Chapter one

The first few days after the battle of Hogwarts Harry Potter helped whenever he could, wherever Minerva McGonagall suggested. Even though so many people including Minerva wanted Harry to rest he refused to leave Hogwarts until it was back the way it looked before Voldemort turned up. Hermione understood straight away why Harry wanted to remain at Hogwarts; he had explained how he felt about the castle so it wasn't surprising that Harry wanted to remain to help with the repairs. Ron and Ginny tried everything to get Harry to stay at the Burrow, but nothing would change Harry's mind, Hermione was a little surprised at how often they kept on Harry about returning to the Burrow. Then to both Harry and Hermione's surprise Molly and Arthur Weasley would return to Hogwarts every day to try and talk Harry into going to the Burrow. Finally Harry had enough and yelled that he was not leaving Hogwarts until it was fully and completely repaired and nothing anyone said would change his mind and when it was repaired he was going to get his own place. He shouted all that before storming away down to Hagrid's hut.

Apart from helping with the rebuilding of the castle, Harry helped Madame Pomfrey with the injured that were still there, especially one person, Severus Snape. Harry felt it was his duty to do all he could to help Snape for all the help he had given Harry even if Harry never knew about it until recently. During the time Severus was stuck in a hospital bed with Harry helping tend to his wounds, they finally started to talk openly and honestly, they talked so much that they were now very close. Severus would not admit how he felt about Harry, Harry could hardly believe what he was feeling for Snape, but both refusing to acknowledge their feelings.

A lot of Harry's friends were always at Hogwarts, some that spent the previous year with the Carrow's running Hogwarts. They wanted to remind themselves that it wasn't Hogwarts that made them suffer but Voldemort and his death eaters. They had found out the extent Severus Snape had gone to in making sure the students were not seriously hurt or killed and how he had to allow certain punishment because if he didn't Voldemort would allow the Carrow's to run Hogwarts as they wanted and they would have wanted all students apart from Slytherin house to be tortured and they would have been made to take the dark mark ready to serve Voldemort. It was Severus that said those students will take the mark but not until they finished their last year of their education, learning how to use dark spells on people as that is what the Carrow's was teaching. Severus knew what Harry Potter was doing and he knew the fight was coming which hopefully meant if Harry Potter won then the students were safe, so all those friends actually thanked Severus Snape for his help in keeping them alive.

Harry had taken to watching out for any red heads that turned up and would quickly disappear using his cloak. He cared about the Weasley's but he couldn't understand why they were so determined that he went to the Burrow. He'd also overheard them talking about Ginny and him, about how to get Harry to see that Ginny was meant for him, they were meant to be together. Harry had been tempted to explain that he preferred men but he wasn't ready to admit that to anyone especially considering who he had feelings for.

Harry had just finished repairing one of the court yard walls when he saw Hermione but she was alone so he didn't bother with his cloak because she was just as surprised as Harry with the Weasley's attitude.

'Did they send you this time in the hope that my best friend could talk some sense into me?'

'No and even if they did I would refuse. I can't understand why they are so adamant about you going to the Burrow. But I did overhear something, I'm not sure what it means though. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were talking about the ceremony even though it was already legal they all wanted it, it had something to do with you and Ginny.'

'Ceremony, I hope they don't think I'm going to marry her, I told you I prefer men Hermione. Maybe it's time I told them even though I would rather to keep that to myself right now.'

'I know Harry and that's your choice. The thing is though, even Ron is talking to Ginny and his parents a lot, always quietly or in secret. It's like they know something but aren't ready for anyone else to know, even me. I'm Ron's girlfriend, he shouldn't keep secrets from me.'

'No, he shouldn't, I know I wouldn't if I was in a relationship. I might get you to keep an ear out, try and find out what the hell is going on with that lot. Now though, can I talk to you about something, or someone?'

'Sure, let's go sit down behind Hagrid's hut in case they come looking for you again,' Hermione took Harry's hand and the two friends walked off, they sat down on a conjured blanket facing each other, 'You said someone, have your eyes taken a fancy to some man?'

'Yeah and I realised I actually always had a thing for him. I think that started in our third year.'

'Oh so I know him, someone from our year?'

'No, um Hermione, it's Severus. I think he feels the same about me but won't say anything, maybe because he might feel like he's too old for me or something, I don't know.'

'Wow, okay, maybe some of the snide remarks he used to say to you were to stop himself showing his real feelings.'

'He could easily hide his feelings. He went back to his old rooms this morning so I haven't seen him all day and it's hard to believe, but I miss him.'

'Have you told him how you feel?'

'No, I'm not sure how he will react.'

'Harry, you know more than most that it's not worth staying quiet, holding anything back because of how many times we could have died. There is still danger around, don't you think it's time to speak up in case something happens. I know it probably won't Harry and I don't like to think about any of us being hurt, or worse, but we know how easily that could happen. So in my opinion as your best friend I say tell him while you have the chance. It might work in your favour as well, with whatever the Weasley's are whispering about.'

'Do you think he likes me enough?'

'I saw the way he smiled at you, I even saw a few looks he gave you when you were watching, so again in my opinion, yes, I think he likes you enough.'

'This is why I like having a best friend who's a girl. Okay, I'll talk to him soon. But do me a favour,' Harry never got to finish as Hermione cut in.

'Don't tell anyone about you and Snape?'

'I know you wouldn't say anything, so no, that was not what I was going to say miss smarty. I was going to ask if you would keep a look out and an ear open to see if you can find out what they might be on about. Apart from Snape and McGonagall, you are the only other person I trust completely Hermione, you're also discrete and know to keep things to yourself, even if you're angry with me.'

'You can trust me, I'll see what I can do. Now I should go before Ron comes looking for me and finds you instead,' Hermione kissed Harry's cheek before standing, 'You should go speak with Snape, let me know how it goes.'

'I will, thanks Hermione,' Harry waited until she left before he made sure there were no Weasley's around then headed back inside the castle and down towards the dungeons. Harry stared at the door to Severus' private room and it felt like his whole body was shaking with nerves. He knew he wanted to tell Severus how he felt but he just wasn't sure how it will be received. He stood there staring, then he paced while he tried to work out what to say, then he went to knock before stopping and pacing again. On the fourth time he went to knock and changed his mind the door was sharply pulled open, Severus Snape was standing there staring down at him and Harry thought his legs were going to give out until he felt strong arms around his waist holding him up but also holding him close to Severus' body, that made Harry groan loudly which made him blush brightly. Before he could say anything he was pulled inside, pushed up against the closed door and was being thoroughly kissed.