Full Summary: Before he went to the Soul Society to save the girl, before he realized he and his friends weren't normal, before he even met Rukia... His mother died. That day awakened something within Ichigo Kurosaki, something dark, something hollow, something that wasn't supposed to be awakened until that day in the Shattered Shaft. The story of Ichigo Kurosaki, as you know it, changed and twisted into the tale of a boy who surrendered to his darkness.

Pairing: HichiIchi

Warning: Safely rated T this chapter. Don't read if you don't like yaoi, boyXboy, etc.

Because we are amorphous we hold that in reverence…

Karakura Town. 7:23 p.m. Friday.

Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen year old boy with magnificently orange hair, marched down his street with a murderous look on his face. Four immature men came gliding down the street towards him, each of them riding skateboards. Funny how that seemed to fit them so perfectly.

As they approached Ichigo, he 'accidentally' stuck his foot in the wheel of the first man's skateboard. The man fell over forward, smashing his forehead into the pavement and receiving numerous grazes along his hands and knees.

"Shoulda worn proper gear," Ichigo mumbled. Like he was one to talk. He rode his own skateboard, a black board with red wheels, without anything more than a pair of shorts and a tank top all the time.

"Hey, you!" the first man to notice called out. Ichigo turned to him slowly with an almost blank look on his face. "You think you can do that to my bro Yama?" As expected, the man ran towards Ichigo without a moment's hesitation.

Ichigo sighed. These punks were all the same.

He lifted his leg up and, with ease, kicked the man down to the pavement.

"Toshi's down!" the first of the other two men gasped. "We've gotta-"

"Wait," the second of the two screamed. He put his hand on the first man's chest to keep him from running. "That orange hair! The school uniform! It's Ichigo Kurosaki! Fuck man, if we don't bail he'll kill us for sure!"

Ichigo grinned, he was glad that his name was going around. "Both of ya shut up!"

The two jumped in fear.

"Now, I want you to look over here." Ichigo instructed, extending his arm to point at a basket near the lamp post. The basket had been turned over, flowers and ribbons scattered over the sidewalk. "Do you know what that is?"

"An offering to a kid who died here recently…" the second man answered.

Ichigo moved so fast that the first man could barely see him. In fact, it was almost as if Ichigo flashed out of vision for a few seconds before appearing again. Ichigo's foot landed perfectly in the center of the second man's face. "Great answer!" he praised.

Then turned to the last man standing. "Why is knocked over?"

The man gulped. "Th-This morning… we knocked it over… skateboarding?"

"I see…" Ichigo said, grin slowly fading. Using his thumb, he gestured to something behind him, a child floating in midair. "Then you owe this child an apology."

"I'M SORRY!" All four men cried over and over. They bowed in respect, and bolted away.

Ichigo grunted in satisfaction. He turned around to face the young girl, giving her and gentle pat on the head. "Sorry to use you like that, but those men shouldn't be coming around here anytime soon. Your parents should come by here after supper, right? Give them your goodbye, and then go to-"

"H-How do you know that there's a heaven?" The girl asked.

Ichigo gave her a rather gentle smile. "I don't know about heaven, but I know there's a place you can go called the Soul Society. You'll like it there. It's quiet and peaceful, and the perfect place to rest."

And with that, Ichigo Kurosaki turned and walked away.

Yes, as most of you know, Ichigo Kurosaki can see spirits. He lives in Kurosaki Clinic, a place ran by his father, and he has two younger sisters, Yuzu and Karin. However, as you'll soon come to understand, there are a few twists to this story.

"I'm home," Ichigo called.

"You're-" Isshin kicked him in the face. "-late! What time do you think it is, you delinquent! You know dinner is every night at 7!"

"Is that any way to treat your son?" Ichigo shouted back, wiping the blood rolling down his lips.

"Silence! It doesn't matter who you are! To he who disrupts this households harmony, only a punishment of blood shall be suitable!"

"Oh~ Stop it both of you~ The food's getting cold~" Yuzu scolded in a mother-like voice.

"Let them be, Yuzu." Karin dragged. "This just leaves more food for us. Gimme another bowl please."

"The rules are too strict in this house!" Ichigo shouted, pointing a finger at his father. "In what world is there a parent that sets a curfew for a high school student at 7 p.m?"

"The rules are in place to-"

"Ah forget it!" Ichigo interjected. "I'm going to my room! Good night!"

"Ichigo, wait! You haven't even had supper yet!" But Yuzu was too late. The sound of Ichigo stomping up the stairs was heard and moments later he slammed his door.

Karin turned to her father. "This is your fault you know."

"Me? But what did I do?" Isshin rambled. Ichigo could hear them all clearly from his bedroom.

"Ichigo's been having a hard time lately! More and more spirits have been contacting him, and I've also heard him talking to himself…" Yuzu stated.

"What!?" Isshin screamed. "You mean he talks to you about these things?"

