Sorry it's been so long, I've been so busy!
I woke up the next morning feeling a warmth beside me, holding me tightly against them. I opened my eyes to see a sleeping Jared, breathing in and out slowly. I couldn't help but smile at his unknowingly perfect features. He was perfect for me, and I'll admit it to the world. Everything about him is pure perfection, all the way down to his heart beat. Everything I loved about him was below his flesh, it was his soul. I could feel myself lift my arm from the warmth and slowly caress his cheek, feeling the stubble glide across my soft hand. I smiled to myself thinking about how I managed to find him in this world, this hell hole. I closed my eyes for a second, breathing in his precious masculine scent that I adored trying to left myself drift back into sleep, it was still early. I know I shouldn't get up an wake Jamie up, surely it was around Sunday. It's hard anymore to keep track of time. So before you know it,time flies. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on something relaxing, something surround. It wasn't long until I was sleeping once again, peacefully. I felt someone gently nudge me a little bit on my right arm. I tried to stay asleep until I heard Jamie walk into the room.
"Is she still asleep?"
He asked as I heard his voice get closer and closer to the bed. I sighed as I opened my eyes to see my brothers face level to mine. I could see him jump back a little with a slight gasp. From the corner I could hear Jared slightly chuckle, he found this all amusing. I smiled as I rolled out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom. When I went back into the living room I seen Jared making breakfast, and it smelled delicious. My two feet walked over to him before I even told myself I wanted to go to him. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head against his back. I could feel his back slightly go in and out due to his gentle breathing. It wasn't long until he turned to face me, taking my arms into his. It's hard not to drift away with him all the time, everything about him is so relaxing.
"Would you two hurry up I'm starving."
We heard Jamie whine as we both began to laugh a little.
"Good morning."
He said while he kissed my forehead not letting his grip ease around my waist.
"Gooood morniiing."
I said, making my vowels sound a little whiny. I could hear him begin to laugh as I released my grip and moved to sit beside my little brother. I giggled as I ruffled his hair, earning a groan from him. It wasn't long until Jared walked in with our breakfast, a smile plastered on his face. He's always so happy, it's hard to think he could ever be mean. He sat down beside me and we all began to it. It wasn't long until we heard a clap of thunder and rain begin to ping on the windows. I sighed as Jamie took everything out to the kitchen for us, we would be saying inside today. I groaned,until I heard Jamie calling our names. We both got up and walked over to him, trying to figure out what he needed. He was standing there infront of a little black box, it was an old tv.
"Can I turn it on?"
He asked as I looked to Jared, he nodded. Jamie clicked the button, only to see people in black and white. I gasped, I haven't seen a tv in so long. Jared's hands were placed on my shoulders, pulling me into him. I slightly relaxed as I let my body ease into his. Sure, watching tv would be cool but could it make them find us?
"They won't be able to find us? They can't track it right?"
I gasped as I turned and looked at Jared would thought for a second and then smiled.
"Nope, it's too old."
He said as he looked at a happy Jamie. I sighed as I walked back into the living room with Jared, tv wasn't really my thing. When you live without something for long, it's hard to actually miss it. I sat down on the couch with Jared, our arms wrapped around each other comfortably. I didn't need a tv to be content with my life, I just needed Jared.
"You know in happy you wondered into the cave."
He whispered into my ear, sending a mixture of chills and goosebumps down my spine.
"I'm glad you were there. I guess it's a good thing you nearly killed me."
I winked as I began to laugh.
"Standard procedures babe, standard procedures."
He said as he put his arms up in defeat, earning a laugh from me.
I snuggled back into his grip as I heard the rain come down harder on to the old cabin. This was such a relaxing day, and I guess I actually felt safe.
"You know, I remember the first time I started to like you."
He said as he smiled at me.
"And when was that?"
"That time we were walking into the cave and you tripped and basically ran me over. There was blood all over your lip but you were so gorgeous when you walked into the sun. I just wanted to wrap my arms around you and never let go."
He said as I leaned my head into his chest replaying the memory he just described.
" I guess it's good that I'm a klutz right?"
We laughed as he placed a kiss on my cheek, warming the section of skin his lips touched. It was warm out, but there was more heat then the sun contained, between us.
It was a miracle when they walked out into the desert and found us sleeping there. I don't know what we would have done if they wouldn't have. I guess I would have gave myself up to the souls, it was misery to always have to be strong.