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Dean turned his head just as another vampire charged towards him, spinning around he swung his machete and cut through flesh and bone, spraying the wall with blood. The body fell to the floor with a thump, another one following behind him as Benny cut through another. Blood splattered across his face and he wiped at it with his sleeve.

"How many do you think there are?" Kevin panted.

Dean looked around the foyer at the five dead vampires littering the floor and pulled a face at the mess. "I'm surprised actually, there's usually more than this." He mumbled.

"Remind me why I'm here again?" Kevin asked in a small voice, holding his sword tight to his chest.

"Because you chucked a hissy fit when I told you to stay in the car." Dean answered absently, too busy deciding which door they should go through.

The hallway ended in a blank brick wall, four doors on either side of the hallway. They had barely made it through the front door of the old Victorian house before being ambushed. Thankfully Kevin and Crowley had proven themselves to not be completely useless in a fight.

"Benny? Wanna choose a door?" Dean asked.

Benny cocked his head as thought listening for something and after a moment pointed to the second door on the left. "That way."

"How do you know?" Crowley asked petulantly.

Benny shrugged. "I don't know, just got a good feeling."

"Wonderful way to make important choices."

"Right, that way then." Dean said, cutting Benny off before he could retaliate and heading in the direction Benny had pointed. They had barely made it five feet down the hallway when the lights flickered and they were plunged into darkness.

"Shit!" Sam swore loudly, dropping to the floor.

Dean was reaching for his flashlight when something heavy smashed into him, the force knocking him through the open door. He heard the others yelling before there was silence. A moment later the lights came back on and Dean found himself standing in a bare room with Crowley. He spun around with his weapon raised and waiting for an attack, relaxing slightly when it became clear they were in no immediate danger.

"They're messing with us." Crowley snarled, kicking the leg of an old antique writing desk.

"Ya think?" Dean hissed back, slamming against the door they'd been forced through.

He didn't like this, something felt wrong.

Being separated from Benny was not an apart of the plan.

"I can't believe this is how I'm going to die." Crowley muttered.

"Oh pull yourself together." Dean rolled his eyes at the ex demon's dramatics.

Turning away from the door Dean scanned the room again and spotted another door tucked next to an empty bookcase. Every sense was telling him not to go any deeper into the house and simply find the others but it didn't look like he had a choice so with a long suffering sigh he motioned Crowley to follow him. The entered into another room and Dean found this one to be just as empty as the last.

"Our survival chances are getting slimmer by the second aren't they?" Crowley asked as he threw himself into one of the plush leather chairs by the door.

Dean turned to face him and raised an eyebrow. "Your highs and lows are giving me whiplash. One moment you're having a melt down and another you're relaxed and bitchy."

"Human emotions get a little overwhelming." He answered with a shrug.

"Tell me about it." Dean mumbled. "Get your ass up, we need to keep moving."

Room after room yielded nothing but empty rooms and Dean was finding it harder and harder to ignore the sick feeling twisting in his stomach. As each second ticked by with no sign of anyone else; vampire or human, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and his skin crawled. There was something off about the whole thing and it made him twitchy.

"How many room do you think this place has?" he asked Crowley suddenly.

"It seems to be made of nothing but rooms so far." Crowley muttered.

Dean hummed and scanned the room thoughtfully. Purple walls so dark they were a shade away from black, cream carpet; other than a singled bed in the corner stripped of its sheets there was nothing. It wasn't right; the place should be crawling with vampires. History had taught him that the Alpha Vampire's safe house should be overwhelmed with guards.

"Do you know what I learnt a long time ago? If it looks like a trap and smells like a trap, It's a trap."

"And this is definitely a trap." Crowley sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and resting against the wall.

"Hell yeah. And not a very well hidden one."


"Fucking hell, so much for having the element of surprise."

Their eyes met, both of them understanding exactly how much trouble they'd stumbled into.

"The others have no idea."

"They'll figure it out. They're smart." Dean assured him.

"But will they realise before they walk right into it?"

Dean opened his mouth to answer when a shiver ran down his spine and the hairs on his arms stood up making him freeze in place.

"What?" Crowley asked, noticing to change in him.

"I think we may have figured it out a bit too late for ourselves." He murmured, feeling the presence of another and shifting into a defense position.

The sound of slow clapping filled the room and a figure slipped through the door behind Dean. "Well done beautiful."

Dean's teeth clenched at the voice and turned around slowly, a snarl spreading across his face. "I should have known." He hissed, glaring at the intruder.

"Maybe. But you did figure the trap part out. Maybe you're not just a pretty face after all." Antonio praised him, leaning his hip against the doorframe.

"And you are a special kind of bastard."

"Oh come one Darlin' you cant be that surprised."

"Don't call me that!" Dean growled out before he could stop himself.

Antonio smirked and looked at him knowingly. "Why not? Is that what Benny calls you? Although I bet not so much anymore."

Understanding hit Dean like a punch in the stomach and he stared at Antonio with an open mouth and blinking rapidly. "You really did all of this just to break me and Benny up? Really?"

"Not too sure who you are but if that's true, wow. You are nuts." Crowley spoke up, watching Antonio in shock.

Antonio's gaze flickered over to Crowley instantly and he sneered, lip curling in disgust. "And who are you?"

