Angelica had been dating Seth for many years

She loved him deeply

But lately

The passion between Seth and Angelica fade

Angelica went to go Seth before his match on raw

She was wearing Pink V neck shirt with puffy black shirt

Angelica had black heels

Seth was stretching with his best friend Roman

As Angelica walk to them

Roman couldn't help to be drawn her

He knew that was his best friend girl

She was off limits

Angelica smiled at Roman

But her eyes were on Seth

Seth kiss on her cheek

Angelica : I didn't want to interrupt you but I want to see you before you come go

Seth : It's okay

Angelica kiss Seth on lips gently before leave

As she walk away

Roman : Let's go man

Seth went with Roman to go make their entrance

Sierra - Hotel - India - Echo - Lima - Delta

Their match went perfect

Roman did his spear

Seth did his finisher

As the referee raise his hand

Roman look a head

Angelica was clapping

Roman realize Angelica was using Black push bra

He could see threw her shirt

They head backstage

Seth went to get change

Roman took his vest off

Seth : Are you alright ?

Roman : Yeah

Seth head out as he was going to meet Angelica

Roman head out a few mins later

He was going to wait for Dean

Roman hear Nikki talking as he was listing to music

Brie : Seth and Angelica are cute together

Nikki: They are but i wonder is he keeping her satisfy

Brie shook her head

Nikki : her body is asking for sex

Brie : Nikki

Nikki: Come on

Brie gave her a serious look

Roman had a smirk on his face

Nikki : If I was her I would have one night stand with ( she look at Roman )

Brie :That's seth best friend

Dean catch up to Roman

To his surprised Seth was in parking alot with Angelica

Seth : Angelica Dean needs me

Angelica : But tonight was suppose to me special

Seth : Tomorrow i promise

Angelica : Fine ( rolled his eyes )

Seth: Go with Roman

Roman : Where are we going ?

Seth : Take Angelica back to the apartment

Roman : Okay

Angelica got in the car with Roman

She was quiet

Roman drove without saying anything

Angelica seem upset

As he was driving

Roman would glance at Angelica

Angelica saw him looking at her legs

Roman : Are you okay?

Angelica : No ( she ran hand threw hair)

Roman : Seth loves you

Angelica : I know

As they arrived in Seth & Roman apartment

Roman follow Angelica

She drop the keys and try to pick them off ground

Roman bumped into them

She was wearing a lace bikini

Roman saw a glance off them

Angelica mumble great just what i need

Roman keep his distance

Angelica open the door

Roman : Do you want to watch some tv?

Angelica : Sure

Roman but on a horror movie

Angelica : Roman no

Roman : You don't like scary movies

Angelica : No I'm a scaring cat

Roman : It's fine .. The movie is The Orphan not that scary

Angelica look at him

Roman : trust me

Angelica look at him

She stood up and went to grab some beers

Roman : Thanks

Angelica : you welcome ( she drank from her beer)

Roman : Slow down

Angelica : It's not my fault you can keep with me

Roman : You're half my sides

Angelica: It's not my fault you're a giant

Roman laughed

As They watch the movie

Angelica realize the moved was not scary

It was good movie

Roman and Angelica kept drinking beers

Angelica was now sitting closed to Roman

As the sex scene came on

The parent having sex in the kitchen

Angelica mumble Luckily girl

Roman had a smiled on his face

Angelica drank from her second beer

As the little girl walk into her adoptive parents having sex

Roman : Oh no

Angelica : How traumatizing

Roman : That went south quickly

Angelica : Doesn't everything

Roman : Why do you say that?

Angelica : Relationship are beautiful but complicated

Roman look at her

Angelina : But it's suck when the passion fades

Roman : Have you try telling Seth that?

Angelica : I did and he promise tonight was going to be special

Roman : He went with Dean

Angelica : Yes ( rolled her eyes)

Roman : Sorry

Angelica : Why are you single?

Roman : I'm a busy guy

Angelica look at his lips

Roman wonder if he was reading the signs she was giving wrong

Angelica went to kiss him

Instead of pulling away

Roman kissed her back passionately

His hands were going down on her waist

As Angelica hands were on his face

Roman put on his lap

Angelica pulled away

Roman took her shirt off

She knew it was wrong

But at that moment

It didn't matter

She took Roman shirt off

Angelica took his chest

Before kissing him again

Roman hands were on her lower back

He unhook her bra

Angelica saw in the counter off her eye as

He toss her bra

Roman hands went to boobs

As he kissed her collar bone

Angelica moan

Roman : Their better then i thought they were

Angelina bite her lips

As Roman was massaging her breast

His hands so big

First gently and now more rough each time

Angelina was getting turn on

Roman felt as unbutton his belt

Angelina : I want you now

Roman chuckled a little

Angelica kiss Roman this time with tongue

Roman pick her up and laid on the sofa

His blue dark jeans pants went to the floor

As Angelica took her skirt off

Roman got top her

She look at as he took her panties off

With his mouth while keeping eye contact

Roman quickly kiss her neck and nibble on them

His hand was between her leg

He touch her clit with his thumb

Angelica whisper harder

Roman listen

His fingers were not touching her inner lips

He smiled at her as she was extremely wet

Angelica : Roman stop being a tease

Roman : be patient

As was loving his touch

Roman pick her up from sofa

Angelica loved how powerful he was

Roman placed on the ground gently

Angelica went all fours

Roman look at her as she was not being shy what she want

Angelica felt Roman behind her

She moved her hips back to touch his penis

Roman grab his penis and tease her

He slowly pass his thick penis around her lips and clit

Making Angelica more impatient

He wanted Angelica to begged him

But Roman impatience took over

Without a Warming

Roman inserted himself inside of her

Angelica arch her back

She whimper

Roman didn't moved

Angelina : Roman please don't stop

Roman was going in and out her

Each time harder

His hands were on her waist

Angelina was loving it

Her right hand touch breast and left hand on her clit

Roman took her hand off her breast

Angelina whined

Roman smiled as he pinch her right boob and massage the left

As Angelica moaned

Roman : you're a masochist

Angelica: Don't you loved it

Roman smiled as now start to smack her butt hard

Harder each time

Leaving marks

Angelica didn't know what took over

She want to see what Roman had to offer

As Roman pulled her hair

Angelica look Roman with a mischievous look

That soon fade

Angelica start to squirt

Roman keeping pounding in Angelica

As Angelica didn't make a sound

She was heaven

Roman came inside of her

He let a loud grunt

Roman laid on the ground

Angelica mumble thank you

Roman didn't respond

Angelica got up and pick her clothes off

Roman : Don't worried this between you and i

Angelina walk to her room

She felt so good until pictures of her and Seth together

She felt guilty

Angelica took a quick shower

She laid on her bed

Angelica felt sleep

She was deep sleep

Until She felt hard hands on her abs

Angelica smiled

Seth kiss on the cheek

Angelica : Seth we need to talk

Seth look at her

Angelica : I have to tell you something