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"Jutsu Name"

"Normal speech"

'Normal thinking'

"Demon Speech"

'Demon thinking'

Chapter 1

Lighting was seen over in the horizon from the view of Kakashi Hatake. He was the Jonin Sensei of Team 7. His team was not a very normal team at all. It was far from it. His Genin were Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, And Naruto Uzumaki. Kakashi was in dire rush to find Sasuke and Naruto. The village was on alert when they found that Sasuke was trying to defect from the village.

'Sasuke...why do you want to leave the village?' Kakashi was tree hoping as fast as he could with one of his Nin dog summons.

"Pakunn! How far are we!?"

"Just a few miles out! I can feel two dark Chakra forces up ahead!" Kakashi nodded and looked back ahead.

'Hang on you two...im on my way!'

2 Miles ahead at the Valley of the End



"I have to do this Naruto! I must have more power to kill my brother and avenge my clan!" Naruto was panting and taking deep breaths.

'Damn...using all of the Kyuubi's Chakra took a lot out of me...at least Sasuke isn't in that freaky curse mark mode thing...'

"Im bringing you back Sasuke! I made a promise to Sakura to bring you back!" Naruto clenched his fists and continued. "You are also the first person I have ever made such a bond with...Im not letting the likes of Orochimaru take you!"

Sasuke chuckled and performed and Chidori as Naruto formed a Rasengan with the last of his Chakra.

"Our bond...IM GOING TO SEVER THAT BOND!" Naruto felt something inside of him snap as he felt Pain, Rage, and hate all at once. Naruto felt burning in his eyes but shook the feeling off and charged at Sasuke.



The two jutsu clashed into each other as the two looked each other in the eyes. Sasuke looked Naruto dead in the eye with his Sharingan and gasped at what he saw. Naruto had lavender colored eyes with 3 rings in them.

'What is that...'

An explosion occurred and sent the two flying from each other. Both we're knocked out cold. Someone was watching the fight and was Chuckling like mad.

"Kkukukku...so the Kyuubi brat has the Rinnegan...He will be a better vessel than Sasuke-kun." Orochimaru walked out of the bushes and walked over to Naruto and placed him over his shoulder. He started walking over to Sasuke but stopped when 3 kunai landed at his feet.

"Orochimaru! Let Naruto go!" Orochimaru looked up and spotted Kakashi with Sasuke on his back.

"Well if it isnt Kakashi...Im afraid I cant do that." Naruto started to wake up and looked around and saw Kakashi.


Orochimaru smirked and looked at Sasuke. "We both know you cant beat me. So lets make a deal. You can have either Naruto-kun here, or Sasuke-kun..." Kakashi growled and began to weight the prices.

'Naruto is my sensei's son...but Sasuke is a better Ninja than him and the council will be pissed if I return without Sasuke...I-Im sorry Naruto...'

"Alright...I will take Sasuke back to the village, you can keep Naruto."

"K-Kakashi-Sensei! Dont leave me with him! You can take him!" Naruto shouted. Kakashi shook his head and turned around. Naruto was able to open his eyes and see Kakashi leaving him.

"Im sorry Naruto...its better this way for the village..."

Again...the same pain he felt when Sasuke and him were fighting.

'The village...The village. THAT FUCKING VILLAGE!'

Kakashi soon left with Sasuke. "Kkukukkuk, come Naruto-kun! you have much to learn..."

Naruto only slumped his head down in defeat. 'All the things of done for this village...Beating Mizuki, Saving wave from Gato, and beating Gaara! FUCK THIS VILLAGE! NO ONE EVER CARED TO SAVE ME! SASUKE THIS, SASUKE THAT! ITS ALL ABOUT HIM HIM HIM!'

Orochimaru was traveling at a incredible pace to which Naruto could only see green and brown blurs. 'Maybe I should stay and let Orochimaru teach me his techniques...yeah...Ill let him train me to the point where im strong enough to kill everyone in that fucking hellhole of a village! Then everyone will know my name and fear me!'

Konoha general hospital

"Mission accomplished Hokage-Sama. Sasuke Uchiha has been retreaved and is currently being healed in the other room." Kakashi said. Tsunade nodded but noticed something was off.

"Kakashi, where is Naruto? He should be here kicking in the door and demand to see Sasuke." Kakashi felt sadden at what he remembered from his mission and gulped. He knew about the mother/son relationship she and Naruto had. That only means EXTREME pain will soon to come.

"W-Well...when I got to the scene, Naruto was able defeat Sasuke but passed out. Orochimaru was watching the whole time from what it seems and he was going to take both Sasuke and Naruto." Kakashi stopped and took a quick breath before continuing.

"I was able to grab Sasuke before he could but he wanted to make a deal. He was willing to trade Naruto for Sasuke or he keeps Naruto and I keep Sasuke..." Before He could usher another word, Tsunade sent a Chakra infused punch into his stomach. He was on the floor in seconds choking on spit and a small amount of blood.

"YOU DID WHAT!? HOW COULD YOU TRADE NARUTO FOR SASUKE LIKE THAT!? WHY DID YOU NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO COME HELP YOU!" Kakashi felt more and more worse as Tsunade continued to scold him.

"Im sending another team out to look for Naruto. You will stay here and watch the brat." She said pointing to the room where Sasuke was in. Kakashi sighed and nodded.

'I truly am sorry Naruto...please come back safe.'

Tsunade's office

"Hokage-Sama! The team you have sent for is here but Sakura Haruno has not shown. Should I bring her here too?" Asked a Cat masked Anbu.

"No that is alright...I already know where she is." Tsunade said with a disgusted look on her face. Right now She knew that Sakura was at the hospital watching her precious Sasuke-kun sleep.

The door opened to show three people enter.

"Is it true Tsunade-hime? Naruto was captured?" Asked a fearful Jiraiya. The other two looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"The little Gaki was captured huh? Was it Suna again?" Asked Anko. Tsunade shook her head no and looked over to the other woman next to her. The woman was Anko's long time friend Kurenai.

"Kurenai, I want you to keep Anko out of trouble on the mission im about to give to you." Kurenai nodded. Tsunade locked her fingers together and rested her head on them.

"When the Uchiha was trying to escape the village, I sent Naruto along with a few other Genin to bring Sasuke back. He and Sasuke fought each other but in the end Naruto won...and lost." Her eyes started to water but fought them back.

"Orochimaru was watching the whole time and decided he was going to take them both with him. Kakashi was able to stop him from taking Sasuke...but not Naruto..."

Jiraiya was pissed beyond pissed while Anko narrowed her eyes. "Even after the exams, Orochi-teme still is causing trouble for us all!" Tsunade looked up and slammed her hands on the desk and pointed at them.

"You three will be the Naruto retrieval team! When you look for him, you will come back to the village every two months and report! AM I CLEAR!?" Everyone jumped a little at her yelling and bowed. They all went their own separate ways and began to pack for what seemed to be a very long mission.

In one of Orochimaru's Hidden Bases

"Now Naruto-kun, you will be tra-" He was stopped when he saw Naruto hold his hand up.

"I heard what you said to Kakashi. Im going to train under you...but know this, Once I feel that my training is done, I will go to Konoha and KILL every single person there!" Orochimaru looked at him with a questionable look.

"Why do you wish to do that?" Naruto smirked as he looked up and had the Rinnegan active in his eyes.

"They betrayed me and left me for you. Im going to show them the error in their ways about that fucking Uchiha and show them that he is nothing special at all!" Orochimaru chuckled a dark and twisted laugh and nodded.

"I will help you with your goal...serve me and I will grant you untold power!" Naruto let out a evil grin.


End Chapter!

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