why aren't you dressed?

Why aren't you?

What do you mean? I'm – said Vegeta who only wore a darkblue short and trainers.

My clothing is still covering more, then yours – smiled Bulma and he could have sworn that Vegeta blushed before he turned and left really quickly.

Bulma was quite enjoying herself and pulled out more of her sexy clothing day-by-day. On the other hand she needed to admit to herself that she was a bit drawn to Vegeta as well. Although she didn't think that she was actually in love with him, as he was a real asshole. Mostly they only talked when Vegeta needed a new equipment or managed to broke the gravity machine or he seriously injured himself. Like at one evening he suffered a really big energy hit from a radar and he hardly had the strengths to go back to the house.

Vegeta! What happened? – asked Bulma as he saw the saiyan prince covered with injuries and leaving bloody strain behind.

Nothing. It will heal quickly! – said Vegeta.

I know that you are not human, but it's too much even for you! Let me get some bandages.

Leave me be! – shouted Vegeta but his remaining strength left him and he collapsed in the hall.

When he regained consciousness Bulma already bandaged his right arm and she was just washing out an injury on his forehead, while he was lying on the ground. First he didn't even understood why her face was above his and why was it so near. He could feel her breath on his face. He felt really strange as he realized he enyojed this and he wanted to have her even nearer. So realizing this he quickly sit up scaring Bulma who jumped back a bit.

I'm almost done – she said and she crawled nearer again and touched Vegeta's forehead.

Don't touch me! – he said and grabbed Bulma's hand.

Bulma assumed that she will feel the pain in her arm as Vegeta held it but to both of their surprise Vegeta was only lightly grabbing it and he even relaxed his grip further once he thought it might cause her pain. They starred at each other, both of them searching for something to say. Bulma couldn't explain why Vegeta wasn't hurting her. Of course he would not kill her or cause any serious injuries as he needed her for the time being, but she never though he can be so gentle. Vegeta on the other hand was really confused thanks to his own behaviour. As Bulma though he wouldn't harm her seriously but right know he just felt that he wouldn't want to harm her at all. Even if he would not need her anymore. That was a strange feeling and he was really confused.

I'm almost finished – said Bulma, bringing him back to reality. – Could you please let go of me?

Vegeta just realised that he was still holding her hand so he let it go angry and confused. Bulma finished up quickly and then left without any word. She already knew that she was in love with him. The problem was, that she couldn't imagine that Vegeta felt the same way. Although he must have felt something for her, she was sure of it. As she though about it she came to the conclusion that even Vegeta might not know what he felt apart from the fact that he was drawn to her body. Bulma haven't really slept much on the following week and she felt that Vegeta was trying to avoid her as much as possible. She decided not to press it and knew that he will need to come to her eventually. It took one another week, but Vegeta appeared in the laboratory.

What did you broke this time? – asked Bulma.

It's the gravitation machine again. Aren't you able to make something which is not breaking every week? – sighed Vegeta, then saw the toolbox and grabbed it.

If you wouldn't train like some crazy person it might still work – she replied following him outside.

As she was repairing the engine she asked Vegeta to help, who ended up standing next to her. They both felt strange being so close but there was no other way.

Can't you hurry? – asked Vegeta feeling really awkward.

What do you think, what am I doing? - asked back Bulma and as they faced each other she couldn't resist any more and she kissed him.

Vegeta was entirely taken by surprise and before he could gather himself and push away Bulma he realized he is enjoying it too much so instead of pushing her away he draw her close, really close. Bulma wasn't expecting this but after the initial shock she pressed her body against his and she decided not letting him go. She was afraid that if they stop kissing Vegeta would simply leave and never and come back, given his pride. But Vegeta had no intention to leave, at least not yet. And that's when Trunks was conceived. Sortly after they finished Bulma simply left and the next day she behaved as if nothing ever happened. Vegeta was really thankfull to this as he needed to gather his courege to go and see her. They haven't talked much even after everything and 2 weeks passed before they slept together again. This time it happened unexpectedly as well. Bulma was just going to the pool in a bikini when she ran into Vegeta in the hall. She really collided with him and would have felt over if Vegeta hadn't caught her. They were just too close to let each other pass so they began to kiss and ended up in Bulma's room. This time none of them left, as Vegeta was so exhausted from the continous training that he fell asleep shortly after they finished. Bulma watched him for a while but then she fell asleep as well. When she woke up Vegeta already left. But it turned out he haven't just left the room, he left the planed as well, as the spaceship was missing from the garden. Bulma recalled that Vegeta wanted to go to the all and train there but still she was a bit worried that he might only come back once the cyborgs arrive. Although Vegeta was playing with the idea, he amortized the spaceship so much that he needed to return to the Earth 3 months after he left. They were both happy to see each other but Vegeta was to proud to show it and Bulma knew how he would react so she didn't say anything. At least not until the 3rd day, when they ended up again in her room.

There is something that I need to tell you – said Bulma as Vegeta was getting up to leave.

What? – he asked but he was already thinking about his training plan until he heard:

I'm pregnant.

What?! How?!

Don't act so surprised it was an option all alone.

Vegeta left the room but he was really confused. So, that he had a hard time concentrating on the training as well, which made him very angry. At the end of the day he came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter that Bulma is pregnant or not, it's not his concern at all. He left again and when he came back, Trunks was already born. When he entered the house after half a year absence he found Bulma next to a crib watching their child.

Vegeta, come and see your son; Trunks!

Why should I see him? – he asked not moving from the spot.

Because you are his father – said Bulma and before Vegeta could object she handed over Trunks to him and Vegeta only realized it when he was holding his son at the first time ever.

It was strange knowing that he belonged to him and he felt something for a moment which he never felt before but he put Trunks down and left the room. Bulma wasn't expecting to see him overjoyed or even excited. It was enough for her that he stayed again for a while and she hoped and somewhere deep down knew that he will grow to love them both.