Ichigo tuned the rest of that conversation out. His thoughts got caught up on something Yuzu had said. 'Talking to himself…?' He had to be more careful. If anyone found out about what he was doing, he'd be in trouble for sure.

Just then something else seemed to have caught his attention. Ichigo reached out for it, a Black Swallowtail Butterfly. "Where did you come from?"

Ichigo's eyes widened greatly. Following the butterfly into his room was a girl, but not just any girl, she was a Shinigami. Ichigo recognized that get up anywhere. A black Shihakusho, a katana, and Spiritual Pressure twenty times greater than anyone sitting downstairs.

'Play the innocent act.'

'No need to tell me that.'

"It's near…" the Shinigami girl whispered to herself. She reached for her Zanpakuto making Ichigo have a miniature heart attack.

"Near my ass!" Ichigo shouted as he kicked the Shinigami girl down. "Just what the hell are you talking about? You're a pretty confident burglar to just be marching right in here!"

"Y… You can… see me?" the girl questioned, her eyes wide in shock.

"No… I mean, it's not like I just kicked you or anything!"

"That's not it. You see, normal people are not supposed to be able to see me. I am a Shinigami."

'So I was right,' Ichigo confirmed to himself. "A Shinigami…?"

"I came from the Soul Society. I was sent on a mission to eradicate an evil spirit," the Shinigami said calmly.

"You came from a place called the Soul Society. You're here on a mission to exterminate an evil spirit." Ichigo repeated. "Okay, I'll believe you…" Ichigo flipped a coffee table. "In a thousand years!"

"You can see me and yet you don't believe in the existence of a Shinigami?"

"I believe in ghosts, because I see them every day…" Ichigo slammed his fist onto his palm. "Oh! I see now! You're just a little brat playing Shinigami! Well, run along now, your little friends must be waiting for you to save them from the big bad evil spirits!"

The Shinigami's eye twitched. "Oh, I'm a brat am I? First Restraint! Obstruction!"

Ichigo's arms snapped behind his back and he fell to the ground, curled in a ball. This was no joke, that girl was a legit Shinigami. "OUCH! What the hell…!?"

"Even though I look like this I have been alive almost ten times longer than you have, and yet you dare to call me a little brat? Usually I'd kill fellows like you, but spiritual law states that one cannot harm humans they have not been ordered to kill…" The Shinigami girl slowly drew her sword.

'King, get the hell outta there!'

'I'm trying!'

'Uhh… Hey, Ichigo… that's a marker.'

"Damn it! Drawing all over my face... What kind of a Shinigami are you?"

"Oh, so you believe in me now?"

"You just bound my arms with nothing! Do you think I wouldn't believe you?"

The girl just looked away, gazing out the window as if she was lot in a dream.

"Umm… so, you said you were sent here on a mission to kill an evil spirit?"

"That is correct." She turned back to Ichigo, though her grey eyes were not completely focused on the orangette. Ichigo brought his nose down to the floor and attempted to wipe off the marker the Shinigami put on above his lips. It was rather frustrating that he couldn't just break this Kido and go to the bathroom, but if he did that it would most definitely not go well.

Just then a blood curdling, ear piercing scream cut through the air. Ichigo felt shivers run up his spin, never had he heard a hollow so bloodthirsty as that.

'That Shinigami is our only chance, but she's too stupid to raise her own Spiritual Pressure in order to cancel out mine! If she doesn't sense the Hollow soon… I may have to-'

'That's not an option!'

'Why? Karin and Yuzu-'

'Will be fine. Trust me, King, have I ever lead you astray?'


"It's like a great power is blocking my senses…"

"Hey, Shinigami!"

"What do you want…?"

Ichigo choked down a growl. "What do you mean; what do you want? Haven't you heard that screech? Aren't you even paying attention?"

"A screech…?"

The cry sounded again, this time much louder than the last. Ichigo's stomach flipped then suddenly became swarmed with butterflies. He saw the Shinigami react this time and so he knew that everyone should be fine, but at the same time he was well aware that the Hollow was on his street.

Suddenly another cry met the air. This time it didn't belong to a Hollow, but it belonged to-

"Yuzu!" Ichigo saw the Shinigami rush off. "Hey! Wait up, where are you going? Unbind me!"

'Shit,' Ichigo grumbled to himself. He inched forward like a caterpillar, bit by bit making it out into the hallway. There he was paralyzed as he met Karin halfway to the stairs.

"Ichi… are you… okay?" She grunted out. Her voice was weak, sweat and blood pouring down her face.


'Fuck this shit! I don't care if it gives away something! I'm rescuing my family!'

A devilish smile curled onto his lips. 'Very well, use what I've taught you if you must. But I'm sure that you can handle a Hollow without even calling on your Zanpakuto.'

Ichigo smiled at the permission he was given. He shattered the binds on his legs, forcing himself to stand. He could hear the Shinigami protest, saying something about damaging his soul. Ichigo hid his grin, he wasn't a human and some low level Kido stood no chance against the power of his soul. The Shinigami hadn't even used an incantation.

