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They decided to go continue what they were doing at Naruto's house, since it was closer than Sasuke's house. They just couldn't keep their hands to them self's all the way over to Naruto's house. Naruto couldn't even open the door to his house because of Sasuke.

"Sa-Sasuke come on I have to o-open the door.." said the blond as Sasuke was holding him from behind nibbling his neck and caressing his chest under his shirt. Naruto shivered as Sasuke's cold hands pinched and pressed his nipples, and the way he was nibbling and sucking his neck made goosebumps appear on his tanned skin.

After they finally made it into the house, and making sure to lock the front door so they wouldn't get interrupted by anyone, Sasuke pushed Naruto onto the sofa and started devour him with kiss and he pulled Naruto's hair gently exposing his neck and began marking him with hickeys. "Sa-Sasuke you possessive teme!" Naruto moaned, "Hn," Sasuke chuckled and continued.

Sasuke's hands snake up under Naruto's shirt and taking it off ever so slowly, and kissing Naruto's torso as he took it all off. "Sa-Sasuke...," moaned Naruto with a very flushed face. "Hn?" asked Sasuke, he was too busy kissing and nibbling his uke all over his chest, enjoying the blondes taste. "Ahh l-lets go to th-the bed..." Naruto demanded nervously. Sasuke stopped what he was doing and gave a surprised look at Naruto, looking at how his blonde was at pure bliss he grinned, "As you wish," he said as he made Naruto wrap his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck and carried him to the bed room.

Sasuke swore to Kami that he would of dropped Naruto on the floor and ravish him right there and then by the way that he was nibbling and sucking on his neck. Except if he did Naruto would of probably punch him in the jewels and kick him out.

Sasuke kicked open the door and gently lay his blonde down on the bed with him on top. The kisses they shared were passionate and the cloths were soon starting to disappear from each others bodies.

Sasuke took one look at the creature underneath him, the way the moonlight shined on the blonde's skin was amazing it looked like it even glowed. "You're so beautiful Naruto," he said whispering it into the blonds tan ear, Naruto flushed face became even redder than before, "Don't say embarrassing things!" Naruto exclaimed as he covered his eyes with his hands. "Then prepare your self," Sasuke stated as he took a hold of Naruto's hands and placed them besides his head, "Because I'm going to do more embarrassing stuff to you tonight."

Naruto's head exploded with embarrassment, "Sa-Sasuke!" he exclaimed as he turned his view away from the raven. Sasuke just chuckled and placed his hand on the blonds cheek and make him look at him again. "Is my little Naru-chan embarrassed?" Naruto just grunted and closed his eyes, "Stop avoiding looking at me Naru-chan, let me see those beautiful eyes of yours," Sasuke said as he kissed Naruto's eyes. Naruto slowly opened his eyes until they were fully open, "That's much better, I want to see your eyes when I do all these things to you, the foreplay is over Naru-chan," Sasuke stated with a evil grin, Naruto just gulped.

The passionate kisses started once again, tongues danced and moans were heard. Sasuke separated Naruto's legs and placed himself in between them, and placed three fingers in Naruto's mouth. "Mph," Naruto moaned as he sucked on Sasuke's fingers. Sasuke was getting harder as he felt how Naruto sucked on his fingers, the way he also licked and his teeth were rubbing on them was just too much to bare.

Sasuke took his fingers out of the blonde's mouth and positioned them on Naruto's entrance, "This mite be uncomfortable and a bit painful, but please bare it and scream all you want," Sasuke said softly as he kissed Naruto's forehead, Naruto relaxed and nodded accepting what was about to come.

The raven slid one finger into Naruto's entrance. Naruto grunted at the strange felling of being filled with Sasuke's finger "Sasuke it feels weird," Naruto stated. Sasuke kissed Naruto passionately, trying to distract him from it.

When Naruto looked distracted enough Sasuke added a second finger inside, the blonde didn't even flinch he was more focused playing with Sasuke's tongue with his own. Sasuke mentally chuckle and decided to play too while he prepared Naruto.

Sasuke added the third finger, "Ahh!" Naruto screamed breaking the hot kiss, "That hurts Sasuke take them out!" Sasuke grunted, "Shh Naruto," he whispered to the blonde's ear, "It will feel better soon so bare it for a little and relax." Naruto shut his eyes close and bit his lower lip. "Oi didn't I tell you to not close your eyes Naru-chan, look at me and relax," Sasuke said. Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Sasuke, his eyes were like black orbs that sucked him in and they were filled with lust and could it be love?