"Oh I'm the guy who can see your future." Crowley told him with a smirk, looking remarkably relaxed behind Dean. "And here's some advice you could have used before you fucked yourself; the Winchesters are more trouble than they're worth. But don't worry, you'll find out the hard way by the time all this is over."

"You don't know what you're talking about." Antonio spat out.

"Oh he knows better than most." Dean agreed. "The truth is; you are in way over your head."

"And she did this thing with Nutella and her tongue that was just…"

"Stop talking." Benny demanded quickly before Garth could get into any more details.

Being pulled into a dark corridor would be enough to rattle most people but not Garth, the man had taken it without batting an eyelid and had began babbling while Benny's head was still spinning. Nothing seemed to keep the man down and the vampire found the limitless energy off putting. Thankfully the natural air of danger he gave off was enough to keep Garth on edge and the younger man dropped silent, allowing Benny to think clearly.

Everything about the current situation set Benny on edge, he didn't like being pushed and pulled by unseen forces. Didn't like being separated from Dean and really did not enjoy the feeling of being out of control. Slowing to a stop he took a breath and closed his eyes, searching for Dean heartbeat.

"Can you hear them?" Garth asked, the first hint of worry coloring his voice.

"I can hear Dean, a quieter one that I'm pretty sure is ex-demon's." Benny admitted; torn between worry for the others while starkly relieved that Dean was in one piece.

"Do you think that means they're…ya know?"

"Doesn't mean anything Garth, I'm sure they're fine."

"Then why can you hear Dean's?"

"I'm more in tune with Dean than I am the others. I'm sure that's all." Benny did his best to reassure the man beside him while focusing most of his attention on what to do next. Clicking his tongue softly and grunting when he'd made up his mind. "Right. Turn around, we're heading back."

Before Garth could answer Benny had swiveled him around him the shoulders and was directing him back down the hallway the way they'd come. With each step Benny became more and more certain they had to get out of the house as soon as possible, dread curled in his stomach and suspicion sat heavy in the back of his mind. He couldn't pinpoint how he knew but he was sure they were no longer the ones doing the hunting.

"The door is locked! We've already tried once." Garth mumbled to the vampire over his shoulder.

"Then I'll kick the thing down." Benny hissed, facing the door in question with a glare.

Garth watched wide-eyed as the vampire rammed his shoulder against the heavy door. Had it been anyone else Garth was sure the end result would have been a broken shoulder, as it was however the vampire popped the door from its hinges on the second try. The crack of the splintering wood would have been audible throughout the house and Garth winced.

"That's gonna attract attention." The hunter muttered, following Benny through the doorway and back into the entranceway.

Garth looked longingly at the front door but Benny didn't stand still for long and headed in the direction of Dean's rapidly beating heart. The door opened with ease and they frowned, as it swung open with a gentle creak.

"The doors open from the outside." He mumbled more to himself than anything.

"I feel like I've stumbled into a bad horror movie." Garth answered as his stomach twisted.

"Yeah, my kind's always had a flair for the dramatic." Benny told him with a crooked smirk, stepping into the room cautiously. "Let's just find everyone and get our shit together."

"How are we going to find Sam and Kevin?"

Benny shot him an irritated look and growled. "One problem at a time please."

Dean looked towards the door when he heard a loud crack from somewhere in the distance and smirked.


Benny would be able to hear him, Benny would find them and Dean would take great pleasure in watching him tear Antonio to pieces. He briefly considered doing it himself but he knew he'd gain quite a few injuries from the fight and it wasn't worth it; not when he'd have to deal with the Alpha later. Let Benny have the fun; he deserved it. He wasn't the only one who realised it'd be Benny who had decided to kick his way out of the trap they'd set. Antonio's mouth pulled into a frown and glanced over his shoulder, eyes narrowing.

"I'm surprised Benny came. How's that going by the way? Your betrayal must have been devastating." The vampire sneered at him.

Crowley suddenly perked up at the words and smirked, gaze moving between the two of them.

"So he's the one you cheated on Twilight with? You really are a bit of a vamp slut aren't you?" Crowley asked, looking at Antonio in interest.

"I didn't cheat on Benny!" Dean bit out angrily.

"You kind of did." Antonio smiled. "What did Benny do when he saw it? I'm curious. Did he yell? Curse? Did he call you a whore?

Dean shot Crowley a warning look to keep his mouth shut. The last thing he wanted was Antonio to know the pain he'd caused between he and Benny. Antonio pouted at the lack of response and his jaw clenched as he watched Dean's emotionless face.

"No he wouldn't, would he? Confrontation isn't his style, never was. He gave you the silent treatment didn't he? That's what he used to do to me."

"Don't compare us. I'm nothing like you, I'd never put Benny through what you did." Dean said quietly, suppressing his anger.

"Oh get off your high horse Dean! It took a grand total of thirty seconds to get underneath me."

"I did what I had to. I took no pleasure in it."

"Pity. I sure did. You really do taste delicious." Antonio purred, humming low in the back of his throat at the memory and taking a step towards Dean.

Crowley was openly gaping at Dean, a smirk tugging at his lips. "Naughty boy, Dean! You let another vampire feed on you? No wonder twilight was pissed."

"Shut up Crowley!"

"Don't get angry at me! You're the who can't keep his legs closed."

"For the last time, I didn't cheat on Benny!" Dean yelled, resisting the urge to kill Crowley himself.

