Chapter 1

Was Hogwarts worth his energy in putting a false face on for the whole of the wizarding world to see? He wanted to leave this place for good. Not only was Harry Potter forced to be the lights savior at the beginning of finding out he was a wizard, Harry was paraded around by the Order of the Phoenix like some puppet on strings. He hated the lot of them, especially Dumbledore.

The great hall was packed with people. This is always the case during Halloween night. Not touching much of his food, Harry couldn't stop thinking. What will become of this place? This school? Yes, he hated the Order and how they manipulated him, but is it worth it?

Putting on a smile, Harry suffered through dinner. Hermione and Ron were continuously arguing with one another… no shocker there. He looked up at the professor's table. Snape has been watching him ever since he came into the hall. Noticing Professor Sprout taking his attention, Harry quietly excused himself and set off.

Harry turned a corner and briskly set off towards the girl's bathroom. The Chamber of Secrets was the one place he could see him. The Hogwarts shields, set by Dumbledore, were still too powerful to penetrate at the moment. Soon that will change.

"I have been waiting."

Harry kneels before his master.

Looking up, he was met by penetrating red eyes. Spending the past year as a prisoner within Riddle manor, Harry still wasn't accustomed to such a stare. Being captive in the beginning, Harry pushed every second of each day to defy Voldemort. Only after being tortured for what felt like an eternity, did he finally submit. And what a blessing it was. Voldemort taught him everything he now knows and holds true. Not only did the light manipulate him, but Dumbledore was raising him like a pig for slaughter. The fool.

Voldemort couldn't help but admire his consort before him. What once was a small ignorant boy holding onto the Gryffindor traits expected of him, Harry was now reaching manhood and beginning to show the potential of a great partner. Oh, how he will enjoy molding him into the dark wizard he was meant to become.

" We will continue as planned. The death eaters are waiting for my call."

"Yes, my Lord."

Taking the boy roughly by his neck robes, Voldemort presses his hand to the famous lightning bolt scar. Concentrating, he pulls his magic and Potters together. Forcing both magical energies to combine, as one they surge above, breaking the Hogwarts shields. Voldemort could help but think that the wizarding world would soon be his.