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He looked across the room at his reflection in his cracked mirror and was instantly appalled by what he saw. He saw a person who looked about 13 , and Harry knew that was only because of the Quidditch training, sickly pale skin, huge, round glasses, and with what looked like a grey 'tent' on them. Harry couldn't believe that his 'friends' let him go around looking like this. Though, he thought bitterly, with what I learned on the train ride home this shouldn't surprise me, but I didn't expect him to surprise me that much and what was up with his eyes?


"Hey guys, I'm gonna use the loo." Harry told his two best friends. They just nodded absently still focused on their chess match even though Hermione was clearly outmatched and losing badly. When he got back and was just going to open the door when he heard Ron and Hermione talking. His curiosity getting the better of him he listened to what his friends were saying without him there.

"I can't believe that idiot did something rash again. Every freaking year he does the same thing! Why doesn't he ever listen to us when we tell him to go to Dumbledore." Ron said sounding very annoyed.

"I know even though he says that we are his friends he never listens to us as a real friend would!" Hermione too sounded annoyed and angry which was very odd for her.

"I'll need to speak to Professor Dumbledore about raising my pay to 250 galleons a month. All this pretending is taking its toll on me and the fact that would show him is just a bonus. That complete fool considering that it is his money." That was Ron again and Harry could practically hear the greed in his voice.

Harry stumbled away from their compartment feeling devastated. Ron and Hermione hated him and were stealing from him. He considered going to Dumbledore when what Ron said finally registered. I'll need to speak to Professor Dumbledore about raising my pay to 250 galleons a month.

How could Dumbledore do this to me? I looked up to him and he betrayed me. Also it looks like he has been stealing my money too.' Harry thought very betrayed and hurt.

*End of Flashback*

As he looked at his reflection he decided that if he was going to have a new name then he would have a new look too. He realized that wizards were very lazy. They had no physical fitness class and there only sport was Quidditch that though it made you be fit it wasn't ideal for achieving full fitness. It was like as soon as you get magic that you didn't need to work out anymore. He scoffed at that. If he was going to work out then he needed a plan because even though he had all summer, the Dursleys had said he could do what he wanted if he was in the house by 9pm and didn't alert anyone to his freakishness, he had actually been shocked but never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth accepted it. And with that thought he went over to his desk. Grabbing a piece of paper he started writing. When he had finished he read what he wrote.

Every week attempt:

21 hours of running

14 hours of upper body strength

20 hours of core body workout

15 hours of acrobatics

He then looked at his books. These weren't his schoolbooks, they were books he had gotten when he was at Diagon Alley. These were the books:

What is Magic and Where Did it Come From by Alatar

Blood magic by Unknown

Mind Arts by Jace

So you want to be an Animal by Siyu Chiu

Necromagic by Janice Molis

After looking at the books Harry added

3 blood magic sets (around 30 hours)

20 of hours mind magic

20 hours of necromagic practice

8 hours sleeping

20 hours other stuff

So his total list was:

21 hours of running

14 hours of upper body strength

20 hours of core body workout

15 hours of acrobatics

3 blood magic sets (around 30 hours)

10 of hours mind magic

5 hours of necromagic practice

8 hours sleeping

As he looked at his list he felt better. Now instead of just wanting to change he had goals that would help him change not only in body, but in his mind. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:00 pm. He decided that tomorrow he would go to Diagon Alley and see about his and then go get clothes that would fit him. With those plans he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Harry awoke after the magical alarm went off. He sat up and stretched popping his back. He then remembered that he had wanted to go to Gringotts and wanted to go there early and with that he got up and walked down stairs. There he saw a shimmer out of the corner of his eye. It was a family portrait of the Dursleys, but their eyes were moving. This was very suspicious as Muggle pictures don't move at all. So he pulled out his wand and checked the picture for and magic and to his surprise there was three souls trapped in a painting. He then checked the magical signature and the magic belonged to an Albus Wolfric Percival Brian Dumbledore. Anger boiled up in him as all of the memories where the Dursleys were kind and took care of his rose to the surface. He remembered how he was given three meals a day and slept in Dudleys room. Then it had changed so rapidly that he believed he had dreamt it all. After all no one is nice to freaks. But now that he knew this he could guess what had happened.