"There's more than one way to cheat Dean." Crowley told him with Antonio nodding along with what he saying.

Dean gaped between the two, blinking stupidly and wondering when he had become the meat in a 'let's hate on Dean' sandwich.

"Oh fuck the both of you." He muttered hatefully, glaring at them.

There was a loud smash, this time directly on the other side of the door and Dean couldn't contain a flinch.

"Dean!" Benny yelled, smashing the flat of his hand against the door.

"Benny it's…!" Dean yelled in return, his outburst earning him a backhand from Antonio.

Benny's voice had caught his attention and his guard had dropped, only for a second but the attack was so sudden it sent him to the floor, machete flying out his hands and skidding across the hardwood.

Benny growled and charged the door, desperate to reach Dean. He was backing up to try again when a familiar scent caught his attention. He froze and a thunderous anger clouded his face and caused Garth to take a step away.

"Son of a bitch!" he roared, fury raging through him as his vision turned red. He kicked the door, causing the wood to creak and bend. "Antonio! I know you're in there!"

There was a moment of silence before a smug voice drifted through the door.

"Bit busy at the moment sweetheart."

"If you lay a hand on him I swear I will rip your fucking throat out!"

"Bit too late for that threat, handsome."

The sound of a scuffle made Benny's breath hitch. He heard Antonio cure violently followed by a thump and sudden spike of Dean's heart rate.

"You really know how to pick the feisty ones don't you?" Antonio snarled through the door.

"I am going to kill you." Benny warned him quietly, knowing the other vampire would be able to hear him.

"He's fine Benny! Just slightly…. Unconscious." Crowley yelled out to him.

"Shut your mouth." Antonio sneered,

Snarling angrily Benny prepared to ram the door again when a hand rested on his shoulder lightly.

"Garth…" he hissed, not bothering to turn around.

"Not me dude." Garth whispered, voice shaking slightly.

"You must be the famous Benny. Because of you I've been busier in the last month than I have in decades."

Benny didn't recognize the voice but it sent a chill down his spine. When he turned his head slowly he saw a man who looked about Kevin's age and he swallowed. He'd heard enough of the stories to know who was standing behind him and fear unlike anything he'd felt before flooded him. He really, really hoped whatever the Alpha Vampire wanted involved him being alive because if not he was in trouble.

"And you must be the infamous Jeremy; the vampire boogie man." Benny answered, fear making him snarky.

Before Benny could stop him, Garth raised his machete above his head and charged at Jeremy, screaming what Benny could only describe as a battle cry. Jeremy stepped out of the way, kicked Garth to his knees and forced him to drop the blade by snapping his wrist like a dry twig. Garth's cry turned to one of pain and he slumped forward, clutching his wrist to his chest with a whimper. Jeremy looked down at him impassively, kicking the weapon out of reach in case Garth tried again.

"That was brave. But mostly stupid. I wouldn't recommend doing it again."

Benny watched the scene with trepidation and swallowed heavily but refused to let the fear show on his face. "Was it completely necessary to break the kids wrist?" he asked hesitantly, watching Garth sympathetically.

The guy really wasn't cut out for this job.

Jeremy looked down at the man in question and shrugged. "It discourages retaliation. And may I just say, what an odd collection of allies you have."

"They're my friends." Benny answered with a shrug, too worried about his unconscious lover on the other side of the door to make small talk.

Jeremy cocked his head and frowned in confusion before glancing down at Garth. "Really? Even the funny little man?"


"Please be quiet." Jeremy asked the hunter politely before turning his attention back to Benny. "Are you going to give me trouble?"

Benny briefly considered the option of fighting but decided he wasn't quite ready to go back to Purgatory and threw his hands up in surrender. "Nope." He muttered as he stepped away from the door.

Jeremy nodded and accepted the surrender before kicking down the door in one smooth move, shattering the wood into splinters.

"Wow. Why couldn't you do that?" Garth asked him, breathing shallow from the pain.

Benny blinked and his jaw tensed. "Don't make me break the other one Garth."

As soon as Jeremy entered the room, Benny spotted Dean lying on the floor and he rushed in mindless of the danger that making sudden movements around Jeremy created. Skidding to a stop he dropped to his knees and lifted Dean's head off the ground gently. He looked up to shoot Crowley a hateful look.

"Did you even try to help him?"

"Human or demon, I don't play hero." Crowley snorted and Benny had to resist the urge to lunge at him.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you." Benny snarled at Antonio, the sight of the vampire causing his blood to boil.

Antonio smirked but was stopped from answering by Jeremy's glare. "At least try and act like you're not completely incompetent."

Antonio's jaw clenched tightly and he remained silently but didn't refrain from glaring at Dean.

"And everyone else, I understand you may by a little confused about your new roles in this story, so allow me to make it perfectly clear. You have now all been captured, keep your mouths shut and you'll remain in your current conditions. No unnecessary pain required." Jeremy told them all, gaze falling on each of them in turn and making sure they understood.

Benny crouched closer to Dean and wiped a piece of hair out of the other man's face gently, too engrossed in him to see Jeremy's strange look.

"Gonna be alright Darlin." He whispered, stroking a knuckle over a pale cheek.

Jeremy turned to Antonio, contempt clear on his face. "Where are the other two?" he asked.

Antonio paused and his gaze flickered around the room nervously. "Other two?"

