This is set after Quinn graduates college, baby gate never happened and Quinn and Rachel have never met. Rachel is a broadway star currently in a production of Wicked. I hope you enjoy this and please feel free to review, it helps me stay motivated and grow as a writer to provide you with even better stories and chapters down the line!

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Quinn awoke to the sound of her alarm blaring, and for a moment she was disoriented. All she remembered before she woke up was a flash of smoke and the color green. She shrugged it off as anxiety over the internship she was going to be starting that day. Swinging blindly at her alarm, she bargained that just a few more minutes of rest couldn't possibly make her too late when suddenly- WHAM! Something soft slammed against her head.

"Q, I swear to God if you don't shut that damn alarm off I am going to go all Lima Heights Adjacent on your ass! I swear its bad enough that you stay up half the night with your 'homework' now you are interfeering with my beauty sleep! No way!" Her roommate screeched. Upon graduating from Yale as valedictorian with a major in theater, Quinn found herself poor and homeless. But misery loved company, and when she discovered that Santana, her highschool best friend, was also poor and homeless they pooled their savings and got a tiny apartment in New York.

"Mrph" was all the usually eloquent Quinn could come up with as she threw back the covers, shut off her alarm, chucked the pillow back at the lump that was Santana, and prepared to start her day. It was going to be a long one. An alumni from Yale had hooked her up with an internship on Broadway, as in THE Broadway as an Assistant Stage Manager in the newest production; Wicked. It was one of Quinn's favorite shows and she could hardly contain her excitement when she had found out. Graduating from an ivy league had it's perks!

45 minutes later the blonde was gathering her purse and checking that she had all of her essential items while her roommate just barely made her way over to the breakfast bar. "Nice hair" Quinn chuckled. Santana's dark hair resembled a bad afro wig that kids would wear on halloween.

"Jealous much Q?" Santana shot back.

"Of you? Ha. How do I look for my first day?" Quinn asked giving a quick twirl.

"Like carer girl barbie."

"Since when do you know what a barbie looks like?" Quinn dodged the slipper that came hurtling her way. "Jesus, your going to break something one of these days. Try not to make too much of a mess today, I vaccumed this weekend!"

"I have great aim once I getz my coffee on. But some bitch took all of it this morning!" Santana grumbled casting Quinn her death glare after discovering the empty pot. "Nobody messes with my morning coffee."

"Bye, love you too S!" The Latina certainly was a handful, but she was always there for Quinn, even when the blonde probably didn't deserve to have such a good friend.

One uneventful subway trip later, and Quinn was finally at the theater. She joined the small group of people pushing their way inside. The preparation for the show had already been underway for a couple months before Quinn joined so for these people the day was routine. She was supposed to meet with her new boss, Tina, for the first time today and had no clue what the woman looked like so she began asking around. Finally she was directed to a small room that, from the outside, resembled a janitors closet but there seemed to be over twenty people crammed inside. Hesitantly she pushed her way in and was immediately overtaken by a short Asian woman dressed in all black.

"You must be Quinn!" the woman said excitedly pulling her into a quick hug, "My name is Tina, I am the main stage manager for this production, it's great to have you aboard!"

The blonde was completely overwhelmed by the closeness of the people and the noise reverberating and echoing in the tiny space, her mind went blank and even she couldn't believe the first question that tumbled out of her mouth, "I'm sorry but how old are you?" Quinn asked, claustraphobia was starting to set in and she lost all of her normally extensive vocabulary and poise. All that she could register was how the pungent scent of perfume that assaulted her nostrils and how young Tina seemed to be.

"I just turned 27." Tina replied laughing, "I graduated early and have been working here ever since. This is the second show that I have been the main stage manager for. My first was Funny Girl. We have a lot of the same staff and the same leading lady, but not to worry, we love new blood!" The fact that Tina had just refeered to Quinn as 'new blood' and looked a little bit like a vampire did nothing to still her churning stomach. All the blonde could manage was a small nod and smile. "Here are your head set, pager, and clipboard." she said handing the items to Quinn.

"Pager?" Quinn asked dubiously, snapping the archaic device to her waist.

"I know, it's old school, but it works! These things will be your life on this set so don't lose them and keep your pager on you at all times, even when you aren't here. I have been dragged from my bed more times than I can count by a melt down on set during late night rehearsals, a diva actress needing something, just about anything!" Tina said ushering Quinn out of the closet at last. "Over the radio you will be called Q, we all have short hand names so that we can get to each other quicker, I'm Stage Man. Everyone on the crew has a headset and can hear everything you say so be careful, channel two is just for stage managers so if theres an issue tell us on that one, otherwise use the pager! I already loaded everyone's numbers on there so you should be good to go!"

Quinn tried to absorb all the information that was being thrown at her, "Ok thank you Tina! I look forward to working with you."

"Great, so your first order of business is to go talk to our head of lighting, apparently there is some crisis with the spots, their storage room is on the other side of the stage, the paper on the top of your clip board is a schedule for the day and underneath that is a map of the whole building." Quinn nodded and turned to go. "oh, one last thing." Tina called out, "here we dress a bit more casual, more jeans and tees less… career girl barbie."

"Ok thanks" Quinn replied blushing and dropping her eyes to the map on her clipboard. The lighting store room was all the way on the other side of the building and the fastest way was across the stage, flipping back to the schedule she saw main stage rehearsal did not start for another half hour so she figured it would be safe to cross that way. She started off quickly striding with purpose to try to fit in with all of the other people scurrying about. Everyone here seems to be in a hurry all the time, she thought, flipping through the other papers on her clipboard. There were lists of props, contact information for the whole crew, blue prints for parts of the set and even- OMPH!

