Entry 29

I am now back at home. I am writing my diary myself. I no longer have to rely on Misaka-10901 to transcribe my thoughts. Now there will be no more cruel and mean comments interjected by my sisters when I am writing my private diary.

Misaka-20001 believes that those comments are the best bits. Misaka-20001 is the worst Misaka. She also refuses to stop reading my diary through my eyes, because she is terrible. She claims it is because she is bored floating in a tank with nothing to do.

No. It is because she is terrible.

The original dragged 10032 and me into a bathroom which was mostly intact and made us wash up. She returned with new clothes for me. She assured us that she paid for them, despite the fact that all the shop staff have run away. We choose to believe her, because for all that the original is immature and fond of violence, she is a good person.

After that, she went to track down and distract the Teleporter so she could not kill us. 10032 left out a window, while I let myself be found by one of the Anti-Skill teams who were securing the building.

Once they had verified my identity and I had explained that I was not Misaka Mikoto and that it was simply a coincidence that I looked like her, had the same surname and was also an Electromaster, I was taken outside and wrapped in a warm blanket. The medical staff thought I was going into shock because they are reactionaries who are opposed to more efficient modes of communication. They are also unable to read emotions, despite the fact that I was telling them "'I am feeling emotions,' Misaka says angrily." Clearly the training for paramedics in Academy City is substandard.

Eventually they followed my instructions to call my speech therapist, and were persuaded that the Network's superior mode of speech was not a form of trauma. I was released from my custody in a tent.

My flatmates were waiting for me outside. Koizumi Kyoko started crying when she saw me. The Network does not understand why my presence made her sad.

"Never do that again!" Aino Sumiko shouted at me. "Never ever ever!"

We believe she was angry. Perhaps she was concerned that I might increase in rank from my experience against Russian mercenaries.

Abe Eiko reached over and squeezed my hand. "See! I told you she'd be fine. She just went with a boy who was also trying to get out of there, right?"

I nodded. "'I met a boy,' Misaka confirms," I confirmed. That is true. "'Then I was found by Anti Skill. They took me outside. They would not believe that I always talk like this. They thought I was in shock and made me sit somewhere quiet wrapped in a blanket and kept on trying to talk to me,' she adds, outrage clear in her voice," I added.

"You… you… you…" spluttered Aino Sumiko. She was very angry.

"Look, if you can only shout, just don't say anything, 'kay," Abe Eiko said firmly. She wrapped one arm around my shoulders. "Come on, Misa-Misa. Let's get you home before 'Yoko faints again."

"'She would be heavy to carry all the way back,' Misaka says," I agreed.

Koizumi Kyoko turned red at that. It was hard to tell, because she was also red from crying. I hoped we would not have to carry her.

Fortunately she did not pass out on the way back. The Network observed that Abe Eiko was the only one who was acting normally. Koizumi Kyoko kept on bursting into tears and Aino Sumoko was sometimes angry and sometimes very quiet and pale. We were not sure why they are acting so irrationally, so we took the original's advice and asked Abe Eiko when the two of us were making noodle-soup in the kitchen.

Abe Eiko shrugged and looked at me. "They've never been in a real-real fight before, Misa-Misa," she said with a shrug. "Don't you remember how it was before they started the treatments?"

"'No,' Misaka says honestly," I said. There was never a me before the Testament package was instantiated in the 11111th Misaka-geneline clone to be connected to the Network. "'I do not understand why they act the way they do. It is confusing,' she says simply," I said.

"Don't envy you your head," Abe Eiko muttered. "Look… normal people freak out when fights start."

"'But Kamijou Touma does not '''freak out''',' Misaka points out."


"'He beat you up multiple times,' Misaka reminds Abe Eiko," I reminded her.

"... is that his name. Grr." Abe Eiko glared. "That freak is not normal," she hissed. "Normal people can't punch out my knives."

That is true. Most people cannot punch knives. The Network corrects me that most people can punch knives, but will injure their hands.

"So why do you know his name?" Abe Eiko asked.

"'Because he told it to me,' Misaka says," I said.

Abe Eiko sighed. "Did he hurt you?"

"'No. He has never hit me,' Misaka says," I said.

"Huh. Lucky you. Every time he met me, he punched me," Abe Eiko said, shrugging. "I mean, apart from the one time I fell off scaffolding because the pale fainting girl he was defending... can you believe it, she threw a rock at me? All I did was try to stab her! That wasn't fun. Pass me the chopping board and I'll cut the spring onions."

She is very good with knives. I keep an eye on her hands.

The soup is quite good.

Now I am in my room, updating and compiling my diary. I am now up to date, and that has allowed me to try to fix my goggles.

My goggles are broken. They were too close to Misaka Mikoto when she used her railgun power, and as a result all the CCDs were destroyed. It can no longer detect electromagnetic fields. Even the lights have stopped working. It is functionally useless. Putting it on just means I cannot see anything.

I consider if I could borrow one from any of my sisters, but the Network has informed me that I will not be permitted to do so. My sisters are so cruel.

I will secure an equipment form from Academy City and ask for a new one to be issued. Apparently it will take four to six months, going by what the scientists said when they were complaining about how hard it is to get a replacement for broken machinery. I believe it is highly inefficient for it to take over half someone's lifetime to be issued a replacement set of equipment, but this is just how things apparently are.

Maybe it is more tolerable to wait four-to-six months when you are thirty than when you are one.

Tomorrow I am going to have to try to reclaim my new clothes. They were left behind in the shop. I am not sure how to do this. Anti Skill will control the mall so I will need to talk to them, but the Network is not sure how to persuade them to let me have my shopping back. Koizumi Kyoko is bad at communication, and Abe Eiko does not get on well with authority figures like teachers and people who do not want you to steal from vending machines.

I may have to ask Aino Sumiko for help. There will be shouting.