"Yes. In case you've forgotten there were six of them, I only count four."

Antonio stuttered and grasped desperately for an answer, Jeremy's face becoming darker and darker with each passing moment.

Benny was beginning to think Jeremy was going to kill Antonio before he got a chance to.

Jeremy cracked his jaw and shook his head at Antonio. "What is wrong with you?"

Antonio shifted, looking at Jeremy awkwardly.

"No I am legitimately asking you the question; what is wrong with you? The plan was simple! Keep an eye on them; don't engage. And what do you do? Set your useless thugs on to them and now our foyer has a new color scheme. And to top it off we now have a Winchester and a Prophet walking loose around the house! All because you couldn't pass up the opportunity for revenge." Jeremy bit out, voice as cold as ice.

"I didn't…"

"You are a disaster." He hissed, ending the conversation.

As soon as the lights had gone out Sam had dropped to the floor, pulling the closet person down with him. Shadowed figures had rushed past them and he could hear the grunts and surprised yells of the others as they had been forced to separate. A moment later the lights had flickered back on and Sam had found himself alone with Kevin who was crouching next to him, wide eyed and scared.

"What…what happened?" Kevin asked, jittery as he stood up.

"That Kevin, was a trap." Sam growled, standing upright and looking around the foyer.

"Are we going after them?"

"No. We're going back to the car, I have feeling our arrival wasn't as much as a surprise as it was supposed to be."

They'd parked the cars high up on a hill that overlooked the mansion yet was far enough away from it that no vampire; Alpha or otherwise would sense them. Upon reaching the Impala Kevin let out a shaky sigh and thumped his head against the roof before turning around and slipping do sit on the browning grass.

"How fucked are we Sam" he asked, staring ahead vacantly.

Sam sighed and sat down next to him with a grunt. "Pretty fucked."

"This plan was crazy when there was six of us! What are we going to do?"

Sam shook his head and stared at the mansion absently, desperately hoping the legendary Winchester genius was going to strike him. If there was ever a time he needed a stroke of inspiration, it was now.

"Uh Sam?"

"Thinking here Kev."

"No really Sam, you should see this."

Sam made an irritated noise and looked in the direction Kevin was pointing. A large black car was pulling up outside the house and he watched as the driver stepped out of the imposing car and opened the back door for someone. Sam's stomach dropped when a refined, well dressed black man stepped out.

"It that?" Kevin whispered as though afraid he'd be heard despite the distance.

"The Alpha Vampire." Sam confirmed. "We are in so much trouble."


Jeremy took control of the room quickly, silently banishing Antonio to the corner while he organized everyone. One by one they all lined up against the empty wall and Jeremy was thankful for their cooperation, he found the thought of using force against them distasteful. If he was being honest with himself he found the entire operation to be distasteful. Granted Dean and the others had come after them but they never would have if his Father hadn't pushed first.

When they had settled and he was sure none of them were planning on putting up a fight any time soon he watched the miss matched company closely. Nothing about today had gone as planned and now he was left with the task of cleaning up the mess of vampire who gave the rest of his kind a bad name. Jeremy couldn't deny the stories had truth to them; whenever the Winchesters were involved it was more trouble than it was worth.

He straightened slightly when he heard the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Antonio tense and shiver, the presence of the Alpha affecting him in the usual way. Benny seemed to have felt it too, hands clenching into fists and pupils blowing wide. Jeremy had seen that response more times then he could count, being in the vicinity of their Father could be overwhelming, especially the first time.

"Watch them. Can you do that?" he asked the much younger vampire, not quite able to keep the contempt out of his voice.

Antonio glared at him but a subtle cock of his head in warning was enough to make him think twice and respond with a nod.

"Sure." He muttered, staring own at his feet.

Jeremy met his Alpha in the main hallway and watched him surveying the mess of bodies and heads littering the floor with lip curled.

"What happened?" he asked softly, the two vampires flanking him shying away from their Father's wrath while Jeremy simply blinked.

"Your new pet decided to take the opportunity for some revenge, causing chaos in the process."

The Alpha sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose tightly. "How bad is it?"

"This is the least of our problems, believe me. Dean is unconscious, one of the hunters has a broken arm and Sam and the Prophet managed to escape." Jeremy explained, keeping all emotion out of his expression even though inside he was seething.

"Shouldn't be a problem. Sam wont go far without his brother, we'll find him; or he'll find us." The Alpha murmured as he stepped forward but stopped when Jeremy put his hand out.

"We have bigger problems." He said with a sigh.

"See if you can find our missing guests."

At a nod the two vampires flanking the Alpha left and headed down the hallway and through the nearest door. When they were alone the atmosphere relaxed slightly and Jeremy shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Not surprisingly Antonio didn't do his job; or at least not very well because Dean and Benny are defiantly still together and very much in love judging by the way they look at each other."

"Are you sure?"

Jeremy resisted the urge to snorted and simply nodded instead. "Trust me. You only have to spend five minutes in a room with them to see it."

The Alpha growled low in the back of his throat and his lips curled into a snarl. "Well that unfortunate."

"Unfortunate? The entire plan rested on Benny being heartbroken and angry. He'll never join us now, not while he still has Dean bringing out what's left of his humanity and especially now he knows Antonio was working for you."

Jeremy met the Alpha's stare head on; it had been a long time since he'd felt threatened by him.

