She had the most beautiful, innocent smile. Her eyes so full of life, and her skin glowing with radiance. Elena was the girl who every other girl hated, and every guy fantasized over... including Damon, only she was his. Willing or not, Damon could no longer just dream about her, and it was time to make a move. He had been stalking her for weeks everywhere she went, and listened in on every little conversation and phone call. When she fell asleep at night (which she tried oh-so hard to delay every night due to the recurring "nightmares" Damon had been inflicting on her - every one giving her just a glimpse of her future fate), Damon would sneak in her room and stare at her as she whimpered and fluttered her long lashes in her sleep. He couldn't help but smirk, proud to be the one to cause helpless reactions out of her even in her dreams. Little did Elena know, she caused her own reactions out of Damon. Scanning through her texts every night, it took every ounce of self-control for Damon to not yank Elena up by her hair, kidnap her, and tie her up in his basement where he would whip her raw and bloody for even texting other guys!

Oh, how his little human princess-pet would soon learn. Soon she wouldn't dare even think of another guy, and she will love him as much as he loves her.

Elena had just gotten out of cheer practice, her hair washed and waved, fresh makeup, wearing those short-shorts that showed too much skin for her own good, and a flattering black tank top. Staring from a distance, Damon couldn't decide if he preferred her in white, for her innocence, or black, for her underlying dark desires that he would soon force her to face.

Elena was walking home - oh, silly little girl - while talking on her phone with her aunt, reassuring her she would lock up the house after she got home. Her aunt was working overtime, and looks like her internal gut feeling was right. Damon stifled a chuckle.

Although Elena had a sudden rush of chills and fear course through her veins, like most humans do when being approached by a vampire, she kept walking at the same pace, glancing around casually as she ended her call with her aunt.

Every minute was torture, for both Damon and Elena. Time was so cruel.

Taking a deep breath, Elena turned onto her street, relief in her pretty face as she saw her house from a few blocks away. She picked up her speed, something telling her to run, but she didn't, and dug in her purse to pull out her keys as she made it to her front door. As soon as the key went in, she was suddenly being shoved inside as the door slammed shut then "clicked". It all happened so fast, she didn't even have time to scream, let alone make sense of the gorgeous, yet freakishly pale, dark-haired guy with pale blue eyes staring back at her with a slight smirk on his face. Arms crossed, leaning against the door, he straightened up and slowly approached her. Everything about his oddly calm aurora screamed danger.

"Who the hell are you?!" Elena tried to raise her voice, but a weak and fragile voice came out instead. She backed up slowly as he kept stepping closer and closer. Damon's pupils immediately dilated as soon as he inhaled her; she smelled like sweet, pure innocence, fear, and adrenaline all laced into one. As he reached out to slide his hand around her neck and push her against the wall, Elena's natural instincts came back - and she ran. She ran so fast her sides were burning - up the stairs, and into the first room she reached. She locked the guest bedroom door, and looked around frantically - anything but under the bed! The movie, Taken came to mind and she could feel her heart racing with panic.

"No!" she whispered to herself, tears pouring. "This isn't real... no, no, no..." she mentally begged - God..anyone - and pulled open the closet door and crammed herself inside, covering herself with the linen and blankets that were on the bottom shelf.

"Elena, princess! Oh, you are very cute, I must say. But this isn't going to work. You are only making this harder on yourself." Damon chuckled sadistically as he opened the bedroom door. It was all too easy. Predator against prey. "Fine. Keep being a stubborn little kitty. I have no problem adding more minutes to your punishment." His voice was intriguing and sexy, and far too close for comfort.

Biting on her lip, face buried in her knees, Elena concentrated on breathing. This wasn't real. It couldn't be. She dug her nails into her legs, trying to convince herself that it was just another nightmare. Only this time, she couldn't wake up. Why was this happening?

The closet door slowly creaked open, and Damon laughed out loud at the obvious pile of laundry that she was hiding under.

"Oh, Elena. You couldn't have done better?" With no more patience to spare, without warning, he reached into the blankets and grabbed her hair, yanking her up and onto her feet. Elena burst into tears, and he slapped her cheek so hard that she choked on a sob. "It's so cute how you try to hide from me." Damon stroked her messy strands out of her face, with an almost adoring look in his eyes. "However, I prefer the more submissive Elena. From now on, you will be severely punished for those little attempts of hiding from me. Is that clear?"