Dumbledore had been monitoring him and when he saw that he was happy and being cared for, had gone to privet drive and planted suggestions in their brain that Harry was a freak and also deserved to be punished. Happy with himself he had left thinking that now Hary would be broken when he arrived to school. A month later he had checked the instruments again and saw that Harry was happy and taken care of. Dumbledore went to Privet drive and into number 4 to see what went wrong. He saw that the Muggles had fought against the suggestions because the thought of beating a child was too evil for them. Dumbledore would have gotten angry that the Durslys weren't following his orders and locked their souls up. Then, using forbidden soul magic, had crafted new personalities.

He knew the spells that had been used as they were in a Black Arts book about soul magic that he had read. The first one was spiritus detrectionis which literally translated to Soul Removal, the second one was spiritus densativum which translated to Soul Binding, the spell to animate them after their soul had been removed was animatus corporis this one was animate body, and finally the personality one was variationis which was divergence of behavior. This spell made the victim act completely opposite of what they had been. He had done this by putting the good back in them and then casting the spell on them making them act horribly. Harry knew that every one of these spells was illegal and would get you a one way ticket through the veil of death. After reading about magical theory Harry knew that if you said the words in Latin and controlled your magic then the result would happen. So he went into the kitchen and stunned the Dursleys while they were eating. Dragging them into the hall which he knew wouldn't have been possible if he hadn't been working out. Now that they were in the hall he started by casting out the 'souls' in the 'bodies' which was easy as all it took was a finite incantatem. He then went to work casting a spell that would free them. "fractus spiritus ergastulum relatus spiritus corpus!" Harry chanted at the painting and with a huge blue flash of light the Dursleys started to stir. "Thank you Harry, Thank you!" was the first thing out of Aunt Petunias mouth. This shocked and pleased that he had the nice relatives back again.

"Ugh. What happened and why am I fat?" Uncle Vernon said.

At Harry's questioning look Aunt Petunia explained that when Dumbledore had ordered them to be evil to you Vernon attacked him and was stunned. Dumbledore then spelled all of them into the painting.

"Well that explains why I don't remember anything, but why am I fat?" Vernon asked.

"Well I believe when Dumbledore cursed the bodies you left behind he made them act the complete opposite and that made you fat, but don't worry I will fix that for all of you" Harry told them.

"Now I want you to think really hard on how you looked before." Harry told them.

With them thinking really hard, he began chanting.

"Conrigo corpus fingo!" Harry said.

As they watched Vernon began shrinking around the middle very rapidly and after that had stopped he began to gain muscle and when that stopped there was a very sturdy man who looked like he could hold his own against a troll. Dudley was the same as he instead chose to think about how he would have looked if he hadn't been in a painting for almost all of his life. Aunt Petunia was now a very beautiful woman that had curves in all of the right places.

"Well this is certainly an unexpected surprise." Harry commented after a while.

"Wait if we are the same as when we were put into the painting then why am I talking like this and not in babbles?" Dudley asked Harry.

"Oh I put into you 17 years of knowledge in the basics and advanced knowledge in computers, history, mechanics, engineering, and science because it is the least anyone would do for someone that has been trapped in a painting most of their life." Harry replied.

"Oh well thanks for that." Dudley said with gratitude in his voice.

"Well I am tired after that so I am going back to my room." Harry stated as he went back up to his room.

Sitting down at his desk, he pulled out Mind Arts by Jace, who was supposed to be the best there was at the mind arts, and began reading from where he left off. From the book he had been building his Occlumency shields in a dome pattern until he found out that your Occlumency shields could be anything. After he had learned that he tore down those shields and began modeling his after a computer because

he had always been fascinated with the complexity of them

no Pure-bloods and even most Half-Bloods would recognize the internals of a computer.

This was a bonus as if they couldn't recognize it, then they couldn't beat it. So he delved into his mindscape and continued the sorting of all of his memories.

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