"We'll go to plan B then. We can turn Dean; sure he'll be more difficult to control but still an asset. If Dean belongs to me, Benny belongs to me."

Jeremy shook his head once more and tried to think of way to say what he was thinking that wouldn't get him his head bitten off. The Alpha always had been touchy about people challenging him.

"That comes with its own set of problems. Historically Winchesters don't respond well to manipulation. You turn him and he'll only be loyal to you while he's dependent on you. He won't be a newborn forever and he'll never love you as much as he loves Benny."

"Well what would you suggest?" The Alpha snapped, clearly not liking his lack of cooperation.

"I think at this point we have two option, neither of which I think you'll like. We either kill them all or let them go. I'm leaning towards letting them go, at this point we still have a rouge Winchester and the thought of a pissed off, revenge driven Winchester after my head doesn't really appeal to me." He answered with a shrug, deciding it was best to ignore the Alpha's tone.

"Let them go? Then what? We run with our tails between our legs?"

"Wouldn't be the first time we've had to disappear."

"You would have us hide like rats? All because of some hunters?" he spat angrily in return.

"I think we both know they are hardly just 'some' hunters."

"You forget your place!" The Alpha hissed and stepping towards him threateningly.

Jeremy scowled but held his ground. He'd been around for far too long to be intimidated by the action. Anger spiked through him and his blood boiled, he deserved more respect than being treated like some watered down abomination that passed for a vampire these days.

"And I think you're forgetting who I am. I am not someone you can bark orders at! I'm the last of your first children and I've survived this long for a reason. I am as old and as strong as you are!" Jeremy snarled, anger making his jaw clench and his eyes narrow. "You are not infallible, you are not god! You gave me this gift and I will stand by you no matter what choice you make as I always have but don't say I didn't warn you."

Dean came back to consciousness with a start, his first coherent thought was of being tired of vampires knocking him out and waking up on the cold floor with a thumping headache. A hand touched his arm and he flinched, pulling away quickly.

"Just me Dean." Benny soothed him quickly but didn't try to stop him when he jerked forward into a sitting position.

The movement caused his head to spin and he looked around the room in panic. He quickly realised his weapons had been taken from him and frowned when he saw they were all lined up against the wall furthest from the door, Sam and Kevin missing from the line up.

Antonio was standing in the corner watching them closely but stayed silent and Dean choose to ignore him completely. He twisted until his back was pressed against the wall and looked over at Benny who was straightening his legs, getting comfortable after having Dean's head in his lap.

"Looks like I slept through the fun part." He joked, wincing when his dry throat scratched and swallowing. "You ok Benny?" he asked, scanning his vampire carefully.

"Better than you Darlin." Benny answered with a crooked smile before reaching over and examining the head wound carefully.

Blood had coated the right side of his face and although it was mostly dry it was still sticky in some places and Dean could see Benny's pupils dilating at the sight of his blood. Smiling softly at him he wrapped his hand around the fingers now drifting through the fresh blood and pulling them away gently.

"I'm fine Benny." he assured him, ignoring how close Benny was to the edge.

Benny nodded and turned his head away so Dean couldn't see his fangs descending and shook slightly as he forced them back up.

"Oh yeah, we're fine too." Crowley said snarkily next to him. "Thanks for asking."

"I'm not fine." Garth muttered quietly and Sam noticed he did look dangerously pale and was holding his wrist at an odd angle.

"What happened to you?" Dean asked.

"Jeremy broke his wrist." Benny explained when he'd gathered control of himself.

"Jeremy's here? That's fantastic." He groaned, stomach flipping unpleasantly. For some reason he found himself more scared of Jeremy than he was of the Alpha. "And what's happened to Sam and Kevin?"

Benny glanced over at Antonio before leaning in close to Dean and whispering. "Nowhere to be found. I think they slipped away during the chaos. Hopefully they have a plan."

"I can hear you." Antonio said with a roll of his eyes.

"Well hear this asshole. You're screwed, the Alpha has us now and you have officially become redundant. I know Jeremy well enough to know he's going to enjoy killing you." Dean told him with a smirk.

Antonio opened his mouth to answer when the door swung open, the Alpha and Jeremy entering the room. Antonio shivered and seemed to curl in on himself, trying to disappear into the wall.

"Hey Jeremy, nice to see you again." Dean greeted him, looking away from Benny with a tight smile.

Jeremy tilted his head slightly in acknowledgement and smiled in return. "Hello Dean, it's nice to see you conscious."

"I'm actually thinking of investing a helmet. Bit tired of being knocked out by vamps." He answered with a shrug. A part from Benny, Jeremy was one of the few vampires he found himself liking, even if he was a killer.

"Or you could simply stop ending up in strange houses surrounded by dangerous people?" Jeremy suggested with a raised eyebrow.

Before Dean could answer Crowley smacked his arm roughly and frowned at him. Dean blinked at him and pulled away closer to Benny, not quite sure what to do with the sudden attack.

"Dude!" he growled, staring at him. "What the hell was that for?"

"I don't want to die listening to you flirting."

"I wasn't flirting!" Dean hissed before turning to face Benny. "I wasn't flirting." He repeated, worried about what the words would do to Benny.

"I know Darlin, Crowley's just being an asshole." Benny shot Crowley a dirty look over Dean's shoulder.

