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"Damn cook just lie back and relax." Zoro grumbled, gazing down at his lover who was back on the bed.

Sanji was laying back, propped up on his elbows and slightly uncomfortable. Mostly because he was sure that after being down like that, he would not be able to get up very soon at all. That and the situation at hand had him flushed and embarrassed. Fucking Marimo. When he teased him about a Christmas present, this hadn't been what he had expected.

"That's kind of hard when I'm carrying your shitty spawn, asshole!" he growled in response.

He felt so exposed. How could he have listened to the swordsman when he'd told him to strip and wait for him in the bedroom. Now he just felt fucking humongous and foolish...and cold.

Zoro rolled his eyes, approaching the end of the bed. He was already stripped down himself, wearing his boxers uncomfortably as already he's gone about preparing himself for the course of the evening. His package there for Sanji to open.

He pulled himself into the corner, his arm reaching to push Sanji the rest of the way down so that his back met fabric. He towered over him.

"Shut up, ero brow. I'm tryin' to make this shit special, but you're ruining it."

Sanji clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth to that, averting his eye while his face heated further. Stupid green bastard, he would never understand why or how Zoro would even try going the extra mile anymore when it literally felt like in moments such as those, there was a mile in between them. Technically it wasn't that far, but there was still room between them.

"Fucking Marimo.. You just can't take no for an answer, can you? I thought we agreed the last time would be the last time."

Zoro's finger lightly traced around one of Sanji's nipples. His expression wasn't that of amusement, though.

"So you want me to take your gift back..." He grouched. "After I prepared it for you and everything..."

His face was gaining more color as he spoke.

Sanji furrowed his brows, his teeth scraping across his lip lightly at the touch while he tried contemplating what that meant. Soon his curiosity was too much and as the Marimo continued to tower over him, the excitement behind his boxers lingering temptingly close, his hand found its way up the swordsman's pant leg. His eyes widened, a sensation of anticipation running through him at the feeling of lube on his fingers.

This, this was what the swordsman had meant when he'd said he'd prepared the gift for him? Quite literally so. What even! So he had just shacked up in the storage room and prepped himself through any means that had the horny prego cook's mind going absolutely wild?

Sanji grinned wickedly.

"This? Really? After all that fuss in that hotel room..."

He could feel his ego escalating. Zoro had liked that, hadn't he? He was too stubborn to admit it out loud, but here he knew for sure, since hell he had prepped himself and was incredibly hard, Zoro liked it.

Zoro was glaring, staring off at something else. The things he did just so that the cook didn't have to look so fucking miserable lounging around on the holiday while everyone else ran about and exchanged gifts. How it was more about Satoru than Sanji when he was noticed. He couldn't let his cook be over showed this evening. It just was convenient he'd been horny as hell since that blow job not too long ago. That and, of course, the long torturous moments of wondering if and how this could work while Sanji was still comfortable and okay. He was sure this plan would work. Even if he'd never hear the end of it, at least they were both getting laid.

"Shut up, cook. That time didn't count, this one will have to last us.."

Sanji was interested now, his heart beating a little faster. He wouldn't protest getting to be inside the Marimo again, certainly one acting so obedient - or was that need he heard in his voice? - and willing. He just hadn't the slightest clue how he would go about it. Sanji did have a bit of an obstacle.

Zoro seemed to read the cook's thoughts, seeing as his eyes traveled to his body and he began to shift around. The Marimo stopped him though, a lump in his throat because he couldn't believe he was actually about to do this without a threat or immediate danger to his life.

"Stay still already damn!" He crashed his lips into Sanji's, his cock throbbing to get started and frustration setting in at his second thoughts. "I told you I'll handle this, just fucking enjoy your gift."

Sanji's attention peeked. So not only was he going to get a ride, the Marimo was gonna defend his role of dominance whilst being a bottom.

And with that, Zoro straightened his back, looking to the cook's boxers and beginning to slide them down. Damn, he felt like such a virgin. But he wasn't, dammit, so why did he feel like this was his first time again? He definitely sounded and acted like it was. He had to focus, though, because the cook was absolutely eating up every minute of it, watching his face with a stupid grin that refused to go away.

And no wonder, he'd been aroused just from their little conversation and the discovery of his Christmas gift. Ignoring this, he slid off his own boxers again, ignoring where they'd been stained by lotion in the back and retrieved the bottle of lube from where it lay on the bed, where he'd tossed it when he entered.

Ignoring small chuckles, he popped off the cap, gazing down at Sanji's erection.

A practice he'd done time and time again and, hell, just a while ago to get things started, Zoro lathered the lube into his hands before slowly approaching Sanji with a beginning stroke.

It sent chills up the cook's spine, the tips of his ears reddening along with his cheeks and he looked away from the dark eye watching him. He held his breath, though, not willing to let his feelings of approval be known. It became consistently harder when Zoro's calloused fingers wrapped around him, pumping him and covering him with the substance.

Arguably he was taking longer than needing and applying more than he should. Was it his anxiety about what exactly he was about to do showing through his actions? He grunted, scowling at the cook whose foot kicked his side along with a gruff order to get on with it.

