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Chapter 9

"Are you sure?" Chyna asked the next morning as she and Olive walked into Webster High together, Olive nodded.

"Yes. Mom said it should work besides if we get the police to catch her in the act, then she'll be arrested for sure!" Olive exclaimed as Chyna nodded.

"Right. And your sure this is what Fletcher wants?" Chyna wondered as the two walked into the A.N.T Farm.

"Well I haven't had the chance to talk to him since yesterday, but I'm sure he'll agree with the plan." Olive said with a smile.

"Speaking of Fletcher." Chyna said as she nudged Olive and pointed over to Fletcher who was painting on a canvas with his back turned.

Olive smiled as she and Chyna split ways. Chyna went over to her music stuff and started to work on her song for the talent show that was tomorrow. Olive walked over to Fletcher and caught a glimpse of what he was painting. He was painting a picture of him, Olive, and Chyna and the three of them were sitting on top of a row of school lockers. Chyna was in the middle, she was holding her violin. Olive was on the right and she had a pile of books in front of her. Fletcher was on the left of Chyna with his legs crossed and his art supplies behind him. Olive had to smile at the picture.

"Hey Fletcher." Olive said making Fletcher jump, fall forward almost hitting the painting. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you!" Olive exclaimed instantly.

"It's okay, it was an accident." Fletcher said as he straightened his painting.

"I'm surprised your mom let you come to school, but I'm really glad your okay!" Olive said as she wrapped her arms around Fletcher.

"Yeah me too but my mom did not let me get away clean." Fletcher said as he put his paint brush down.

"What do you mean?" Olive asked as Fletcher turned around, she looked at him. "And why do you have sunglasses on in a building?" Olive wondered.

"Um, my mom." Fletcher said as he took the sunglasses off, Olive gasped, his left eye was completely bruised.

"She did this!?" Olive asked as Fletcher nodded. "Why I otta - !" Olive began with anger.

Before either of them knew what was going on Fletcher grabbed Olive by the shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. They stood like that for a few minuets and all their problems seemed to fade away. Nothing mattered to them but each other and when they pulled away they stood there in silence until Chyna came over with full excitement. She saw them kiss and felt so happy for them, she pulled them into a group hug and told them how cute they were together. Olive and Fletcher laughed as Chyna skipped away and went back to her music, she was almost done with her song.

"So um, me and mom have this plan to expose your mom to the cops." Olive said as few minuets of awkward silence.

"Really, what is it?" Fletcher wondered with happiness, he wanted all of this abuse to end.

"Well I was wondering if you could come over tomorrow for a dinner party with my family?" Olive asked with a smile.

"Um, I guess but my mom won't be too happy about it, I could try to get her to come, but she's really good at hiding things." Fletcher explained.

"I know." Olive said with a smile.

"Than how will having a dinner party help our situation?" Fletcher asked with interest.

"Remember the time when you and Chyna along with Angus threw me and Graham the worst dinner party ever?" Olive asked as she laughed.

"Yes." Fletcher said with a laugh as well.

"Well I think it's time we through you and your mom one." Olive said with a smile.

"I'm in!" Fletcher exclaimed as he and Olive shook hands.

For once something sounded fun in Fletcher's life. Tricking his mom into coming all out was about the best thing he could do and he was glad Olive and Chyna's families were going to be there. Specially since Chyna's dad was a cop. No matter the couple went over to Chyna and the three began to plan their second worst dinner party ever. The bell rang for their next class and Fletcher was about to walk out of the A.N.T Farm behind Chyna and Olive when Lexi came running by shoving a pie into his face. Olive and Chyna laughed and Fletcher growled as Lexi's laugh could be down the hall.

"You know I'm getting real sick of Reed!" Fletcher exclaimed as he wiped cream off his eyes and flung it to the side.

"Hey! Watch where your throwing that!" Angus called as Fletcher turned and saw that the cream had landed on Angus's face, he laughed.

"Well at least it now completes your dead pale look!" Fletcher called, he and Chyna high-fived and laughed along with Olive.

"Grrr..." Angus growled as he walked by the trio, all three just started to laugh once more at the look on Angus's face.

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