"I'm the asshole? I didn't force you to come on this suicide mission of a hunt!"

"Oh put a fucking sock in it Crowley!" Garth spoke up, causing everyone to freeze and look at him.

"Look who finally grew a pair." Crowley crooned, ruffling Garth's hair.

"I should have left you to die in that church!" Dean yelled at him, taking his frustration out on Crowley.

"I wish you had!" Crowley yelled back, eyes suddenly going wide and looking shocked at his own admission.

"Well as entertaining as this is, we have other things to discuss." The Alpha announced softly but still managed to draw their attention to him. "So this is how this is going to go. I'm going to turn you Dean and then I'm going to feed your friends to you." He explained calmly.

Antonio suddenly looked up, anger flashing across his face and he stumbled forward, seemingly finding his voice. "You promised you'd kill him! That was our deal!" the vampire hissed.

"Yes and then you failed to hold up your end of the bargain so now I'm forced to improvise." The Alpha snarled, glaring at the sight of Dean leaning into Benny and the vampire giving out an air of protectiveness.

"I wont do it. Turn me if you want, not the first time but I wont feed. Just like I didn't then."

"Oh you'll feed Dean, I promise you that." He assured him before glancing over at Benny who was beginning to look ill.

"What are you doing to him?" Dean asked as he noticed the change in Benny. "Stop!"

Crowley was watching the scene closely before his eyes lit up in understanding. "He can control them Dean, like Eve controlled her monsters." He whispered to him, not taking his eyes off the Alpha.

Benny heard him and shook his head. "Don't worry Dean. It's not that bad, I can fight it."

The Alpha smirked and looked Benny over fondly. "Oh I'm not even trying yet. You'll do what I tell you to, they all do in the end. I have you now and I'm not letting you go, you're too much of a prize."

Dean took Benny's hand and wrapped the vampire's fingers around his wrist, making sure they were right over his pulse point.

"Just focus on my heartbeat Benny." he instructed, happy when some of the tension left the vampire's face after a moment.

"Oh you are smart." The Alpha praised.

"And you are not nearly as smart as you think you are."

The Alpha clicked his tongue in annoyance and Dean smirked at being able to get under his skin. That satisfaction rapidly turned to fear as the ancient vampire stalked towards and a strong hand gripped the collar of his jacket, hauling him up with such force his feet left the ground. Benny lunged to his feet but was stopped by Jeremy who stepped in between them and grabbed Benny around the neck, pinning him in place. It had been a very long time since Benny had been in a fight with someone who was stronger than him.

He didn't like it.

Dean gasped for air, choked by his own shirt collar and struggled wildly, each flail of his arms being easily deflected. He grunted in pain when his legs were kicked out from underneath him and he crumpled to the floor painfully. Another swift smack to the head made him see stars and his head spun. His brain was screaming at him to fight back but his limbs just weren't cooperating. He grunted and managed to grunt and rolled onto his front, pushed himself onto his hands and knees and felt something press into his ankle.

Could he really be that lucky?

He didn't make it far before the Alpha gripped his hair and yanked his head back roughly until he was forced into a kneeling position. His neck was exposed and through the ringing in his ears he could dimly hear Benny roaring curses. The Alpha crouched down behind him and the restraining hand in his hair moved to his jaw, a bleeding wrist being placed up to his mouth.

"You are going to make a beautiful addition to my nest."

Dean shivered as the hot breath ghosted across his ear and jerked his head to the side as far as he could. Blood smeared along his cheek and across the corner of his mouth. He continued struggling in the hopes of concealing the fact he was reaching into his boot, fiddling around for what he was looking for.


A small plastic plunger attached to a glass cylinder. A vial of dead mans blood and it was his only chance. It wasn't enough to take him down but it might be enough to slow him down and give him a chance. He'd have to wait for the perfect opportunity; he'd only get one chance and couldn't afford to mess it up.

His heartbeat stuttered and his breath hitched when he saw Jeremy's eyes landing on his hand, which quickly turned to confusion when Jeremy didn't say a word. The hand holding his face tightened and his jaw creaked under the pressure. The Alpha's nails turned into claws and pierced the flesh of his cheek, blood running down his neck. Dean's hand curled around the syringe but paused when Jeremy shook his head, the movement so subtle he thought he'd imagined it for a moment. He waited for a second and then another, not sure what he was waiting for.

'Now' Jeremy mouthed to him.

Suddenly the room became very busy, Sam and Kevin busting down the door and charging in. As quick as he could Dean pulled the syringe out of his boot and shoved it into the Alpha's thigh, pressing the plunger down immediately. The hand holding his face released and shoved him roughly to the floor as the Alpha automatically reached down to pull the needle out. Sam came out of nowhere and rugby tackled the vampire to the floor, quickly plunging three more needles into his chest.

Before Dean could help Sam the Alpha threw his brother into the wall, Sam's head colliding with the surface with a sickening crunch. He was still strong enough to be a threat but Dean could see the blood had been enough to make him unsteady. As the Alpha was advancing on Dean he didn't notice Benny breaking free from Jeremy and charging at him.

"Don't touch him!" Jeremy yelled but it was too late.

As soon as Benny touched the Alpha his entire demeanor changed and he froze, eyes going wide and tensing tightly. Sam moved towards him but Jeremy stopped him.

"Don't, he wont hesitate to kill you." He murmured with a shake of his head.

