Hey guys! Sorry that I've not been updating my stories in awhile, but I've been getting writers block really bad, and I've been busy too! I was introduced to Ninja Turtles, so now I'm totally fangirling and using Netflix to order the 2007 movie and youtube to look at the 2003 series (sorry if I got the wrong dates for those x.x) I might write a ninja turtle fanfic! But I dunno yet.

Anywho, enjoy this chap, and if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Robin pounded a punching bag harshly, kicking and punching it, each hit making a resounding thud. It was obvious he was in a foul mood, if the swinging bag was anything to go by.


The teen stopped, grabbing the bag to stop it.

"Need something?" He asked Kal, grabbing a nearby water bottle and taking a gulp of its contents.

"You seem irritated. Are you alright?"

Robin didn't reply for a moment, taking a few deep breaths to calm his heart.

"I...Yeah. I'm fine. Just distracting myself." He finally answered.

Kal quietly inspected him, taking in his posture and expression. Robin was good at hiding what he was feeling. If not for the twitch in his jaw muscles, Kaldur wouldn't have known he was far from fine.

"Why don't we spar?" Kal offered. Robin looked surprised.


"You need a distraction, you said. So let's spar."

Robin hesitated for a moment, then nodded.


The two took fighting stances, remaining as such for a few, long, dragging seconds before both ran at each other.

Kal felt proud as they sparred. Robin was even better than when they were younger. Faster, stronger, even smarter, if that was possible for the young tech wiz.

But it also worried him, too.

A meeting was going on in Mount Justice, between the Young Justice League and their mentors. They were talking about the shields around base when Kaldur suddenly spoke up.

"I'm worried about Robin."

The conversation was all but forgoten, all eyes locking upon the Atlantian. Soon, the silence was broken by his mentor.

"Why are you worried? Did something happen?"

Kal hesitated a moment, organizing his thoughts.

"I sparred with him earlier today. He seems more violent then he used to be, more...angry. I think many things have happened to him in the past years. I...I was wondering..." He turned to Batman. "Could you talk to him? Maybe ask him about his enemies that he's gained? If anything large happened to him?"

Bruce held his chin in thought for a moment, then nodded.

"I will. After we conclude this meeting."

Kal nodded in thanks, seeming to relax.

Slowly, the meeting again continued, the conversation coming back slowly to the group.

Robin entered his room, or at least temporary room in his mind, having finished a shower. He sat on the messy bed, and was surprised when he nearly sat on a brown paper wrapped package.

He slowly set aside the towel he'd been using to dry his hair, brow furrowing.

Robin picked up the package, carefully and warily unwrapping it. He halted when he saw a small box labled with an 'S'.

"Slade..." He growled under his breath, eyes narrowing.

With much more caution, he opened the box.

Inside rested several lockpicks of a strong metal. They were almost identical to the ones in his utility belt that had been taken from him. Slade was...was helping him?

A knock came at the door, and Robin quickly hid the package. The door then opened, and Batman entered.

The door closing, the man removed his ever famous cowl and moved over to sit beside Robin.

"Richard. I need to talk to you."

"About?" Robin questioned gruffly, looking everywhere but at Bruce.

The black clothed man considered his words before replying.

"Aqualad voiced some concerns earlier. He said you seem angry and bitter, about something other than being here, though. He asked that I talk with you."

Robin huffed, though was smiling ever slightly.

"He worries too much."

Bruce smiled smally as well.

"Maybe, maybe not." He admitted. "But I really do want to know a bit about what's been going on since I left. Can you at least tell me that?"

Robin sighed, leaning back against the wall that his bed was pushed to. His eyes rolled up to stare at the ceiling in thought.

"Well. You know I formed my own team. The Titans. It's pretty spread out, I mean there's Titans North, Titans West, etc..."

"Any enemies?"

Robin smirked.

"Pleanty. I'd be outta work without any. Slade's our biggest." Robin said, growling, eyes narrowing at the name as he spat it out like poison.

Bruce raised a brow.


Robin nodded in affirmation.

"Probably one of the cruelest, inteligent and sneakiest villans out there. That's all you gotta know."

"No, I'd rather know more. Is he why you're suddenly so bitter?"

"Bitter?!" Robin sputtered. "What the hell do you mean bitter?!"

Batman simply gave him a look. Robin twitched, then sighed.

"I grew up, Bats. That's it. I'm not bitter or anything. I grew up and figured out that villans will kill me if I didn't stop being a little baby."

"So is this Slade why you decided to grow up?"

Robin pursed his lips for a moment, then sighed once more.

"Look, you have the Joker as your worst enemy. Well, Slade is like my version of the Joker. And probably just as dangerous, if not more. Are you done with playing twenty questions with me?"