Something warm and stiff collided with her stomach sending her toppling over onto whatever it is she had walked into, note to self don't read and walk at the same time Quinn thought, trying to push herself up but only coming face to face with the thing- person- she had fallen on, and she was gorgeous. The woman's dark hair framed her face perfectly, highlighting her dreamy eyes and impossibly lush lips. The woman's chest heaved slightly- Quinn was laying on her after all- as she pulled those lush lips into a smirk and purred up to Quinn, "I you had wanted to get on top of me all you had to do was ask."

"I, I was just- I'm sorry…" Quinn stammered surpassing pink and blushing a deep red that reached her ears. Snapping to her senses she firmly pushed down the skirt that had risen up her thighs when she fell to give the woman a revealing view of her toned legs, she somehow managed to disentangle herself from the beautiful brunette below her, and struggled to her feet.

"Can I get a hand up?" the woman asked from the ground where she was still sprawled.

"Oh sure, no problem," Quinn obliged, reaching down and pulling up the mysterious beauty.

Standing, the brunette was even more enamouring. Just a couple inches shorter than Quinn, she was wearing a simple form fitting black v-neck and skinny jeans, along with that annoyingly beautiful smirk. "Usually, it takes a couple dates and at least one dinner for anyone to get me in that position." She said, still poking fun at Quinn for her screw up. "My name is Rachel, Rachel Berry." the woman- Rachel- held her hand out for Quinn to shake. An oddly formal gesture given the position they had just been in, but she took the soft hand nonetheless.

"Quinn, Quinn Fabray."

"Are you new here Quinn? I make it a point to get to know everyone that works on the shows but I don't think I have ever met you before. And trust me, I would have remembered your face. Plus only a newbie would have her face so deeply buried in a clipboard to not see where she was walking."

The blush that had been fading since Rachel's first remark returned with full force, this woman is openly flirting with me! Quinn could hardly contain herself, her pulse raced. "Yes I just started, I'm an ASM. And from my experience people don't fall over from being walked into." She regained some composure and was able to banter with Rachel.

"I should have guessed you were and ASM from that clipboard, Tina is notorious for making her ASMs carry around encyclopedias." Rachel reached over and brushed the manicured hand holding the accused clipboard, eliciting goosebumps on the blonde's forearm. "And in my experience, people are much more suceptible to being knocked over when they are stretching." She shot back and reached over to touch her toes, resuming the stretch she had been doing just before being tackled. Quinn couldn't help but look as Rachel's skinny jeans hugged her curves in all the right places, "Like what you see?" Rachel smirked, delighting in the blush that again overtook the blonde's face when she realized she had been caught staring.

"Rachel! If you keep harassing my interns I'll make you be an ASM!" Tina yelled heading in the opposite direction but not missing the scene playing out before everyone on center stage, "Quinn lighting, yeah?"

"Right sorry Tina!" Quinn said snapping out of her daze.

"Good luck new girl." The brunette said, her voice dripping with a sweetness Quinn couldn't be sure was sincere or fake.

"Thanks," she managed to whisper and turned to march purposefully towards the lighting storeroom. She didn't' notice the pair of brown eyes following the sway of her hips as she crossed the stage.

"Urgh, that was insane." Quinn groaned as she fell onto her couch hours later after leaving the theater.

"Watcha making for dinner working girl? I gots to gets my grub on!" Santana called from the bathroom where she was touching up her eyebrows.

"Big heaping dish of get off your lazy ass and get it yourself." she had spent all day at work putting out fires, both figuratively and literally once she arrived at the storeroom. -"I heard there was a problem with the spots?" Quinn asked the man who seemed to be in charge. "Yeah, they keep overheating" he told her. "Well they are lights, aren't they supposed to get hot when they are on?" "Not this hot." "How bad could it possibly be?" "Plug 'em in and show her boys." "See it's not that bad- HOLY SHIT WHERE'S THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER?"- So she was a bit on edge to say the least. Not to mention, every time she passed the stage she could not help but stare at Rachel and even noticed Rachel staring at her a few times! The only difference being that when the brunette was caught she would smirk and wink at Quinn whereas if the blonde were caught staring she would advert her eyes immediately and blush.

She spent most of the day with her face some shade of pink.

"But Quinnnnnn…" Santana whined coming to flop down on the couch and throw her legs across the blonde's lap "You always make dinner, unless you want me to survive off PB and J and burnt water you have to help me out. Why do you think I keep you around Q?"

"Here I thought it was for my devastatingly good looks and charming personality. There is no way I am moving for at least 2 hours. Today I tackled a stranger, almost got lit on fire by a crazy oaf, tripped off the stage into the orchastra pit, broke my heel in the cats, and got paint splashed on my favorite skirt. I'm done"

"Wait back up, tackled a stranger?" Santana asked, fixating on the most embarrassing part of Quinn's day.

"Yeah, it think it was one of the dancers, she was just stretching in the middle of the stage- where people walk by the way- and I sort of ran into her. But then she just started flirting with me! I don't know who she thinks she is-"

Santana inturpeted with what was clearly the two most important questions"Was she hot? And did you flirt back? If the answer is no to the first I don't care about the second!"

"No she wasn't hot," Quinn began blushing again, "well I guess she was kind of attractive. Her hair was so silky, and her eyes S, they were just endless. And no I didn't flirt back!"

"Mhm. Someone's got a crush! What's her name?"

"Rachel Berry."

"Berry!? That is such a stripper name! Quinn; the sarcastic, over educated, HBIC, socially impaired, broke, Yale Grad, Ice Queen, has a massive crush on a stripper! You just made my day Q."

"She is not a stripper!" Quinn said shoving Santana's feet off and storming away to the small bedroom, "And I don't have a massive crush on her!"

"Keep on telling yourself that! One day you will realize you aren't as straight as the pole your girl Berry dances on!"