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Chapter 11

We see Naruto and his team walking down a muddy and very wet road. So wet that they had to add Chakra to their feet so stop themselves from falling into the mud. Naruto raised a hand to shield his eyes so he could see the horizon in front of them. Just over the hill was a small rain cloud and some smoke from a fire, most likely a camp fire. The three sped up their paces to reach the camp where they were to meet Mei Termui, the leader of rebellion against Yagura the current Mizukage who was hell bent on killing everyone and anyone with a Bloodline.

"Whew I smell burning bodies up ahead guys." Naruto said as he waved the air away from him.

"I dont smell anything like that." Kurenai said as she tried smell the air.

"My sense of smell is much better than yours, thats why." Naruto replied. As they made it up to the top of the hill, The group looked down to see the burning bodies of what seemed to be 20 or more men and women. Near the burning pile of bodies was a Auburn hair colored woman with a blue battle kimono on.

"Ouch...So thats Mei right?" Anko asked. Naruto nodded and watched with morbid fascination as she continued to light the bodies a flame with her Lava bloodline.

Feeling that someone was watching her, she turned to see Naruto, Anko, and Kurenai standing on the hill. Seeing Naruto she almost fell over. 'T-The yellow flash!?'

Naruto and his team made their way down the hill to speak to Mei about their mission to help her. "What do you Konoha Ninja want from me?" Mei asked never taking her eyes off of Naruto.

"Lady Tsunade sent us here to help you with your rebellion against Yagura." Kurenai said in a polite and respectful tone of voice. Mei nodded but looked at Naruto again.

"How are you alive?" She asked. Naruto raised an eyebrow at her question.

"What do you mean?" Mei grabbed him by his collar.

"YOU are suppose to be dead for 19 years!" She said in a harsh voice. Naruto started laughing before slapping her hand away.

"Im his son Mei-san." Naruto said. Mei started to blush in embarrassment.

"Im so so sorry! I thought this was some trick by the enemy..." She said. Naruto just waved her off.

"Nah its fine. I get mixed up with my father all the time these days." Naruto said with a chuckle.

With Yagura

"The Nine tails is here...bring him to me alive!" Yagura nodded with a blank stare. As he left, the hooded man sat down on a stool and began to think.

'This is going to be even more easy now that the Kyuubi is here. Having the strongest of the tailed beasts would give us a huge advantage...' The hooded man stood up and looked out the window to see a huge explosion in the distance.

"Yagura must already be there... Good."

With Naruto and his team

"ITS YAGURA AND HIS ARMY! FALL BACK!" Shouted Mei as she shot down a Loyalist with a glob of burning hot lava. Naruto stood his ground when he saw Yagura smack away Anko with his staff.

"Pathetic woman..." He said in a calm voice. Naruto ran over to where Anko landed and helped her to her feet.

"He's strong. Real strong." She said through panting breaths. Naruto looked at Yagura and narrowed his eyes at him.

"Naruto Uzumaki! Wielder of the Kyuubi no Kitsune! You're mine!" Yagura shouted before launching a concentrated ball of water at Naruto and Anko.

Naruto jumped out of the way with Anko in his arms. Below them Kurenai was keeping many ninjas in a Genjutsu. If you looked closer, you could see some of them kill themselves while the stronger more experienced Ninja were able to break free.

As the two landed on the ground Naruto stood up and looked at Yagura. "Leave her out of this! Me and you, Demon versus Demon!" He shouted. Anko jabbed him in the arm.

"Im not dying or anything! Let me fight him too!" Naruto shook his head at her.

"I need you to help Kurenai with the others. Yagura is the Mizukage for a reason..." He said as he helped her off the ground. Anko nodded and lept off towards Kurenai to help her.

Turning to Yagura, Naruto was introduced to his fist to his face. Naruto was sent flying back into a boulder a few yards off. Naruto growled before charging back at him. Yagura smirked and swung his staff upward at Naruto. Barely catching it in time, Naruto lifted the staff and started to slam Yagura around like a jackhammer on the ground. After the 3rd slam, Yagura let go of his staff but unfortunately for him, Naruto threw it at him with shocking speed.

Ducking under his staff, Yagura started to make hand signs. "Water release: Water bomb blasts!"

Jumping left and right to dodge the onslaught of water blasts, Naruto shouted "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Soon four clones of Naruto appeared and charged at Yagura with a Rasengan in hand. Yagura sidestepped one clone and grabbed its wrist. He sung the clone back at the other clones, making one of them disperse. One of the clones jumped into the air while another was shot down by a wave of water.

"Earth release: Stone wall launch!" Naruto shouted as a wall of earth sent Naruto even higher in the air than his clone. His clone went for a axe kick but was swatted away by a strong stream of water from Yagura.

Looking up, Yagura saw a sight that shook him to the core. In the air was over 100 Naruto clones with a Rasengan in each hand. "Lets see you stop this! Uzumaki Rasengan Barrage!"

With Mei and the others

'Holy fucking shit...thats a ton of clones!' Mei thought as she ducked under a kunai thrown at her. The person who threw the kunai ran at her but met the sole of her shoe.