Bruce didn't reply for a moment, then finally stood, leaving the room without a word.

Robin grinned after the door shut, pulling out the pack of lockpicks once more. Even if they were from Slade, it was a way to escape.

Robin grinned as he managed to get off the manacle that was on his wrist. He ran through the plan he'd formulated once more, ensuring he had the details all set out right. He'd throw the manacle through the shield and trigger the alarms, the YJ and Justice League would run out to find him, and he'd run once they were far from the base. Maybe he could find his utility belt while he was at it.

Jumping into the rafters, he moved through the tops of the base. Once at the edge, he chucked the manicle hard.

Almost immediately, the alarms went off, waking the entire base. Within five seconds, the Justice League had arrived and were running out with the YJ to search for the supposedly 'escaped' Robin.

Grinning, the boy wonder dropped down. He wandered the halls, checking all the rooms for his belt

Yet when half an hour went by, he decided it was time to stop searching and leave.

Turning, he jumped out one of the windows, rolling when he hit the ground to avoid injury.

The night air was cold and crisp, making him smile slightly. It felt nice, compared to the warm, slightly hecktic base.

He took off, looking almost like his feet never touched the ground.

He felt an rush as the night wind brushed through his hair, the chill staining his cheeks red bellow his domino mask.

"I see you put the lockpicks to good work."

Robin slid to a halt, looking up in alarm.

Slade stood atop a branch in one of the large trees, staring down at Robin.

"Slade." The teen hissed, eyes narrowing.

The man inclined his head.

"Robin. I saw you were caged up by your old mentor. I decided it was...unfair that your wings were clipped."

"If you're expecting me to say thanks, then you'll be waiting a long time."

Slade chuckled.

"Ah, Robin. Amusing as ever I see."

Robin scowled.

"Shut up!"

Slade chuckled once more, jumping down. He landed easily, striding forward casually.

"You may want to keep your voice down. Your old 'friends' may hear you."

Robin growled lowly, hands fisting at his sides.

"What do you want, Slade?" He asked quietly, voice wavering slightly with anger.

Slade began to circle him slowly, but Robin simply watched him.

"Many things. For you to be my apprentice, mainly, though right now it seems you're far too busy at the moment to let yourself be distracted."

"Even if I wasn't running I wouldn't work for you." Robin snapped.

"Ah, such a shame. But what if I told you I had a way to get you away from here, faster than on foot?"

"Then I'd say I'd rather stay stuck here than go with you!" Robin spat hatefully.

Slade sighed.

"I see. Then I suppose you'll get your wish." He replied, pulling out a staff. "I'm sure your friends will catch you when you're too injured to move."

The YJ and their mentors had been searching for a long hour, and still found no sign of Robin.

They'd decided to split up, and that was how KF found himself running about at his top speeds, trying desperately to find Robin. He was worried about his 'little brother'. Sure, Robin could take care of himself, but Wally couldn't help but worry!

KF yelped as he suddenly tripped over something. He hit the ground with a thud and an 'ow!', then he groaned, sitting up.

"Geez, what did I...I..."

He gaped in horror when he saw an unconscious and bloodied Robin.

"Rob!" He gasped, quickly crawling over to ensure he was breathing. He then quickly contacted the other through the mind link set up by Megan.

"I found Robin!" He exclaimed mentally. "He's really hurt! Someone got to him before I could!"

"Where is your location?" Batman demanded almost immediately, making him jump slightly.

"I...Er, east of HQ, I'll see if I can get him to the medbay without bothering his injuries!"

"We'll meet you there." Flash replied. "Remember that if a rib's broken you'll need to go half speed."

"Got it. See you there."

Wally then turned his attention back to Robin. He felt along the younger teen's side carefully, searching for any broken bones.

A severe flinch and groan from the unconscious Robin was the speedsters answer. He gently scooped up his little brother, taking off back to Mount Justice.

Silence filled the medbay as the gravely injured Robin was tended to.

"Batman. We'll need to take off the top of his clothing." Black Canary reminded, looking at the silent man.

Bruce nodded, going over to help gently peel away the top of Robin's uniform.

Batman grimaced as he saw the large bruises that mared the teen's pale skin. It was easy to tell he had broken ribs, the snapped bones pressing against the skin on his sides.

Everyone was surprised when a note fell from where it had been hidden in the teen's sleeve.

There, printed on the paper, was an 'S'.

Batman flipped the paper over, looking at the back.

'I found your little bird had escaped his cage, and decided to return him. I would suggest you watch your partner more closely, Batman. He isn't as ignorant as he used to be.'

Bruce growled under his breath, handing the note to Superman.