Lemony drabble. Be warned. I mean it. Seriously lemony. (Written in a rare moment of frustration and annoyance with the powers that be, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.) Oh, and did I mention - watch out for those lemons.

Hermione looked down as Lucius undid his package. 'Oh, that's what I've longed for,' she moaned. 'That's a sight for sore eyes!'

'Is that what you wanted?' he smirked.

'What I've dreamed of, Lucius! They're so smooth and firm. I just want to lick them!'

'Beware. You may get more than you bargained for,' he crooned, reaching down and revealing them fully. 'I've heard they contain quite a bite.' Lucius carefully eased them out of their casing.

'Well, I'm ready to find out!'

She came closer, her eyes widening gleefully as she saw the two round objects close up.

'Have you washed them already?' Hermione asked. 'They look very clean.'

'Yes, just for you. I always make sure I'm well prepared. Look at you, you hungry girl. You're biting your lip in anticipation. Go on. Hold them.'

Hermione grinned, reached down and took hold of the small spheres, cupping them gently in her hands. 'Ooh, they're making my mouth water just looking at them,' she crooned. 'And as for this!' She gasped as she saw the long, hard shaft rising up between them. 'I can't wait to get my lips around that!'

'Well, it's not only about how you use them, presentation is important too, getting it right from the start. These are the finest available - they're worth going to some trouble with appearance.'

'I can tell you've prepared them really well - washed and scrubbed, and all the furry bits are gone from the base. Believe me, together it's a mouth-watering combination.'

'I agree. Most people just focus on the long shaft on its own, but one mustn't forget the accompaniment.'

'Oh, I know,' she smiled. 'Enjoying it all together is such a satisfying experience.'

And so, after careful preparation, Hermione sat down, juices flowing from her in anticipation, and voraciously devoured Lucius' dish of lemons and asparagus.

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