Sasuke started scissoring Naruto's entrance in a slow motion, Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck and cling to him. Sasuke smiled and kissed Naruto deeply and continued what he was doing.

After a while Naruto started ridding on Sasuke's fingers, like if asking for more. Sasuke took out his fingers and broke the kiss him and Naruto charred. "Sa-Sasuke?" Naruto asked, Sasuke positioned himself between Naruto's legs. "Are you ready?" asked Sasuke, Naruto just looked at him for a few seconds, "H-Hai" the blonde answered.

Sasuke placed the tip of his manhood on Naruto's entrance and slowly pushed into Naruto, Naruto's back arched and his head flew back his mouth wide open making a silent scream. "S-Stop!" Naruto said in pain as he placed his hands on Sasuke's chest making him stop and a tear escaping of his eyes, "S-Slower please Sasuke it h-hurts." Sasuke took a breath, "I'm sorry Naru," he said feeling guilty as he kissed Naruto's forehead. "Its ok Sasuke, just go as slow as you can," Naruto grunted, Sasuke just nodded in response.

Sasuke kept pushing himself into Naruto as slowly as he could, kissing and whispering sweet things into the blonde's ear to calm him. Once he was fully inside Naruto he stopped, "It's all the way in Naru, can you feel it?" Sasuke asked. "Y-Yes I can feel it, its warm," answered Naruto by placing one of his hands on his abdomen. Sasuke smiled, "It feels so great inside you too Naru, you're so warm and tight," he said as he kissed the blonde deeply.

After a while Naruto broke the kiss, "Mhh Sasuke you can move now," said Naruto. "Are you sure?" asked Sasuke kind of doubting, "Yes I'm sure," answered the blonde as he looked at Sasuke straight in the eyes. "As you wish my Naru-chan."

Sasuke pulled out only leaving the tip inside and slowly thrust back in earning a small moan from his blonde. He kept the rhythm going trying not to thrust hard into his blonde, but the way Naruto's walls were squeezing him and the way it felt when he thrust in and out of him was just so amazing, it was hard not to loose control.

"Sa-Sasuke," Naruto moaned, "Go a bit faster." Sasuke speed up a little not sure if he should. "Mmmhh AAGHH please Sasuke faster!" Naruto pleaded with teary eyes. Sasuke smirked and began to thrust faster into Naruto.

Naruto's moans became louder, he was agonizing in pure pleasure. Sasuke's thrust became hungrier and deeper making Naruto scream out in pleasure. "Do y-you like this," ask Sasuke teasingly into Naruto's ear. Naruto just groaned in response.

Sasuke placed Naruto's legs over his shoulders making him go deeper into the blonde. Naruto let out a silent moan, "Sasu-ke I'm close!" Sasuke just grunted and took a hold of the blonde's hips and brought them down on him as he thrusted into Naruto. The blonde was moaning like crazy, feeling in ecstasy and pure bliss.

As Sasuke thrust again, Naruto came screaming Sasuke's name and spilling his cum all over his chest. As Naruto's walls squeezed him from cumming, making the raven cum as well, saying his lovers name as well.

Sasuke collapsed on top of Naruto, both trying to catch their breaths. "Th-That was amazing," Naruto stated. Sasuke grinned and faced Naruto, "Hn, well you're welcome," Sasuke said making the blonde laugh.

Sasuke pulled out of Naruto and laid beside him placing and arm under the blonde's head. Naruto placed his head on Sasuke's shoulder and his arm on his torso. "Good night Sasuke," Naruto said looking at Sasuke. "Hn night Naruto," Sasuke said as he sealed the night with a kiss.

The next morning Naruto was awoken by the sunlight rays coming through the window. Naruto smiled as he saw he was embraced in Sasuke's arms, letting him know that last night wasn't a dream at all. Naruto kissed Sasuke's forehead making the raven hug him tighter into him.

Naruto smiled and decided to sleep a little longer, but just as soon as he closed his eyes loud bangs were heard being made at the front door. Sasuke groned and woke up, "Don't worry Sasuke I'll get it," he whispered sweetly into Sasuke's ear. "Don't take too long babe," Sasuke said as he kissed him before the blonde left.

Naruto grabbed his boxers that were on the floor and put them on as he went to attend the front door. When he opened it he saw a steaming pink hair girl that looked like she could kill in any minute. "Sakura? What are you doing here?" asked Naruto confused. "You know exactly why I'm here!" Sakuara yelled.

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