Zoro raised his eyebrow, reaching his hand down and experimentally picking up the fake costume fang set off the table. He raised it, looking at it more closely before awkwardly plopping inside his jaw and adjusting it. Just to make sure it fit, he chomped his teeth twice, feeling as the mould slid over his normal teeth comfortably and he grinned. It was kind of cool…

His smile faded though when his eye fell back on those at the table, a smirking Nami, dressed in a slutty Angel costume, argumentatively the biggest lie ever, sitting next to a fittingly dressed Robin witch. They were definitely enjoying themselves planning their own little events to celebrate Halloween. Apparently, according to those who gave a rat's ass about dates, the holiday was coming up and this year they would not be reaching any island in time. So, to keep it similar to a family/crew occasion, they devised a small Halloween party and feast just to be celebrated by the crew.

Zoro honestly didn't see the point. They all ate together three solid meals and couldn't escape anywhere on the ship from anyone, so how was this any different? They'd just be dressing up like idiots this time? But no, that cunning witch, err Angel tonight, had insisted it would be different, including distracting activities for the more energetic portion. Still, he couldn't help but shrug.

"Alright, I'll do the stupid costume." He growled, though it was a little hollow considering how oddly empowered he felt with these fangs. They could come in handy later with a certain someone...

Robin chuckled lightly, happy to hear that he was on board and Nami just hummed in satisfaction. She knew she could get her way.

"Great. Then you can be the vampire. Now all we need to do is think of a costume for Sanji..."

Zoro snorted then, gathering their attention.

"I can barely get him out of the room, good luck getting him to wear anything."

Nami didn't seemed phased, sitting back in her seat at the kitchen table, almost purposely angling her arms close to her chest to bring attention to her more, as she believed, appealing assets.

"I'm sure we," as she gestured with her eyes to Robin and herself, "could change that."

That made Zoro huff. Damn women and their unusual power over his boyfriend. Ah, whatever, if they really wanted to risk going into that hormonal danger zone, more power to them. He just didn't want to be the one that had to bring it up and possibly end up in harm's way. Because there was no doubt in his mind that if it were him, it'd end up ugly.

Robin shook her head lightly, though, wearing her beaming and confident small grin.

"Actually, I believe some of the boys have already gone to handle this."

Both Zoro and Nami looked at her in confusion, letting out equal gasps of, "Huh?"

They didn't need to wonder for too long, though as an enraged yell escaped from outside and below the deck. They couldn't make out the words just yet, everything mostly muffled, but it was definitely their pregnant cook, woken up from his beauty sleep. There were also some cries from a few other crew memories they could recognize automatically. Luffy, Usopp and Chopper. Nami face palmed.


Zoro was thinking roughly the same thing, but more so his mind went to Sanji. Dammit, he better go stop him before he practically tears down another wall. He rushed out of the kitchen and towards the source of the commotion.

"The hell did you guys think you were doing!? Art's and fucking crafts!?" Sanji shouted, glaring down at his latest victims.

Three of his crew mates, one of which included his captain, were on the ground tending to whatever area of their body just got kicked, most preferably the ass. Zoro was stunned, not knowing what to say. He just scowled up at his fiancee.

"Oi, the hell is going on here?"
But then, looking down the frame of his fiancee and the notably larger stomach carrying their unborn child, his eye widened and he seemed to understand. He'd left Sanji down there alone under the promise that he'd let him rest. It would seem that in that time, these morons went into their room with paint, slipped up Sanji's shirt and got to work. Their masterpiece? The mix of oranges and yellows to make his abdomen look like a jack-o-lantern.

Sanji noticed Zoro's eye violating him and practically blushed up to his ears, forcefully pulling the shirt he was wearing down even though it didn't completely cover him. That's what he got, he supposed, for trying to relax in a comfortable shirt than one that completely covered him and left him sweating in bed.

"They tried using me as an art project, is what's going on you shitty Marimo!" He snapped.

The trio of idiots on the floor sat up finally.

"Mehhh! We were just trying to get you ready for the party, Sanji." Usopp explained, rubbing his head.