Zoro took a deep breath, tossing the bottle aside before lifting himself over the other man. His face hovered over the cook's for a moment.

"It's not too late to ask for something else." Zoro reminded him, his breath a little uneasy.

Sanji smirked, looking up at him and lightly running his fingers playfully through the green moss of hair.

"No turning back now, Marimo. Take it like a man."

The swordsman snarled to himself in annoyance before ultimately doing as he had been told. He positioned himself back to where he was just above the cook. One hand moved to Sanji's swell, lightly holding it in place and a bit out of the way as he descended down on top of him.

The two of them could have created a chorus, the way they groaned out at the feeling. Zoro didn't have a clue what the fuck he thought he was doing, just knew that he needed it. He could feel the way gravity was pulling him down onto the blonde, like he could be split into two as his space was filled.

Sanji jerked forward a bit, his eyes closed as he moaned lowly, feeling the warmth and tightness of Zoro around him. His hips were dying to buck and thrust.

The swordsman refused to even acknowledge the pain that came with not being fully prepared as he had thought. His steady breath he had only barely managed to get back from his time spent alone was long gone now, replaced by much smaller intakes that closely resembled panting.

He was much too far in to go back now. A quick glance Sanji's way and a few curses more, he knew what he needed to do next. He rocked his hips before slowly lifting himself off the cook. Then gravity yet again took him down for a ride on the blonde. After a few of these experimental rides, the pace quickened and things were beginning to fit into place much better.

It was difficult aiming from this vantage point, especially when it was his spot he was looking for. Even though he'd asked the cook to just take it, he hadn't listened, bucking into the thrusts and grabbing onto his hips securely, squeezing at the skin while they moved.

Zoro's growls became more frequent, his chest and lower abdomen rushing up against Sanji's body in a friction that was unfamiliar, but very approved of. He would lean across his frame, kissing and nipping his body while he moved… Pinching his cook's nipples, as of course those could not be neglected.

Unfortunately for Zoro, he was slightly stressed in his own mind. From earlier teasing and now being personally butt fucked for the second time in his life, he could feel his release in the balance. His face a burning mess, it did not help when they both in sync found that which he'd been looking for; his 'spot'.

It ripped a sound so heavenly from the swordsman's throat that Sanji had to wonder why he ever thought the last time would be the only time for this. It was a dream come true in such a sick fucking way. The man he despised yet loved whole heartedly accepting his awkward situation and limitations then fucking riding him into Christmas Eve.

However, this wasn't a frequent event. Being the one in that position was still very new to the blond. He hated, fucking hated the way even now as he was inside Zoro the swordsman could keep a composed face. He wanted to enjoy his gift, dammit. He couldn't believe it was already sending him so close to the edge.

He was shocked, though, to see the Marimo's back arch, his eyes closing as he shuddered, his release escaping him with a snarl and exasperated breath before going silent.

Sanji would never forget the whole phenomenon, but he didn't get much time to daunt on it. The inside of the swordsman wrapped and squeezed around him and he was obviously still trying not to release so soon. But he was still weak in this area, certainly so with so much extra blood and hormones running through him. He released inside his green Neanderthal, a variant of his name under his breath as he thought his heart might stop.

This was definitely a position he favored now.

Within moments his head was back in the covers, his chest rising and falling quick as his afterglow began to drift away.

Zoro felt disgusting, grumbling to himself at just knowing what had happened inside him. He supposed it didn't hold a candle anywhere near how many times the cook had graciously gone through this (and what ended up being created from it).

Lightly he massaged at his abdomen, hopeful he didn't give it some kind of rug burn in his lust, before rising and stumbling chest first onto the sheets beside him. They both continued to play a silent game, just their pants and heavy breathing filling the room.

Finally the cook huffed his bang back into place and glanced over at his lover. He tried hard to ignore the kicks of a woken spawn inside him, probably confused as hell to what had him worked up. Ah, such unborn innocence.

Sanji found the strength somewhere to roll over onto his side, reaching and lightly massaging the swordsman's back.

"Oi, Marimo," he whispered.

Zoro's face was in the covers. He was feeling the full force of his humiliation now. What had caused him to need that so much? What had gotten into him to make him act that way? He groaned, turning his face just to glare at the cook.

"Fuck off I'm not going for a round two."

Sanji just laughed softly.

"As if I'd even want moss riding my dick again. No, that's not what I was gonna tell you."

Zoro growled, annoyed again. He turned so that he was fully facing the cook.

"Then what the hell-"

The cook moved closer and took his lips again.

"Merry Christmas, shit head."

"Tch... Merry Christmas, ero cook."

Author Note: XD I wrote this on my phone while surrounded by family on Christmas cause I wanted to get this done before midnight. I give you a sanzo aup christmas or something please enjoy! Thank you to everyone following AUP this year and I hope you enjoyed this little steamy thing I dont even remember most of it but heres to hoping you enjoy! Any reviews always welcomed and have a Merry Christmas from me to you~ ps. thank you myladyday for betaing.