Elena forced herself to look away from his eyes, they were too intense and unnatural. Her cheek was stinging and his grip had not loosened the least bit on her hair. She had never been handled so roughly, and she couldn't make sense of anything right now.

"Fucking answer me, Elena!" Even Damon couldn't believe his outburst of anger right now, but he would never be satisfied until she realized who she belong to now.

"I-I don't know! Who are you? Please...Just let me g-" He interrupted her with another slap to her already burning cheek, and yanked her head back, exposing her neck. It was extremely tempting, but he would rather wait until later, when she was tied to his bed. Always best to end a long day with a luxuriously sweet treat..

"Let you go? My sweet pet.. you have no idea how ridiculous that sounds. When I ask you something, you answer me and without hesitation or question. It seems you have never been properly disciplined, but that will soon change. I promise." He picked her shaking body up and carried her downstairs and to the closet in front of the staircase.

"Move an inch and I'll snap your wrist in half." Damon stared into her scared eyes for a good minute, until he was sure she was too frightened to move, and finally let go of her. He opened the closet door and glanced around until he quickly found what he was looking for.

"Ah! Exactly what I needed. How convenient." He chuckled and pulled out the suitcase, turning to face her with an almost evil smirk. "You will be a good girl and be quiet, right my love?" Elena nodded slowly, not wanting to piss him off and get slapped again. Ideas of what he was about to do and how she could escape were running through her head.

Damon laughed. "And I know such a sweet girl would never ever dare lie to her Master..." his voice was too amused, hinting on sarcastic.

Elena couldn't believe he just referred to himself as her master. Suddenly she felt extremely weak and light-headed.

Damon unzipped the bag and put it on the floor.

"Go on, get in." He leaned against the wall, his eyes daring her to defy him.

"Get in..the suitcase? W-Why..?" She dared asked him, expecting a slap with hopefully some kind of explanation.

Damon shook his head, that stupid smirk plastered to his unfairly beautiful face. "Number 1, you do not ask the questions anymore, remember? But, yes, get in the fucking suitcase and because I said so," he was no longer leaning on the wall, and Elena felt herself slowly stepping into the suitcase and finally sitting down in it, just as he crouched down to make eye contact with her. "..And number 2, you are to refer to me as 'Master' from here on out. I guess I didn't make that too clear, so we will definitely work on that later." He grinned slightly, reaching up to lift her chin with a cold finger. He waited until she could no longer stare at the invisible spot on the wall and unwillingly made eye contact with him. She blinked and a tear fell.

"Elena.." he whispered quietly. "So sad, so beautiful... Mine." He sighed softly and pushed her onto her back. She had absolutely no wiggle room, and she began to panic again as he started zipping up the bag.

"Wait!" she finally spoke up, pushing herself up with her hands. "I don't like this - please, I swear I will not say a word! No one will know! I'll do anything!" Her severe claustrophobia was kicking in, and she couldn't handle it.

Damon quickly pulled out a small roll of duct tape he had kept in his pocket and taped her wrists behind her back and ankles together, before stuffing her mouth with an uncomfortable gag. It all happened so fast, Elena didn't realize it even happened until she felt herself being lifted from the ground. She opened her eyes and saw total darkness, Her arms were aching from carrying all of her weight, and she couldn't get in enough air through her nostrils.

As soon as she could hear a distant lawn mower and smell fresh grass and outdoors, she knew there might still be hope. She screamed with all of her strength even though her cries were muffled, and desperately tried wiggling - anything to make it more difficult for Damon. Damon laughed, the smile evident in his voice.

"Elena, try all you want, but I can assure you no one is ever going to hear that sweet voice or see that perfect little body of yours again. No one but me, of course."

She still didn't give up, and Damon was beginning to grow angry with the thought of her trying to escape him again.

"You should save that energy for later, sweetie. You're going to need it." With that she heard a car door open and before long they were on the road to somewhere. Damon had turned up the alternative rock, and from the feel of it was trying very fast. Everything about Damon was dangerous; his way of dressing, his looks, his driving, and his music.

Elena tried to think of ways of escaping for later. She just couldn't think of the scary thought of never going home again.. never seeing her family and friends - she would even miss the people who she hated from school.. they weren't so bad after all - and the idea of living as a slave with no say in anything ever again was such a horrifying thought that she decided she would rather be dead.

"We're home." Damon interrupted her thoughts and turned off the car. Without music, quiet was even more eerie.

She felt the bag being lifted and winced as all of her weight was being pulled with gravity onto her sore arms again.

