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The video turns on, you see a young man of what appears to be twenty, he has a cut over his right eye, and the right side of his face is covered in blood. In the background you can hear the roar of battle.

"This is CT-1752." He says. "There is a piece of shrapnel in my lower torso, I will not survive this."

He looks above the camera for a moment, blinks twice, and focuses back on the camera.

"I was part of the first squad deployed outside the Arena here on Geonosis." He pauses for a moment, face scrunched in agony, then looks at the camera again.

"I've been alive for ten years, all of which was spent in training for battle, I guess the cloners didn't do a good enough job." He laughs at his little joke, the morbid laugh of a man that is running out of time. "My squad was deployed, and before we had advanced 100 meters a missile detonated two meters in front of me. Killed half the squad, and left me with part of a gun in my gut. The suit is keeping pressure on the wound, but the medics will never make it in time. Even if they do, what good am I? I'm just a grunt in the wrong place at the wrong time."

He closes his eyes for a moment, and the camera shakes. He lets out a grunt, then sighs. "We were told we would protect the Republic, protect the innocent." He laughs again. "I haven't even seen a civilian, just Jedi and Droids. I don't even know if there are any civilians, maybe this is just a big sim on Kamino. Isn't the first time the cloners have done a life fire exercise."

His eyes close again, and his face pales noticeably. Time is running out. "We were told that the war started because worlds left the Republic. So what? Why do my brothers have to die because of the Republic losing grip on a couple worlds?" He looks straight at the camera, a tear in his eye. "Why do I have to die for the Republic?"

He breathes in deeply, another grunt slipping through his weakening defense. "My armor has sensors that check my vitals. I'm leaving this on so the medics can have a time of death, should they ever find me here." With that his eyes close for the last time.

And here you are, watching this video of some Clonetrooper on Geonosis. The video was leaked by some pro-rights fanatic. But as you go to eat dinner with your wife and kid, you can't help but wonder. Why is the Republic fighting to get these worlds back? Isn't joining the Republic voluntary?

Yes, the Clone Wars were orchestrated by Palpatine to gain control over the galaxy. But how does this look to the average observer? A random war was started because a couple worlds left a voluntary Republic? Doesn't it seem a little fishy?

This is another in my series of short ficlets to try to find a style that truly fits me, this one being a second person telling of the story. The previous two just being sad and happy stories.