Luffy stood up and was rubbing his butt and leaning against the wall, whining when Chopper got up to ask him if his ass was okay. Sanji looked back down at Usopp, cocking his head slightly to the side before looking up at the Marimo in confusion. Though, why did he look to him he probably didn't know shit either.

"Party?" The cook asked. The crew was having a party and he didn't know about this? Well who did they freaking expect to be cooking for it? Unless … Unless they weren't going to tell him. Surely that wasn't the case.

Chopper looked over at the blonde and nodded. "Yeah!" Suddenly he didn't care that he'd been kicked and was back to his rather chipper mood with excitement in his eyes. "We're throwing a Halloween Party tonight!"

"Tonight!?" Sanji exclaimed. They really hadn't told him jack shit about any of this! "Why don't I know about it?"

Zoro shrugged. "I dunno, it's some crap the girls put together."
"Eh?" Usopp got up onto his feet finally. "We thought you knew. Aren't you cooking?"
Sanji seemed insulted. His ladies were planning this and hadn't told him? Surely they weren't going to try and take any of the cooking responsibilities on themselves when he was still perfectly able!

Luffy, finally out of his fit, launched himself toward Sanji, his arms wrapping over his shoulders as he decided to hang off his back like the monkey he really was.

"Ne Sanji! Make us some candy! And Meat! Candy Meat!" He laughed, totally forgetting the kick as well, still unable to comprehend what boundaries were.

Chopper squealed. "And candy apples! Oh oh! And Cotton Candy!"

The cook's eyebrow twitched and he peeled Luffy off him and stepped away.

"Dammit, hold on! I'm not doing anything until I get this shit off me!" Sanji bitched, noticing the way some fresh paint had already stained his shirt. Dammit, it was like already having kids!

The trio seemed quite satisfied with that reply though, since he basically implied that he would start after cleaning off. Suddenly, their hard creative work being washed off didn't seem to matter anymore. After announcing amongst themselves in their excitement that that meant they could go ahead and get their costumes ready, they made their exit, but not before reminding Sanji he wasn't allowed anywhere near the kitchen or top deck where it'd be if he wasn't in some sort of costume.

Though Sanji wanted to dare them to even try stopping him from getting to his kitchen, he didn't. Instead, he simply turned away to storm off and avoid Zoro, knowing full well that the only reason he was still standing around with some sort of shit grin on his face was because he had something to say. Using Sanji's dwindling center of gravity to his advantage, he wrapped an arm around the clumsy cook and brought him close to chuckle in his ear.

"Come here, ero pumpkin..." He teased, noming on the blonde's ear lobe.

Shivers ran down Sanji's spine and he pushed him away. He was not a fucking pumpkin, this paint was going off. That's when he noticed in Zoro's grin the reason his bite had a little more kick to it. He narrowed his eye.

"No fucking way, I'm a shitty pumpkin and you get to be the vampire?!"

This was inexcusable. How was the Mairmo supposed to pull off such a seductive role- never mind, he didn't want to know. But even so, that should be him! He should be the stunning creature of the night that goes around stealing the hearts of beautiful maidens, or Nami-swan and Robin-chan. Not Zoro! Or hell, even a charming prince role seemed fitting to him except-

His mind went blank, the image of himself right now in any of those costumes not appealing whatsoever. He sighed, okay he got that, but really, a pumpkin? Were they just trying to bring more attention to that which he could not hide?

Zoro shrugged and smirked. "It was that or bun in the oven. Didn't think you'd wanna be that though. But if you think about it, cook... oven... baker..."

"Shut up!" Sanji scowled, growling to himself.

Now he was really pissed and wanted to get this paint off of him. There was NO way in hell he was being seen by anyone else like this if he could prevent it. However, he only made it a few more steps before Zoro grabbed his hand and turned him around again.

"There is... another costume you could try, cook."


Sanji was silenced though then when his lips met Zoro's and his back met the wall.

Sanji glared down into the punch he was stirring. This is not what he had in mind. Sure, his mix up with the ladies had been solved and he was granted (though he would have gotten it anyway) access back into his kitchen to prepare. Being amazing like he was, shut up he really needed the self confidence, he was able to whip up a satisfying feast, along with a variety of treats for their small festival.