The smell of musk and vanilla filled her lungs as Damon opened the front door. Definitely a guy's home.

After Damon walked up the stairs and placed the bag down onto the hardwood floor, he unzipped it and watched as Elena inhaled deeply at the abundance of air. She hated the feeling of air deprivation, and Damon smirked at the thought of suffication.

He helped her to her knees, leaving her ankles, wrists taped and mouth still gagged, and then stood up and stared down at her helpless form.

"Now. I'll untape you... just as soon as you can make it onto the bed on your own." His lips curved upwards into the most sadistic grin.

Elena felt humiliated and sore all over already, but at this point she was willing to do anything for a little bit of freedom. She took a deep breath through her nose, then struggled to crawl with her bruising knees across the floor.

Fuck! Of course he would place her as far away from the bed in his ridiculously large room. After making it to the end up the bed, she carefully balanced onto her straining feet, and was quickly shoved down, face-first, into the mattress.

Damon took in the gorgeous site. Her thin short shorts were now riding up into her ass and her shirt was tangled from being squished up in the suitcase, revealing enough to make him strain against his jeans uncomfortably. He ran his hand up her thigh and under her shorts, squeezing an ass cheek roughly, getting a muffled moan out of her in turn. He pulled back and slapped her ass, causing it to turn a beautiful shade of pink instantly. He would have to work on holding back his vampire strength.. he didn't want to kill her, at least not now, anyways.

"Fuck. You have no idea how hard it is to not just take you and fuck you raw right now, pet.." he murmured, inhaling her neck as he moved her hair to the side, placing kisses along her shoulder and neck.

Elena was frozen as the tears silently fell. She hated him. She hated how he didn't care if he hurt her and how he didn't allow her any freedom. But worst of all she hated herself, and how she would never admit how good he made her feel; even through the pain.

"Do you want me to take out your gag now?" he murmured again, kissing along her jawline as he turned her head to the side. His free hand traveled up the back of her shirt, sneakily unhooking her bra.

She nodded, and he carefully unhooked the gag from the back of her head and slipped it out of her mouth. Damon watched as she closed her mouth, grateful for relief.

"Stretch your jaw." He said softly as he reached for her lip, parting it with his thumb. As much as she hated to open her mouth again, she did, and opened and closed it repeatedly till the pain subsided.

He finally rolled her onto her back. He was on his side, resting his head on his hand as he stared at her, waiting.

She couldn't take it any more, and finally spoke. " said you would un-tape me if I made it to the bed.." she paused, so desperate for relief that she reluctantly added in, "Master."

He couldn't hide how pleased he was with the sound of "Master" coming from her lips. He grinned ever-so-slightly, and nodded. "Mhmm."

Elena waited, getting irritated with his stupid games, and forced herself to not sigh angrily.

"So...will you? Please?" She batted her eyelashes as innocently as possible.

Damon's grinned widened.

"Already begging me, I see. You had better get used to the words 'please' and 'Master' because those will practically be the only two words to ever come out of that pretty, little mouth of yours." He smirked and traced patterns along her stomach, under her shirt, trying to hold back a groan as she squirmed slightly from the ticklish feeling.

"I will take the tape off, but first you should really think. Are you absolutely sure you want me to un-tape you, Elena?" his gaze was serious and amused all in one. Elena didn't know if this was really a trick question or if he was just trying to piss her off.

"Yes, I am sure." She answered a bit harsher than she meant to, and was rewarded with a slap on her stomach, ending the soft tickling immediately. She gasped, the internal pain spreading with every second.

"An ungrateful pet will be treated as such. And that impatience and lack of respect will earn you so much pain later." he flipped her over roughly and yanked off the tape, causing Elena to yelp with each stinging rip. Before she could even stretch out (or try to run again like she had planned), she was restrained to the bed with rope. Each wrist bound above and her legs stretched out, causing her to feel uncomfortably vulnerable.

"What the fuck!" she screamed, earning a slap on her pussy with Damon's belt. How did he move so fast?

Tears threatened to fall, but she refused to cry as he stared down at her with the most angry eyes.

"Are you seriously yelling at your Master when you're completely tied up and at my mercy?" He laughed, slightly amused.

Damon sat down next to her, and stared as she tried to stay in control of her emotions.

"I'm just dying to know what goes on in that mind of yours. Obviously lacking common sense.." He stroked her cheek, and leaned down inches from her face.

"Ask me three questions..." he urged, narrowing his eyes slightly, studying her own. "It's now or never."