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"Spencer! I swear to God, if you recite one more fact or piece of trivia again I will kill you...with my bare hands!"

Spencer felt the sweat dripping down his forehead. This was the most unnerving situation he had ever been in in his life. Books didn't prepare you for this, friends' personal accounts didn't prepare you for this-


His panic rising, Spencer felt so anxious that he felt like he might crawl out of his skin, how much more could she endure?

Amelia gave one last push with all her might and finally, a baby's cry could be heard.

"It's a girl!" the doctor said cheerfully as she let Spencer cut the cord, before swaddling the baby up and handing her to Amelia.

Amelia felt so proud now that she was finally able to cuddle her little baby close. An unruly mop of dark brown hair already covered the baby's head, and grey-blue eyes peeped open.

"She's so tiny," Spencer whispered reverently.

"She'll grow," Amelia said absently, she was too enraptured with getting to know her new daughter. "What should we name her?"

"Well, I thought that we could go with Sabina Diane Reid," Spencer ventured.

Amelia gazed lovingly at Spencer, "That's a beautiful name Spence, she honors both of our mothers and will gain their strength and courage."

Spencer leaned down and kissed both of his girls. If Sabina was anything like her mother, he was going to be in for one crazy adventure.

A/N: Thank you so much for joining me on Amelia and Spencer's journey. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. When I first began this story I had envisioned it as a short twenty page story. I had no idea it would transform into a 200 page story, but all of the kind reviews and people continuously following the story kept me going! Who knows, you might see our happy couple pop up in another story sometime.

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