His binding shattered like glass to pavement. The Shinigami momentarily lost her breath as Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure washed over her. Ichigo quickly suppressed his power once again, hoping that the Shinigami would overlook it as just the Kido breaking.

He then picked up a bat and rushed past Karin down the stairs. When he arrived he saw his dad laying in a puddle of blood by the wall. Turning his vision towards the door, he froze with what he saw. Was he too late? Had the Hollow already devoured Yuzu's soul?

No, it didn't look that way. Yuzu was unconscious, but she wasn't dead.

Letting out a fierce cry of anger, Ichigo rushed towards the Hollow, bat held high. He was prepared to swing down, using his Spiritual Pressure to chill the Hollow to its spot, but his plan was interrupted when the Shinigami called out to him.

"Damn brat…" he cursed beneath his breath. The Hollow got the best of him, swinging for his bat and sending him flying back into the house. For the most part the bat absorbed the blow, but Ichigo could still feel blood trickling down his neck. It was then that the Hollow jumped straight towards him, and not being able to use his power to avoid the blow, Ichigo feared he was done for.

That was, until the Shinigami girl saved him.

Ichigo's eyes when partially wide as the Shinigami sliced through the Hollow's arm. Ichigo thought dully to himself, 'I would've sliced it clean off,' before he become more preoccupied with catching his sister.

Placing Yuzu down gently on the carpet, Ichigo walked back out into the streets. He stood beside the Shinigami, then directed his next words at the Hollow, "Hey you, ugly! Yeah, you wanna mess with me and my family? Then come here and get some ya bastard!"

That seemed to provoke the Hollow enough. Ichigo calmed his nerves as the Hollow charged him full on. He searched for the place inside him where his powers were located. He was prepared to expose himself to this girl because he could easily kill her later…

But when the Hollow bit into the Shinigami's flesh instead of tasting the fury of his Zangetsu, Ichigo was more than upset (disappointed).

"You fool…" the Shinigami girl wheezed.

'Now's your chance. Kill the girl, slaughter the Hollow and-'

'No, I have a better idea. You said it yourself; you don't know everything about the Soul Society because you're a Hollow… an Arrancar. This girl is a real Shinigami, and if I play the right cards, then I might be able to get some information out of her.'

'I'm impressed King. You're starting to think like me.'

Ichigo swallowed unconsciously. He wasn't completely sure that he wanted to think like him… but then again, he'd been his mentor for the past seven years.

"You are no match for a Hollow… despite surprising me by breaking my enchantment, what little power you have will not work against this creature." She coughed slightly, blood rolling down her lips. "I would tell you not to worry, however in this situation I am no longer able to fight this Hollow…"

Ichigo widened his eyes in shock. It was only for show, he had already gathered that much information on his own.

"Do you want to save your family?" The Shinigami asked. Ichigo nodded his head frantically. "There is a way… or more exact… there is only one way… You must become a Shinigami." And the girl held out her Zanpakuto, pointing it directly into Ichigo's chest. Ichigo knew how this worked; it was a way to transfer Shinigami powers to another being. He had used to help Ichigo master his Bankai…

Ichigo swallowed the saliva in his mouth. He took hold of the Shinigami's sword, then mumbled weakly, "What do you want me to do?"

"Pierce my blade through your chest and I will transfer half of my Shinigami powers to you. You will become a Shinigami only temporarily, but it'll be enough to defeat the Hollow."

Ichigo nodded firmly, though made sure his body was shaking visibly. He heard the Hollow take charge once again, and decided that he needed to finish this off quickly. "I'll do it, Shinigami."

"My name isn't 'Shinigami'. It's Kuchiki Rukia."

"I see… well then, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo." Ichigo could feel the blade slowly pierce his skin. "Let's pray this isn't our last meeting, Rukia."

And the Zanpakuto ran him through. It wasn't Ichigo's fault, nor was it his fault, but Ichigo having a Hollow within him caused that part of his soul to become greedy. It devoured Rukia's Spiritual Power, feeding its master twice the amount of what was taken.

This power rolled around Ichigo, exploding outwards in a blinding golden light. The Hollow stretched out its hand into the light, and moments the later its hand disintegrated. Ichigo appeared at the opposite side of the street, a massive katana in his hand and slung over his back.

"How…" Rukia mumbled to herself, watching Ichigo take on the Hollow. "How did he take all my power? And furthermore… how could I have no noticed… that massive power blocking my senses earlier, it was him!? But a human cannot possess such strength. What monstrous power… just what is he!?"

"Realise the mistake of messing with me, Ichigo Kurosaki, and my family! Die, Fish Face!" Ichigo shouted as he dealt the final blow. His borrowed Zanpakuto sliced the Hollow perfectly in half.

Ichigo Kurosaki : 15 years old.

Hair Color : Orange.

Eye Color : Brown/Gold

Occupation : High School Student. Shinigami.

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