Jack was nervous, to say the least. There he was in his white button up shirt, grey slacks, and freshly bleached hair. He knew it was a bad idea, but with Senior year starting, he wanted something new. He fidgeted in his seat waiting for role to be called. This year was Physics, and Jack was having a nervous breakdown about getting his new lab partner. He definitely didn't want Snotlout, or Tuffnut, those idiots. He wanted someone like Toothiana, she was his only friend since freshman year. Apparently he had the 'whitest smile she's ever seen', too bad he had to get braces sophomore year.

"Haddock, you'll be paired off with Frost " Jack's head jerked quickly to the back of the room. A guy with shaggy brown hair, a black Misfits tank top, grey acid wash skinny jeans, with combat boots are crossed on the blacktop of the science desks. He has a dragon tattoo running down his arm, starting from his bicep and trails down to his forearm. Various small piercings adorn his ears, and everyone knew of his famous tongue. Rumors were spread that he can make a any girl cum just from his tongue ring. This was Hiccup, a misfit himself. Jack barely ever sees this kid in school but he definitely knows of him, he's part of a group called the Night Furys. Some say it's a band, but others say it's a full fledged gang. So no one talks back to Hiccup, not even the teachers.

A hand laid on Jack's shoulder.

"It's okay Jack, even if we have different lab partners, doesn't mean I won't talk to you in class" Toothiana's smile was something Jack always liked about her. It was infectious. His shoulders loosen at the thought and he flashes her a mouth of bright blue braces.

"Now please move your seats and sit next to your lab partners. Talk to them, get to know them. Because that's the only friend you'll have in this class" The teachers word's boomed in jack's ears. Wait..What?.

The stride to the back of the room made Jack dizzy. This would be his new friend. The most feared kid in Berk High School. Jack sits carefully next to Hiccup and tries to catch a glimpse of the boy from the side of his glasses. Hiccup had a bored look and was playing Candy Crush.

"Um..Hi. Hey..My name's Jack" Jack sheepishly smiled and turned to face his worst nightmare. Hiccup just brushed off his partner and kept playing. Jack wasn't very good at small talk, so he just decided to go straight to business.

"So uh..Right. We have to read chapter 4 and outline the.."

"No" Hiccup stopped him. His bored expression never leaving the screen.


"Yeah.. No. I'm not good with this science stuff. So you can do it, and I'll put my name on it" Hiccup still swiping away.

"No" Jack said back to him in a stern voice, surprising himself. He actually didn't know why he said that. Maybe the hair dye went to his brain, but he sure wished he hadn't.

Hiccup stopped playing and stared at his face, hard. Jack's sudden confidence was gone and he was afraid of what the punk might do next. A hand shoots up at jack's face and he flinches, bracing for impact.

"You know your hair is white" Hiccup calmly says to him. Grabbing a strand of it between his fingers. Rubbing it gently.

"I like it.." Hiccup smiles at him a toothy grin and chuckles softly. Jack's face turns a light pink and he slowly looks up at him again. Hiccup pushes up jack's glasses then goes to his phone.

"Ok. You're not so bad... You got balls for a nerd." Jack blushes at the profane language and waits as Hiccup skims through his phone again, looking through his new messages and checking his calendar. Hiccup looks up and shows jack his calendar on his Iphone.

"Look, I'm free after rugby practice, so wait for me and we'll go to my house and work on the assignment together. How does that sound, Frost?" Jack excitingly nods his head up and down. Hiccup smirks at his innocent lab partner's gestures.

"It ends at 5, so you can watch or do whatever nerds do to pass the time"

"M'kay!" Jack smiles and the bell rings.

Grabbing his backpack, Jack quickly walks over to Toothiana and her partner Ruffnut. They seem to be enjoying each other. Ruffnut walks out and joins Hiccup as he walks out. Toothiana smiles at jack and they start heading into the hallway a safe distance between them and their other lab partners.

"So..I saw you and Hiccup, he seemed to like you" Toothiana says in a high pitched song voice and skips with Jack awkwardly rubs his right arm and laughing.

"Shut it Tooth, I'm just so surprised he's willing to work with me" Jack looks down and smiles at his shoes and Toothiana screams a girly screech and jumps up at this.

"Maybe we can all hang out with each other! Ruffnut is actually really cool, unlike her brother, she said she'd do half tonight and I can do the other half" Toothiana starts ranting about how Hiccup, Ruffnut, Jack and herself could all be friends and study together. Jack blushed at the thought of working with Hiccup. He never realized how cute the other teenager was. He secretly starting thinking about his tongue ring. Are the rumors really true? Jacks face starting getting really red.

"Hey, Earth to Jack! Did you hear me?" Toothiana's waving her hands in front of Jack and shakes him out of his trance.

"I said text me later tonight, tell me how Hiccup and you do on your homework. I'm gonna go catch up with Ruffnut, okay?" Jack just nods his head and goes through the rest of his day. Lunch, Art, Statistics, ironically he saw Hiccup in most of them. Just sitting in the back of the room, texting or playing some game. Yet the teachers just idly let it happen. Like they've given up trying this year. The day went on forever and Jack finds himself heading over to Rugby practice to watch his lab partner.

Jack tries to blend in with the other player's girlfriends waiting for practice to be over, but he sticks out like a sore thumb with his new hair. So on the bleachers, he tries to hide in a Hunger Games book and becomes absorb, he forgot the time. His cell phone buzzes and he get's an unknown ID message.

"Come on Frost. We're Down." Jack looks down at the message, and blushes when he realizes it's from Hiccup. Looking up, he see's a dirty Hiccup. Jack hurries down the bleachers and greets Hiccup with confused look.