It was actually kind of fun, he supposed, getting to watch everyone get into the Halloween spirit. Off to the side, a bucket of water had been placed, apples floating at the water's surface. It was amusing, looking at the determination etched on the face of a rubber zombie as he tried his best to retrieve an apple from the water with his mouth, only to fail and nearly drown from nothing, his spectators, Angel Nami face palming and shaking her head while Frankenstein Franky nearly lost his shit, but smacked him encouragingly on the back so he could breathe.

Vampire Zoro was off to the side with a bottle in his hand, having apparently been engaged in light conversation with a bandage-wrapped Brook who played a skeleton mummy quite well. By the tree, werewolf Usopp held a flashlight in his hands and had it facing upwards towards his chin, casting a shadow on his face. He was telling a story to witch Robin and Mad scientist Chopper, who was only dressed in his little doctor's coat. Despite the fact it didn't really count as much of a difference, he was cute enough that he got away with it. His poor expression looked mortified, though, as it appeared Robin began to chime in with her own morbid alterations to the tale.

Finally Sanji, after visually stalking everyone, scooped out some of his punch into his glass and moved back towards where he was before, standing in a vicinity not too far away from each group but in the middle of his ladies should they need any of his attention. He groaned when he caught the Marimo's eye over his drink he had to his lips and watched the other make his way over.

The grin he was beginning to hate was there as well. He lowered his glass, wiping his mouth off with the back of his free hand and gazing the swordsman down, daring him to say what he needed to say. He ignored Zoro's huff.

"Gotta admit shit cook, this does look better than the pumpkin." He dared to tease.

Sanji averted his eyes away. If there was anything worse than being painted like a pumpkin, it was sharing in a related costume to his idiot. It wasn't much, in fact it was quite nice considering Sanji got to wear his normal clothes – though that consisted of his loose maternity wear – and nothing too exhausting or embarrassing. The only thing that really made his costume an actual costume? Two red specs of paint he'd allowed the swordsman to place on his neck. It was that of course or let everyone see his hickey.

"Just proves you're some sick perverted bastard. Got a thing for prego men, do you?"

Zoro rolled his eyes and finished off his bottle, gesturing with his eye for Sanji to look over at the others with him. They were silent a moment, just taking in the sight of their nakama's happy faces while they enjoyed their makeshift holiday. Until, of course, Zoro ruined it with his relaxed tone.

"Just think cook... next Halloween someone else will be here with us."

Sanji swallowed thickly and turned his face to stare at Zoro who had kept his composure. There was a small grin to his usual scowl that was actually genuine. Sanji didn't know why, but it made his heart skip a beat a little and he looked down, his hand gesturing to the baby only slightly.

"He was going wild earlier but... think he's settled down now." Sanji explained before looking back up at Zoro. "Don't get him all excited talking about all that shit, it's still a ways off."

It made the swordsman's grin extend to showing his pearly whites and he glanced over at Sanji.

"Are you're sure it's him getting excited or yourself?"

Because it wasn't like they totally were sharing the same exhilaration or anything in that moment with that thought. Or even considering miniature costume possibilities... though maybe that was just Sanji. Even so, they knew, in that moment they'd shared the same thought. This whole experience was exciting and it was true. This time next year there really would be another one among them, Satoru.

Sanji hadn't noticed, but he had began to share the same smile on his face as he looked back over at the events unfolding. It didn't even fade when he noticed Luffy rage quit on his game of bobbing for apples and decide to swallow them all along with the bucketful of water, meaning it would need to be refilled if anyone else was gonna get a chance. He set his drink down and began walking that way, leaving Zoro and the subject with just a few more words.

"Let me get back to you on that."

Author's Note: Welcome to AUP Extra, where I get to post year event one shots or just random one shots/drabbles/promps in the AUP timeline that dont make it into the bigger story. Expect maybe things around character birthdays and holidays and just random, maybe a few family fics later on I dunno~ We'll see. Hope you enjoyed the Halloween fic~ Thanks MyLadyDay for betaing!