Decoding Dr. Reid

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Chapter 1

Amelia threw down her pen in disgust, "this chemistry is killing me!" she thought angrily. "Why on EARTH would I think that high school level chemistry would be similar to university chemistry?! I was crazy to think that I would do well in this simply because I did well in high school. This stupid elective is going bring down my whole average! Why didn't I just take astronomy or rocks-for-jocks like everyone else in Humanities programs? Nooo, I had to be a Miss-smarty-pants and challenge myself."

Sighing and twirling a strand of her straight hair, Amelia considered herself in the mirror. Sometimes it would have been easier to have more beauty than brains she thought, maybe then she wouldn't push herself so hard in school. She considered herself to be pretty with her blue, almond shaped eyes and dark chestnut hair, a gift from her Chinese mother, but not a real knockout.

Amelia let her mind drift back to her education choices and reflected that she had had legitimate reasons for taking the course. She had wanted to take several different courses in order to figure out what area to specialize in for her MA and possibly PhD, since she hadn't quite found her niche when she completed a MA in librarian studies. She knew her passion was history and anthropology and she thought a bit of biology or chemistry would help her out. Belatedly, she realized that biology might have been the better option…even if she did have to dissect something.

It was time for a study break, and Amelia decided that the best way to make the most of the break was to whip up some brownies.

"Hey Melissa, would you like some brownies?" Amelia asked, poking her head into her roommate Melissa's room. The glare of hot pink, sequined decorations made Amelia grimace; her roommate's decorating taste was a high contrast to her own "cottage comfy" tastes.

"Are you making them?" the petite blonde was comfortably sprawled on her hot pink duvet, reading yet another chapter of some French text for her French literature course.

Amelia smiled, her dimples showing, "You know it! I need to de-stress and baking seems to be the best way to do it." She rolled her eyes, "Although, at the rate this chemistry course is going, I'm going to be the size of a house by the time I finish."

Melissa laughed and decided that she was taking Amelia out for a girls' night that weekend. "Give me a sec and I'll come help."

The two girls padded down the short hallway of their apartment towards the small kitchenette that opened into their comfortable living room. It was a routine that the two girls had established in their second year of university in Washington DC, when they had decided to room together after meeting in the university residence. Neither of the girls had been a big fan of the food in the cafeteria. Amelia liked to cook, and Melissa liked to eat, which you wouldn't believe judging from her small, pixie-like figure. A frequent complaint from Amelia was that she always had to really work out to maintain her athletic build, while Melissa could eat like a linebacker in training camp and still look gorgeous. After they had graduated and completed their MAs, Melissa had gotten a job at a small publishing company in nearby Quantico, although she was still taking a couple courses at the university to help her gain a specialty in her work field. Rather than lose her favorite roommate, Amelia had decided to move with her and apply to the local universities so she could continue with her MA in history/anthropology.

Amelia quickly pulled out the stainless steel mixing bowls and ingredients while Melissa headed over to their black second-hand entertainment unit and put on some lively music that they could dance to while baking.

Melissa scrolled through her IPod and picked a lively song by P!nk. She pointed a manicured finger at Amelia, "Girl, you need to get out more. You are going to study yourself into a mental breakdown if you don't loosen up a bit. Why don't we go out for a drink after you finish work on Saturday?"

"I know, but if I don't do well I won't be considered for a scholarship for my PhD, and you know I can't afford to pay for it on my own. My trust fund from the insurance company isn't that big and I need to be careful with it. But a night out does sound good, I'm in." Amelia responded with an exaggerated sigh, this was a common dialogue the two girls had shared over the years. She slipped into quiet thought about how fast her life changed 6 years ago.

Several years ago she had been an average teenager in 11th grade, living with her parents in a 2 storey home in a nice subdivision in Barrie, Ontario. Her older brother Jason, who carried the Asian coloring and features of their mother and the tall, muscular build of their father, had been in his third year of university in Washington D.C. Despite their age difference she really missed him when he was gone; he had always made time to hang out or play a quick round of baseball or hockey depending on the weather. The baseball scholarship had meant a free education, and an opportunity like that wasn't something their parents would let him pass up. Thankfully, they had dual citizenship through their mother who was born in Rochester, New York, which made everything a little easier.

She loved her hometown, the small bustling city right by the lake. Unfortunately, the winters could be quite brutal with heavy snow storms and frigid temperatures. That particular winter her parents were driving home from Toronto, when they were hit by a drunk driver. Their car careened over a patch of black ice, and was then hit by a truck. They never did make it home from the concert. After the accident, Amelia moved in with her parents' best friends, and her godparents. She had no other close family, and wanted to finish high school with some sense of continuity. During her last year, her brother encouraged her to join him down Washington, where he had obtained a job as a political reporter. Amelia decided that was a good plan, applied to several universities in the area, and was accepted. She was glad to have moved to Quantico though, she loved her brother but it was time for her to find her own feet.

Amelia let her naturally sunny attitude come through, and smiled as she decided that the past few years in the USA had been good ones. She had even found a better job; putting her baking, cooking, and excellent people skills to work at a local cafe called, Poppy's. The café sported trendy, reclaimed furniture and a homey atmosphere that caused people to return again and again. It was a great place to work so far, flexible hours, a decent wage (very rare for a student to find), and a really interesting clientele – who frequently left good tips, which was always a plus! Poppy's was a few blocks over from the FBI headquarters, and frequently had agents popping in for endless amounts of coffee. The café was also popular with the local law enforcement and college age crowd. Most importantly, it was also on her bus route, which made getting to and from work a bit easier since Amelia didn't have a car.

The two girls devoured their gooey brownies with sneaky grins while reclining on their comfortable brown leather couch, and then headed back to the solitude of their rooms for more studying.