Anko broke a man's arm and tossed him over to Mei who slit his throat. "You're telling me! I can hardly form 4 shadow clones! Much less make one of them have a Jutsu!" She said. Mei chuckled and jumped away from a sword strike directed at her.


Everyone turned to see a giant cloud of smoke and dust fly into the air. In the cloud of debris, you can see the shadow of what seemed to be a giant turtle. "W-What is that thing?" Kurenai asked in shock. Mei started to shake in fear.

"Yagura let his beast free..."

With Naruto

"Hold still! Kurama, tell your vessel to stop moving! I want to free you!" Naruto started to tire from the constant dodging of Isobu's attacks. Naruto activated his Rinnegan when he realized he wouldn't be able to stop him with his own power.

"You have the old mans eye eh!? No matter, im sure you dont even know how to use them fully yet anyhow! AAAHAHAHAHA" Naruto narrowed his eyes and lifted his hand.

"Almighty push!" The giant three tailed Turtle chuckled when the force hit him.

"Really? That felt like a cool breeze!" It said as it rolled into a ball and started to spin.

"Oh shit..." Naruto said as he saw The Isobu roll at him like a downhill boulder. When the two met, there was a giant shock wave across the entire battle field. Naruto was starting to see red as he struggled against the giant mass of demonic Turtle shell.

'N-Not now Kurama! I dont need your power for this guy, you just rest some more!' He shouted in his mind.

"Damn it Naruto! FINE! But when you're done testing yourself, look Turtle face in the eyes with your Rinnegan!" Kurama shouted back.


"You'll see kid.." was all Naruto got back before Kurama cut the connection. Naruto started to push back with his legs as he fought against the extreme force of pressure from Isobu. He pulled one hand back and formed a Rasengan. Shoving it into the giant shell, He started to feel the pressure ease up a little bit. The Isobu started to spin even faster as he felt Naruto push him back.

"You're not going to win brat! No one can beat a Tailed beast!" Naruto grunted as he reached for a Kunai. When he got it, he threw it over to the side before flashing away in a Red light. The Isobu slammed into the hillside near them.

"Huh? Where did you go brat?"

"Yup here!" The giant three tailed Turtle looked up to see Naruto holding a Three pronged Kunai. Before Either of them could say another word, They both started screaming in massive pain.

Naruto fell over on his side and held his stomach. 'K-Kurama!? Whats happening to the seal!?'

"Just hang on Naruto! Im about to get a new roommate!"

As Naruto looked back at Yagura, He could see him start to glow blue. Within a few minutes, Naruto could see the Isobu being pulled out of Yagura and being dragged over to his stomach. Naruto started to freak out when his stomach started to glow blue.

Feeling the pain stop, Naruto slowly made his way to his feet. "Huh!? I-Im inside the brat!?" Shouted a voice. Naruto spun around but saw no one in sight.

'Where is he?' Naruto thought as he started to walk slowly. "Congrats Naruto! You now have two Tailed beasts sealed in you!" Kurama said before chuckling at the look on Naruto's face.


Inside Naruto's Mindscape.

"So what you two are telling me is that I can seal the other 7 inside of me without killing the last host?" Naruto asked as he watched The Isobu. The two Beasts nodded.

"Yeah. Before the old man died, he told us that there was someone that would replace him as the Sage. That the new person would also save the world from destruction." Kurama said as he rested his head down on his massive paws.

Hearing this, Naruto gave them a sceptical look. "Oh really? So thats the reason I can steal Bijuu from others?" He asked as he put a hand on his chin. The two nodded as The Isobu moved closer to Naruto.

"I've got to admit it brat. You are pretty strong for someone who can fight against a tailed beast and last that long."

Naruto chuckled before starting to fade. "Ill try to take that as a complement but in the mean time, im going to get some rest! Even in here I can feel sleepy ya know!"

Outside of the mindscape

While Naruto was in his mindscape speaking with his new tenant, Anko and Kurenai had just finished taking out the last of the enemy Ninja near him. As the two started to catch their breaths, Mei landed right next to them. When she did she looked over to Naruto who had his head down and his eyes closed in deep thought.

"Whats with Naruto?" Mei asked. Kurenai shrugged.

"He's talking to someone right now. Im not allowed to say who but he might tell you when he is done." Anko said as she put away her Kunai.


"Ah shit not again!" Anko said as she chuckled a bit. Kurenai was starting to panic a bit while glaring at Anko.

"How can you be laughing at him! He just fainted damn it!" Anko only placed a hand on Kurenai's shoulder while shaking her head.

"He does that when he runs out of Chakra or he is just to sleepy. Now help me get him up! We need to head back to Mei's camp." Anko said. Kurenai was about to say something back but stopped when she heard 'Help me get him up'.

"Sure!" Kurenai said as she grabbed his shoulders.

With Tsunade


The buxom Hokage looked up to see a sweating Jiraiya with his hair in mangles. "Tsunade! The Kazekage's sister has been captured!"

End Chapter

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