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Without further ado, I present to you *drum roll* A Father's Love!

Chapter 1

Gru sank back into his chair. "It can't be," his mind numbly repeated. But the papers in his hands told otherwise.

"Oh, my girls… Will they leave? What will my kittens do when they find out? Should I tell them?"

The questions raced through his mind like Minions rushing for a banana. He sat there silently for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, he was jolted out of his reverie by several sharp knocks on his door.

"What is it?" he called out.

"Dul kana ba Agnie wasi para tu." Stuart reported cheerfully. He added with a hopeful smile, "Oh, ti Kevin an Jerry rika hana banana." (Translation: Agnes and the other two girls are waiting for you. Oh, and Kevin and Jerry are still arguing about who gets the last banana.)

"Thanks Stuart. I'll be right over to the girls' room." Gru replied. "You know what, you take the banana, since they will never agree."

Stuart cheered and dashed off, singing, "Banana para mi! Banana para mi!"

Gru strode to the girls' room, still lost in thought. He knocked softly and turned the knob. Margo, Edith, and Agnes looked up when he entered.

"What took you so long?" Edith demanded. "You know Agnes sings herself to sleep if you don't read to us! And with that unicorn song too!" She shuddered.

Lucy smiled. "I offered to read tonight, but they insisted they wanted you. Did Stuart pass you the message?"

"Yeah, he did. Sorry girls, I was busy. What do you want to read tonight?"

After a rousing rendition of his 'literary masterpiece' (as Gru liked to call his book, 'One Big Unicorn'), he gently tucked the girls in. As he smoothed Agnes' hair, she whispered sleepily, "G'night Daddy. I love you…"

"I love you too…" He whispered back, his voice cracking. As he leaned over to kiss her forehead, tears formed in his eyes, and one rolled down his cheek before he could stop it. He quickly swiped at his eyes and left the room.

He was stopped just outside the door by a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly to look at Lucy.

"All right, tough guy. What's going on?"

"What do you mean? Everything's fine. Just a, a tough day at work."

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "Nice try." Her voice softened. "Talk to me."

Gru sighed. "It's a very long story…"

"Well, the girls are asleep…"

Gru took his wife's hand and led her into his office.

"You remember the AVL assignment, don't you?" Lucy nodded.

"I know who's behind the kidnappings."

"You did?! Sweet! So shouldn't you be going 'Yay' and 'Oh yeah!' right about now?"

"I think I know how the girls got to Miss Hattie's..."

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