This is a response to a review by . Now, I may have thought about it, I don't know, once, twice, 1234567890 times, so here it is. This is a quick concept chapter and this will be saved till the end of the fic I'm already working on. Let's say it's sort of the sequel to that, but it won't be out until that fic is done. I just want to emphasise that. Anyway...




There are just too ma-hold on. Wait, stop the dramatic voice and shit. A-Am I seriously reading the same concept thing from React, Watch, Believe, Yikes?!

Well, I don't give a shit!

You are not the boss of m-what's that? He is? Oh fuck... A-Am I fired?


What do mean I have to do another one sooner or later, you pay me by the day!

I'M NOT COMPLAINING! J-Just l-let me, let me do my thing!

I narrate the freaking prologues and shit, that's why I'm here! You sat throught that whole fucking interview!

Hey, you don't have to bitchy about it! God fucking damn it... uh... crap, LINE!

I'm a sissy as-oh fuck you dude. Y-You know what? Let me just give it to you guys straight. Caboose finds RWBY DVDs and the Reds and Blues decide to watch them! Okay! There! Can I fucking leave now?!



Red vs Blue: RWBY Chronicles