"You got my number?" Jack shyly asks. Hiccup shrugs and starts walking away. The walk is quiet and both boys don't talk. The sun is dim and a wash of orange seems to highlight everything. They've been walking only ten minutes. Jack shuffles quickly to catch up to his partner, and suddenly the silence is broken.

"My house is coming up. I'm gonna take a shower and get changed. You can chill at my room while you wait, okay?" Hiccup's voice is soft and hushed, trying not to ruin the quietness between them. Jack hums his response and the walk up to a large house. A two story, 5000 square foot home. Hiccup whips out his keys and clicks a button, a large gate starts sliding open and jack is in awe.

It's not a mansion, but it definitely beat's his house.

The two enter the double doors and Jack is in shock of the cleanliness. Everything is neat and put together like a living room you see in a magazine.

"Would your parent's mind if I'm here" Jack asks and Hiccup grabs his wrist gently and leads him upstairs. They walk down the hall to a secluded room. Inside, it's messy and completely different from the rest of the house. The room is huge though, besides the mess. A queen sized bed with black sheets are thrown about. Piles of clothes on the floor, a pizza box with soda cans are on the nightstand. A bong is shown, carelessly on the pile of clothes in the corner. A 46 inch tv is mounted on the wall and a bathroom door is across the room. Hiccup turns on the tv and tosses the remote to jack. He starts grabbing a couple clothes from the pile.

"Nah, we're alone, my dad's got a conference. Won't be back till whenever" Hiccup disappears in the bathroom. The sound of the shower goes off and Jack start growing redder by the second.

There jack was. Alone with a boy he's only heard rumors about, none good, and now he's got to work every time he's got a lab assignment due. Jack quickly changes the change to ease his mind. He flips to a porn channel, the title reads "Gay Twinks" and two boys are seen in the locker room, having sex. Jack seems to panic, instead of changing channels, he changed the volume. It kept getting louder, and louder. The moans from the guys got more vocal, they started yelling out "Harder" "Oh my God!", Jack couldn't help but feel hot. He finally lowers the volume and listens for the shower. It's still running. Good. Jack changes the channel to Cartoon Network. He's breathing heavily. He's praying Hiccup didn't hear him, wishing he would be home in his bed.

A few minutes pass. The shower head stops. Jack's heart is still not calm. He's nervous and patiently waiting for his partner to call him a perverted fag and kick him out.

Another minute or so flies by, and Hiccup walks out in green boxers and a loose black shirt. The steam from the shower escapes into the room and he rubs his hair against the towel. Slowly he makes his way to the bed. Jack's on one side and Hiccup crawls in, crosses his legs and still rubs his head in the towel.

"Hey frost, what was going on while I was in the shower?" Hiccup nonchalantly askes and Jack starts spewing out his thought over explaination

"It..It was a total accident! I didn't know it was porn! ..Gay Porn! I meant to change the channel!" Jack takes a breath and looks over to Hiccup. He seems unphased and just stares blankly at Jack.

"Um..I'm sorry" Jack whispers lowly and feels his glasses slipping off again, but too scared to move under Hiccup's gaze.

"You want me to take care of that?" Hiccup points to Jack's crotch area. Jack looks down and see's the prominent bulge in his pants. It seemed to appear when Jack thought of the consequences Hiccup might do to him.

"Oh god! I'm So sor..Wait. What?" Jack shocked at Hiccup's question. He was squirming in his pants. The gaze of Hiccup on his bulge is too much for a hormonal teen. Hiccup just smirks. He grabs jack by the shoulders and lays him down on the bed. Jack trying to stop Hiccup tries to apologize and ask to go but Hiccup just gets really close to Jack's ear.

"You like me Jack?" Hiccup's whisper was barely heard. But Jack moaned in response to the sexual tease Hiccup was doing to him.

Jack covers his mouth and gasps

"No..I'm Straight"

"Bullshit" Hiccup's word's fan against Jack's neck. He leaves a wet kiss on the spot under jack's ear. Blowing hot air back in Jack's ear and whispering 'Bullshit" each time Jack whispered 'No"

"Hiccup, I don't usually do this"

"You wanna see how my tongue ring feels on your cock?"

Jack's sexual daze snaps at Hiccup's words. He didn't want to be like those other girls he's heard about. He wasn't some slut. He instantly pushes off Hiccup and his face heats up with embarrassment and anger

"I'm going home!" Jack grabs his backpack and tries to exit. Hiccup quickly follows after him

"Hey, what the fuck! What'd I do?!" Hiccup finally yelled back and pleaded. His eyes showed he was surprised and worried. He didn't want the cute little nerd to leave. Especially when it was getting good.

"I know exactly what they say about you Hiccup Haddock! You're just some punk who thinks he can sleep with anyone he wants just because you're cool, but you're not gonna FUCK with me!" Jack gasps and covers his mouth. He's never cursed out loud before. Especially not to the scariest guy in school. Maybe this new hair was working..

"Hey look, calm down. I'm not..dammit. Hiccup grabs Jack's hand and squeezes it hard. He looks down to see bright blue eyes under foggy glasses look up at him. Jack's face is flushed and he's panting.

"You were just really cute okay? Don't go. I won't touch you like that anymore. I just..I'm sorry" Hiccup looks down and keeps a hold of Jack's hand.

"...You're an ass" Jack quietly adds. Confident with his new profanity streak. Shuffling his feet and staring at the ground

Hiccup looks up and smiles. He kisses Jack on the forehead. Then his nose. Then his upper lip, then hovers over his lips. Patiently waiting.

"You can either kiss me, or go home and I'll leave you alone for good"