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"Percy Jackson, for what you have accomplished for Olympus, we, of the council offer you Godhood. You would become a minor god, serving as your father's lieutenant for the rest of time. You would be undying, immortal."

There was silence, until Ares chuckled deeply.

"Hmm," Ares mused. "I think I like this idea. This means I can smash him to a pulp day after day and he'll just keep on coming back for more." He eyed me, a smile playing on his lips, and I glared at him.

Athena cleared her throat. "I approve also," she stated, though she was looking at Annabeth as she said it. Annabeth herself was a pale white, looking terrified. I briefly wondered if she was alright, but my thoughts were quickly clouded from the sheer enormity of Zeus' offer. Me? A god? What kind of sick person would suggest something like that?

"Err," I hesitated. "What would I be god of?"

Zeus rolled his eyes as if it was obvious. "You would become the god of Tides and Change, because of your past... Accomplishments. I take it you accept our offer?"

Still shocked by his proposition, I barely even noticed myself saying, "Thank you, all of you. Lord Zeus, I accept your offer."

-Line Break-

"Well isn't that a surprise," muttered Dionysus from his throne. I chose to simply ignore him, and that was when I realised what I had done. I was immortal. Now I would be forced to co-exist with Dionysus for centuries more, millennia even. For the first time, I really grasped what immortality actually meant. And I revelled in the feeling that I would be alive for eternity.

Zeus smiled. Standing up from his throne, he walked to where I was kneeling, shrinking down to semi-giant size as he did so. Great, now he was only 8 feet tall. "Rise Perseus, god of Tides and Change." Then he lowered his voice, and began murmuring words that even I could not hear. A blessing maybe? And then I felt it happen, and I knew it was the immortality. I suddenly felt stronger, more powerful. As if I held all the energy in the world within my body, and it was just willing to be released.

Thunder boomed.

There were a few moments of silence in the throne room, followed by clapping from some of the Olympian gods. "Congratulations, son," Poseidon said, with a twinkle in his eye. Artemis gazed at me for a while, and then started clapping with Poseidon, a tiny smile of approval growing on her face. One by one, the remaining Olympians started to applaud me, along with the others inside the throne room. One by one, everybody began to cheer for me and congratulate me. Everyone except Annabeth. I frowned slightly, disturbed by the sight of seeing my best friend looking so depressed. She was holding her head in her arms, and for the life of me I just couldn't fathom what the problem was. Telling myself I would deal with it later, I ever-so-graciously embraced the applause directed at me and let a large grin form on my face. Tonight there would most certainly be a party. And I would be the main attraction.

-Line Break-

Have I ever told you how much I love the parties at Olympus? If not, just let me clarify one thing: there is no better thing on the planet. Or off it, I think. Somehow, the music seemed to suit everybody's style; we all loved it, and a request for change of song was totally unheard of. There were classics for some of the old fashioned gods, along with new hits for demigods. Of course, all time favourites were included, and the volume continued to rise as we all danced to the music.

I had just finished dancing with Thalia. I wasn't the greatest dancer ever, but well... At least I tried. I had two left feet, so pretty quickly, we gave up on dancing, preferring to just move slowly around the room, listening to the music. We started talking eventually, and I decided she didn't seem disappointed or anything about not receiving any gift from the gods. To be honest she just seemed really happy for me. Unfortunately, when I asked her about Annabeth, a worried look appeared on Thalia's face. She hadn't seen her since they were in the throne room, which was the last time I saw her too. After using some excuse to escape my dance with Thalia, I began to search the room for my friends. Almost as soon as I moved away, however, I was immediately ambushed by a certain breathtakingly beautiful goddess.

"Well well well. I didn't get a chance to congratulate you earlier, Percy."

You don't understand how much I hated that I could not seem to form a word at this moment.

"Aphrodite!" I managed. "Err, it was umm, nothing!" I mentally berated myself. ERR, IT WAS UMM, NOTHING? WHAT KIND OF REPLY WAS THAT?!

She smiled easily, as if she knew what I was thinking. "I just wanted to say, you know, thank you," She leaned closer to me, and as I tried to step away I realised there was a wall directly behind me. Great. I was trapped by the goddess of love. Pathetic, Jackson.

I averted my gaze, mumbling something stupid about how it was my pleasure, or something like that. Unfortunately, my gaze wondered down to her body, which was just as mesmerising as her eyes. She was wearing a red dress that flowed down from her neck to her feet, but somehow I could see her curves through the fabric, and I was held in wonder at the sight of such perfection.

She wrapped me in an embrace, and began dancing slowly with me, resting her head on my shoulder, her... Well, you get the picture.

"Uhh..." I started, but she gently covered my mouth with her hand.

It was as if I was paralysed. Aphrodite was truly stunning, and I still couldn't tear my gaze away from her. It was like everything else was black and white, and Aphrodite was the only colourful person on the dance floor. I was drawn to her, like a bee is to honey, and I was simply unable to unlatch myself from her arms. Not that I really wanted to anyway.

-Line Break-


I stumbled into the ballroom, my eyes still somewhat red from earlier. I'd been selfish, thinking he would give up immortality for me. Why was I so special? Now I just needed to find him, to talk to him. Maybe go get a burger with him and Thalia from that place on 32nd.

I politely declined some demigod's request for a dance weaving in and out of the crowd. As I got out of the mass, I saw Percy... With Aphrodite. Oh gods. No, no, no, no. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be. As I watched Percy leaned further in towards Aphrodite... And kissed her. It would be kind of cute, if it wasn't making me want to spew.

I whirled right around and stalked back the way I had come, crying silently the whole time.

-Line Break-


"Something to drink?" Dionysus asked for the second time, bringing me back to reality. Hadn't I just been... Where had Aphrodite gone? I blinked confusedly, then realised Dionysus was still looking at me expectantly.

"Sure." I didn't trust myself with any more than a few words. Mr D grinned.

"That's the spirit!" A glass of some drink materialised in front of me, floating in the air. I took it cautiously, unsure if I should actually try it or just dump it somewhere when Dionysus turned away. As drunk as he was, he probably wouldn't realise.

"I thought Zeus had banned you from alcohol."

"He lifted my punishment, in light of things. Apparently I have done a wonderful job teaching the half-bloods of this age. I guess I have that to thank you for, Peter Johnson."

I rolled my eyes, slightly annoyed, but not surprised. "You're welcome." I muttered, but the God had already lost interest in me, and was on his way to a woman who was gazing absently at the people who danced around her. His wife, I realised. Ariadne, I think.

I tried the drink in front of me, and found it surprisingly good. It didn't taste like alcohol, thankfully. I didn't envy waking up in the morning with a hangover.

Later in the night, as I danced with countless other gods, demigods, and even nature spirits, I remembered belatedly that today was my birthday. The prophecy had been spot on.

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