Chapter 26

The Decree for the Restriction of Muggle and Muggle-born Rights will take affect starting May 15th. As follows, further examination of the magical binding law will be presented to be reviewed and implemented.

All Muggles and Muggle-borns will present themselves to the nearest Wizard Authority Center on the 15th of May. Any who possess a wand will be stripped of such. Immediate departure to training and work camps will follow. Those who are placed into slave servitude will be processed and trained before auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. Those placed in work camps will help in the war efforts. Any who do not follow orders by those superior, will face punishment.

Ministry of Magic

"This looks ready to print." I say, putting the mock paper version of the decree back on the Minister's desk. Today is May 13th, only two days away before most of Britain's population will be forced into slavery.

Doloholv, Fudge and myself occupy Minister Lucius's large office. Having been here for hours, we are just now finishing the copious amounts of paper work for the official decrees. Once Britain's population is managed and under full control, our efforts will consist of war strategies to overtake the whole of Europe.

"Thank you for your help gentlemen. I will bring what we have discussed to the Dark Lord's attention later today." I stand, the others shortly following my lead. After shaking hands, I make my departure down to the main hall of the Ministry.

The corridors are packed with witches and wizards rushing this way and that. For the past week since I have been back here, ministry officials have been working nonstop to appease myself and of course the Dark Lord. It has been nice to finally instill fear within others since Tom announced my place among the high court, my title as their other Lord, Lord Potter.

Walking further down the hallways, I can't help but smirk as people notice my presence. They stop what they are doing, where they are going, and give a short bow. I ignore their gestures, not wanting the wizards to know I enjoy their submissiveness, their fear now directed towards me. I reach the elevator as it opens. Eyeing the people within it, I patiently wait for them to exit before stepping in. I can get used to this...


Flooding back to Riddle Manor, I take off my outer cloak, placing it across the back of the den's couch. The manor seems empty, deserted.

I call out to Lookey.

The small elf pops into the room.

"What can Lookey do for Master?"

I lay down on the leather couch putting my arm to lay over my eyes. With the bright lights and constant noise of the day, all I want to do now is rest.

"Is Tom back yet?" I ask.

"No, other master is still out. Can Lookey do anything else for master?"

"Have Cara prepare me a bath. I want it ready in the next five minutes."

Missing Looky's curt bow, I hear her faint pop signaling her leave. I remain resting on the couch, eyes closed. I wonder what is taking Tom so long?

Pushing myself up, I get off the couch and make my way up the stairs to the bedroom. Walking into the adjoining bathroom, I watch as Cara makes the finishing touches to the bath. Lavender scent fills the large wash room as steam fogs the mirror above the vanity.

I begin to disrobe, leaving the garments balled up upon the floor. Hearing the shuffling behind her, Cara steps away from the tub, eyes fixated on the cold tile floor. Stepping into the hot bath, I sigh as I sink in, bubbles softly tickling my bare skin.

I direct Cara. "You may leave."

Watching as she quietly leaves the bathroom, I relax within the water, grateful to finally be alone. I plunge my head under the water, the soapy water cleaning the days dirt off of me. As I surface, I can feel someone's presence next to the tub.

I wipe the suds away from my eyes. "Were the rest of your horcruxs untouched?" I question, knowing Tom is watching me.

He places his hand in the warm water, moving into around in circles. "They were."

"We should count ourselves lucky the old fool didn't get ahold of them." I retort back. "Since the impure blood laws have been written and are about to be posted, tomorrow I will gather up a team to aid me in the search of Dumbledore."

Voldemort doesn't reply as he begins to take off his robes. I move closer to the far edge of the tub, allowing him space to join me. My gaze takes in his beautiful toned body. He has finished the youth potions created by Severus but the one physical aspect that has remained are his knowing red eyes. Everything else has returned to Tom's youth in his early 30's.

I feel his legs brush up against my thigh as he settles down into the water. Shifting some more, my legs end up resting on top of Tom's lap. He begins to lightly stroke them under the water's surface before speaking.

"That reminds me, how did the meeting go?"

I smile, relaxing under his touch. "It went smoothly. I had everything you and I discussed previously, written up and documented within the law files. Two days from now, the work camps will be full and slave training will begin."

"Good. Now, I am aware we placed Dolohov in charge of the work camps, but who have you appointed to manage the slave trade?"

"I've alerted Draco with the proposition since he and the others have just recently graduated from school. He responded immediately and is eager to begin. I would have thought with his and Hermione's wedding coming up within the next few months, he would be less willing. Draco of course proved me wrong."

Tom rolled his eyes. "I never would have guessed Draco marrying, especially to Granger of all people."

I pinch Tom's thigh under the water.


"Hermione is my friend and has been a good asset in our cause." I remind him.

"All I meant was that it's odd that she, being the only muggleborn in our ranks, is betrothed to wed a Malloy heir. But you are right, I am glad we have her intellect for our own use."

Rubbing the skin I had just pinched, I reach with my other hand to grab the sponge. After letting it soak up the soapy water, I begin to wash Tom's exposed arms and chest. He remains still, letting me continue my ministrations. After I have washed every inch of his body, he takes the sponge and reciprocates my actions. I relax, letting out a few moans of need as he slowly moves the sponge up and down my hardening shaft.

After fondling my balls as well, he stands up, the water dripping down his exposed body. Still seated in the tub, I am now face to face with his straining hard member.

Taking my hand, I clutch the end of his shaft, directing the head to my waiting lips. Licking the head lightly, I taste Tom's precum. It's salty, but sweet. Smiling as he lets out a gasp, I open my mouth, slowly covering his dick. Sucking away at it, I toy with his balls, rolling them in my other hand's palm.

I hold back my want to gag as he begins to thrust deep in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. Tom groans as I moan and continue to pump his member. Feeling his balls tighten in my grasp, I feverishly suck away, my tongue twisting and playing with his head.

With one last thrust of his hips, Tom's seed sprays in my mouth. I down every last drop, not wanting any to go to waste. After cleaning up the seed left on his prick, I pull my mouth away, licking my lips.

"That was amazing." Tom utters, still trying to catch his breath.

"Thanks." I take his outstretched hand, standing up. Stepping out of the tub, Tom wraps a towel around my shoulders before placing one around his waist. He takes my hand, leading me into our bedroom.

"How about we call for some sandwiches and have an early night?"

I grin. "That sounds wonderful."