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Lying in his bed Harry Potter was thinking about all that had happened last year, Sirius' death, first endangering his friends, and then getting his friends injured in the violent battle with the Death Eaters, was enough to push the already sullen boy into depression. All that being Harry Potter had gotten him were dead parents, dead godfather, abusive guardians, a meddling headmaster, unwanted fame, injured friends, and a psychopath that wanted to kill him because he was apparently a threat because of some drunken ramblings from a fraud.

He came to a decision about what to do. He, Harry Potter, would become Harry, just Harry. If all being Harry Potter had gotten him was unwanted fame, rivals, glory-seeking friends, and a deranged madman with his equally insane followers after his head than he would rather not be Harry Potter. But there was the problem of all of those people who still wanted him to be Harry Potter, their savior. To get free he would need to train and train in many different categories to escape. He needed a school that taught everything that Hogwarts did not. Harry decided that he would look into finding a school, but first he was hungry and went to the door feeling better now that he had a plan of action, but as he crossed the room he saw something in the mirror he didn't like.

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