"Listen to him Sam." Dean muttered as he watched Benny closely.

"What are you doing?" The Alpha spat at Jeremy, eyes shinning with shock and anger.

"Protecting our kind, just as I always have. Even if that means protecting them from you." Jeremy answered calmly.

A quick glance to his right let Dean know Crowley had managed to restrain Antonio with some help of Kevin and some dead mans blood.

Benny began moving towards him, each step halting and stiff with vacant eyes. The Alpha stood up, the blood already wearing off.

"Benny." Dean whispered, backing away cautiously.

Sam threw him a machete and although he caught it, he had serious doubts about whether or not he'd actually be able to bring himself to use it against Benny.

"Kill him." The Alpha ordered, satisfaction clear on his face.

Dean barely managed to dodge a swing from Benny, ducking down and tackling the vampire, throwing his own weapon to the floor. He'd managed to catch Benny off guard but with the state he was in he was no match for the vampire and found himself pinned to the floor.

"Benny, please." He gasped, the rest cut off by a fist to the face followed by another to the ribs. Turning his head he coughed up blood, a tooth having been knocked loose from the blow.

Benny was on top of him, pinning him down by sitting on his chest and pushing the air out of his lungs.

"Finish it." the Alpha demanded.

Benny pulled back and his fangs descended, never taking his eyes off Dean. As the razor sharp teeth moved closer to his neck Dean pushed down the ridiculous urge to giggle; after everything Benny was finally going to feed from him.

"Come on Benny, I know you're in there." He whimpered, tears building when he realised there was no way to stop it. With the Alpha now back at full strength, none of the others would be able to get close enough to help him. Swallowing heavily he turned his gaze to the Alpha who was watching closely.

"Don't make him do this. Kill me yourself, just please don't make Benny do it," he begged, beyond the point of worrying about his dignity. If he was going to die so be it but he knew Benny was still in there and he'd never forgive himself for killing Dean. He couldn't let him live with that.

"I always get what I want Dean." the Alpha said with a smile.

Closing his eyes Dean took a breath and waited until Benny's ear was close to his mouth, "I forgive you Benny. Try and remember that. I love you, I love you so much." He whimpered, wincing when teeth pressed against his skin. "I love you."

There was a tense moment while Dean waited for the inevitable pain, eyes opening slowly when it never came.

"What are you waiting for?" The Alpha hissed.

Benny hesitated and pulled back to look at Dean, frowning heavily and guilt contorting his face. A hand came up and cupped his face, flinching at the pain in his bruised cheek. Benny closed his eyes briefly before leaning back down, mouth hovering next to Dean's ear.

"Sorry for this Darlin."

Before Dean could wonder what he meant, razor sharp fangs pierced the skin of his neck. He jerked up, crying out in shock. It hurt, but nowhere near as much as he'd expected. When Antonio had bit him it had made him feel dirty and ashamed. With Benny he didn't feel any of that, it felt intimate and strangely perfect. As Benny sucked at the broken flesh Dean found his breath coming in hitched breathless pants, hands uselessly searching for something to hold onto.

Had the circumstances been different Dean was sure he would find pleasure in this, he could feel it skirting around the edges just out of reach. Every second that went by Dean found his muscles going limp, blood loss making him dizzy and his vision blur. When Benny finally pulled away he did so suddenly and Dean couldn't stop himself from whimpering at the loss.

What happened next, happened so fast it was little more than a blur to him. He'd never seen Benny move so fast and it made his head spin. One moment Benny was reaching next to him where his weapon had fallen and the next he was spinning, followed by the splintering of bone and the thump of something hitting the floor. The room fell silent as everyone stared at the decapitated head of the father of all vampires rolled across the floor.

"Holy shit." Kevin whispered wide-eyed as the head came to a stop.

The body of the Alpha stayed upright for another second before crumbling to the floor like a puppet that had had its strings cut. Slowly Dean pushed himself upright and winced as every one of his muscles protested violently. Benny dropped the machete to the floor and hurried over to him.

A strong arm curled around Dean's waist as he helped him stand, whispering constant apologizes to him. Without uttering a word Dean ignored his throbbing split lip and black eye in favor of pulling Benny into a deep but loving kiss. It didn't last long but it was enough to banish the guilt from his eyes if only for the moment.

"Can we please get the hell out of here?" Garth asked quietly, leaning heavily against the wall.

"What are we going to do about him?" Crowley nodded in the direction of the still drugged up Antonio.

"I'll take care of him if you want?" Jeremy offered. "I have to admit, I have been looking forward to it."

"You can have him. He's not worth it." Benny told him absently, refusing to take his eyes off Dean for even a second.

"Excellent. Just so you know, no one will come after any of you. I'm the only one who knows what happened here and no one will ever know you were involved. You have my word." Jeremy promised.

"Why did you help us? I mean I'm not complaining, just wondering." Sam asked him.

"Because none of this should have happened. You weren't after us, it was nothing more than greed and revenge going after you." Jeremy sighed, looking down at what was left of the Alpha vampire sadly. "There was a time when he truly loved us; his children. Now he uses as canon fodder and bait. And I've known more than a few Winchesters over the centuries, I've always liked your family."

Dean huffed and smiled, though it didn't last long as it pulled at his lips painfully.

