A/N: I'm a sucker for these two being all romantic for the other, so that is where we ended up. Thanks for hanging around with this. Reviews are always lovely, as are all of you that favorited and followed this story.

Jane's shirt rolls back and eager fingers begin kneading her shoulders. Long abandoned are wet shoes, slacks and socks. Jane's hands tangle into honey hair as her hips begin slow, deliberate rolls; warm skin against warm skin. Small gasps emanate from below her. Kisses trail across a warm, wet cheek before taking lips against her own in a sweet kiss. Lips brush across Maura's jaw and begin a downward journey; across her throat until teeth graze her collarbone, each nip of skin soothed by a tender kiss. Jane's hand ghosts over a shoulder and her fingertips may as well leave scorch marks. Maura's senses are teetering on overload as a calloused hand moves with a delicate grace across her breast; gently kneading before warm lips move over her and take her in. Maura's back arches and her hips come forward and Jane lets out a small, surprised gasp against Maura's chest; the air tickling across her nipple, hardening her.

Maura slides a hand down Jane's arm and grips her wrist lightly at the hand settled on her hip.

"I love that you are taking your time but..-"

Jane's head raises slowly as she looks between their bodies, watching her hand be led lower.

"-.. I need you."

"You need m-..?"

Something in Jane's head short-circuits when her fingertips are guide slowly through heat and her question is effectively silenced and answered when Maura raises up and presses her lips against hers, nodding into their kiss. Lowering them back to the bed, Jane lets Maura guide her. Her fingertips move under Maura's; dipping lower and moving across her slickly, creating small circles that break off their kiss as Maura's head falls back at the touch.

Confidence builds slowly for Jane as a coaxing hand leaves her. Her lips press against an barely visible scar at Maura's neck as a finger presses against her entrance. Maura's back arches and her hips rolls forward, pulling her in and then easing away, leaving Jane' touch hot.


Maura's hips roll forward again and she gasps when Jane adds another digit. And for a moment Maura stays frozen in place at the sensation of Jane barely inside her. And she can feel a held breath let go against against her neck as Jane pushes slowly, fully and deeply into her for the first time.

It makes something slot into place in Maura's heart.

Jane's ministration are slow, building steady rhythm, each movement met by a roll of Maura's hips. Shared breaths and the gentle meeting of lips bring the only sounds to the dark room. Closing her eyes, Jane presses her forehead to Maura's collarbone as their movements begin to match quickly; urgently.

It is her name leaving Maura's lips that opens Jane's eyes and allow her to settle on the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. A pleading look locks with Jane before softening and Maura has never felt safer looking into the dark as Jane moves in her, curling and to beckoning her. Her eyes screw shut as a delicious, warm wave sweeps over. Her hips roll hard against Jane's hand a final time and still as Jane's movements slow, guiding her back before withdrawing completely.

Laying gently beside her, Jane gathers Maura into her arms; kissing her brow and temple. A content hum and kiss grace the soft spot below Jane's ear in reciprocation. Propping herself up on an elbow, Jane's eyes glide over Maura until landing on a single, red petal clinging to porcelain skin. Jane's fingers flick over and taking it, she brings it up and taps Maura's nose and is rewarded with a giggle before trailing it over her lips. She tosses it over her shoulder and leans down, taking Maura's lips with her own.

"You're beautiful."

Maura's hands begin a trail through unruly, dark tresses as she steals another sweet kiss.

"And you're a romantic."

Jane smiles and nuzzles her face into the side of Maura's neck, peppering it with light kisses


The faint smell of coffee lingers into the room and Maura's eyes flicker open. She can see the grey skies of fall have given way, and a cold rain trails down against the window of the bedroom. Stretching, her mind begins to wander back to the night before a smile tugs at her lips.

Rising from the bed she makes her way to the bathroom and retrieves a robe. Gone are the remnants of last night in the shower. Running her hand through her hair, Maura catches her reflection in the mirror as she leaves and can't remember of a time when she looked more happy.

As she makes her way to the kitchen she can hear Jane mumble a thanks and the 'clinkclank' of a room service cart. She wraps her arms around Jane's waist as she closes the door, earning her a slight, surprised jump before a strong hand rests atop of hers.

"You're supposed to be in bed. I was gonna bring it to you."

"Breakfast in bed?" Maura kisses a robed shoulder; "I was right in my assumption. You are the romantic."

"Or just hungry." Jane says turning, a smirk gracing her lips.

Maura feigns a pout that Jane remedies with a kiss and they stand for a moment. Jane's arms wrap around Maura's neck and she pulls her gently against her chest and into a hug as they sway lightly in the others embrace.

A knock at the door brings them back from the daze.

"That's Frankie." Jane leaves Maura with a light kiss on top of her head; "I asked him to swing us by some clothes."

Maura smiles as Jane cracks the door. She lifts the cover of a tray and steals a strawberry and takes a bite.

"He's so hungover. Smells like he crawled out of a scotch barrel."

Maura tilts her head sympathetically; "And you made him drive up here?"

Jane waves the comment off as she sets down the duffle bag; "I sent the tux down to the dry cleaners and as amazing as you looked last night in that.." Jane waves her hand in a flourish up and down in front of Maura; "..gettup, in good conscience I couldn't let you leave in that."

"Did you really like that outfit?" Maura muses as she offers Jane her strawberry.

Jane smiles and grips Maura's wrist loosely as she guides the fruit to her mouth; "Oh yeah." she says taking a bite before moving around behind Maura. Sweeping her hair to the side she places a light kiss against her neck.

"I liked it a lot."

"Mmm." Maura hums and her head falls back, resting on Jane's shoulder.

"But you can't wear it tonight."

Maura's eyes open and she turns; "What's tonight?"

"Tonight's dinner." Jane states matter of fact, taking the strawberry from Maura's hand and finishing it off as she walks by back to the cart.

"Like a date?"

Jane nods as she lifts another tray cover and swipes her finger through a dollop of whip cream topped waffles; "Like a date."

Maura bounces up on the balls of her feet, her hands clasping in front of her as she attempts to compose the giddy excitement that flutters up and threatens to burst through her chest.

Jane watches her from the corner of her eye with a smile as she takes her finger into her mouth.

"But.." Jane begins back towards Maura and pulls loose the knot of her robe; "..that's later."

A small gasp escapes and Maura's eyes lock with Jane's as warm hands move over her hips, pulling her close. Maura is sure their lips meet on a cellular level.

"What about breakfast?" she murmurs against smiling lips.

Jane waves off thought as she deepens the kiss and pushes Maura's robe over her shoulders.

"Later." she husks, taking steps forward, her hands at Maura's hips, guiding her back towards the bedroom.

Maura hums in agreement as she pulls at knot of Jane's robe.