"Well whatever your reasons, thank you." Benny said, pulling Dean closer to his side, careful not to hurt him.

"I would really like to leave now." Garth mentioned once more.

"Shit, sorry Garth. Come on, let's get you patched up." Sam apologized.

They left quickly, leaving Jeremy alone with Antonio who was just beginning to stir. Walking out the front door Dean looked at them all in turn and was surprised they'd all managed to leave in one piece more or less. Benny was practically vibrating next to him, energy thrumming through him and Dean realised it was the first time in a long time Benny had drunk blood that didn't come out of a chilled plastic bag. The trek up to the cars took longer than it should have due to the fact Benny had to almost carry Dean up the steep slope and by the time they made it to the top Dean was panting and he had a rushing sound in his ears.

"Blood loss is not fun." He muttered in response to Sam's worried looks.

"I'm hungry. Can we get burgers?" Crowley asked no one in particular.

Sam looked at the ex-demon incredulously and Kevin burst out laughing at the unexpected question. Dean had to give it to him; Crowley certainly knew how to lighten the mood.

"I could go for burgers." Dean mumbled into Benny's neck.


In the end they didn't stop for burgers as Dean's vision became blurrier and Benny insisted they check into the nearest motel. No one complained much as none of them felt up to the long drive back to the bunker. With eyes half closed in exhaustion he flicked the light on and stumbled into the room, not paying any attention to the décor of the room and making a beeline for the bed with the full intention of falling onto the mattress and allowing oblivion to take him. However that plan was scrapped when Benny spun around and began stripping his jacket off.

"Come one Benny, wanna sleep." He mumbled as he struggled weakly.

"You're covered in blood Dean, let's get that washed off first." Benny instructed, throwing Dean's jacket to the floor and hooking his fingers under the hem of his blood stained shirt.

Dean's grunt of annoyance turned to confusion as Benny suddenly froze and pulled his hands back. "Unless you rather I didn't touch you? I'd understand if you didn't."

Dean shook his head slightly and temporarily pushed away the tiredness clawing at him. Reaching down he grasped Benny's hand and guided it under his shirt until the thick fingers were brushing the bruised and tender skin of what he was sure was a cracked rib.

"I don't think they'll ever be a time when I don't want you to touch me." He said with a smile.

Benny smiled in return and rubbed a thumb over the heated flesh tenderly.

"I am sorry."

"I know but unfortunately it happens. You wouldn't believe the ass beating Sam and I have given each other over the years."

With a wince, the shirt joined the jacket on the floor as he quickly kicked off his jeans.

"Stay here." Benny ordered, gesturing for Dean to stay put.

Benny disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Dean to stand in the middle of the room naked save for underwear. He heard the rush of water and his muscles ached in anticipation of a hot shower.

"You had better be planning on joining me!" Dean yelled out to him, rolling his shoulder back and moaning when something popped.

A deep chuckle drifted out from the bathroom and Dean smiled. He knew at some point they would be forced to talk about what had happened in detail but at the moment all he wanted to do was share a boiling hot shower with his handsome wet vampire. His neck was throbbing painfully now and the dried blood was making his skin itchy. Wincing as he pressed at the tender, broken skin carefully. He hoped he could get Benny to bite him again under better circumstances because it had the potential to be massively pleasurable.

Benny came out of the bathroom completely naked and walking behind Dean. Placing a hand on each shoulder he marched him into the bathroom. "Toddle along Darlin."

He managed to remove his underwear on the way and pressed his ass against the vampire's soft cock teasingly.

"Not now." Benny chastised, kissing the nape of his neck gently.

"You just killed the Alpha, don't you want your celebratory fuck?"

"Not when you can barely stand up."

Stepping into the shower was amazing and Dean groaned loudly, happy as the water washed away stale sweat and dry blood. His arms felt like lead and all he could do was allow Benny to wash him, large gentle fingers rubbing away the dirt. Arms surrounded him, enveloping him in a protecting hold and hand resting on bruised ribs.

"You are so beautiful." Benny whispered into Dean's neck and smiled when the younger man shivered. "And you taste delicious."

"I'm glad you think so."

As much as Dean would rather stay under the warm spray, the need to sleep took over and he found himself being dried off and pushed towards the bed. If it had been any other time Dean would have been basking in the care the vampire was showing him but at that moment he could barely concentrate on his own name, and if taking care of him made the vampire feel better about the dappled bruises covering his face then was wasn't going to complain.

The old lumpy mattress left surprisingly comfortable and when his face pressed against the musty pillow he groaned happily. As he buried himself under the blankets and stretched languidly, Benny crawled in behind him and pressed their still damp bodies together and inhaling deeply. Their legs tangled together and Benny threw his arm across Dean, the hunter holding his hand tightly.

"I could have killed you today."

"But you didn't, you stopped and that's the important thing."

"I love you Dean. The thought of loosing you terrifies me." Benny mumbled.

Dean frowned and rolled over onto his back and making sure the vampire met his eyes. "You're not going to loose me Benny." he raised a hand and placed it against the vampire's cheek and raked his nails through the beard. "Not now and not ever. You're stuck with me."

Closing the space between them and capturing Dean in a kiss, massaging the soft, plump lips with his own. The kiss didn't progress beyond the teasing and soon they broke apart, nuzzled together and fell asleep with their faces inches a part, both of them feeling more relaxed than they had in a long time.


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