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The 'storm' was turning into a hurricane. funnels of air whirled towards the skywalk, whipping up the sand and dust from the canyon.

Kids screamed, running for the museum doors. The harsh wind snatched at their hats, notebooks, and backpacks. Loose items or clothing sprang into the air, spiralling off of the skywalk.

I skidded across the floor, slamming into the railing. Leo, next to me, lost his balance, almost toppling over the edge, but. Grabbed his jacket frantically, pulling him back.

"Thanks man!" Leo yelled, somewhat relieved.

"Go, go, go!" Shouted Coach Hedge, as he herded kids towards the building entrance.

piper and Dylan were keeping the doors open, pushing kids inside. Piper's snowboarding jacket was flapping wildly in the wind, her dark hair whipping over her face. She must have been freezing, but she looked calm and confident, telling the other kids it would be okay, encouraging them to keep moving.

Hedge, Leo and I were trying to move towards them, but it was like we were all on treadmills - as hard as we pushed, the wind pushed back harder.

Piper, at the doors, shoved one more kid inside, then lost her grip, the doors slamming shut. She tugget at the handle, trying to force it open. Meanwhile, kids inside pounded on the glass, but the doors wouldn't budge.

"Dylan!" Piper shouted. "Help me!"

Dylan just stood there with his idiotic grin plastered onto his face, his Cwoboys jersey rippling in the wind, like he was enjoying the storm.

"Sorry Pipes. I'm done helping."

He flicked his wrist, and Piper flew backwards, slamming into the doors and sliding down on to the skywalk deck.

"Piper!" I fruitlessly tried to charge towards her, but the wind held me back, and Coach Hedge stepped in front of me, blocking me.

"Coach!" I yelled over the wind. "Let me go!"

"Jason, Leo. Stay behind me." He ordered. "This is my fight. I should've known this was our monster."

"Uh... Monster?" A rogue worksheet billowed in the wind, slapping into Leo's cheek, but he swatted it away. "What monster?" He demanded.

Hedge reached up and threw his cap aside, revealing dark curly hair, a pair of somewhat lopsided ears, and... Were those horns? Two short stumps emerged from the top of his head.

My jaw dropped. "You're a fawn?" I asked, disbelievingly.

"Satyr." He grunted, hefting his baseball bat. Only it wasn't a baseball bat anymore. It had somehow morphed into a more ominous tree-branch club, with twigs and leaves still attached.

Dylan's grin widened, if that was possible. "Oh come on, Coach." He said tauntingly. "Let him come. After all, you're getting too old for this kinda stuff. Isn't that why they retired you to this god forsaken place? I've been on your team the entire year and you didn't even notice. Looks like you're losing your touch, gramps.

The coach growled angrily, then made a ind of bleating sound, like a goat. "You're going down, cupcake."

"You kidding? You think you can protect all three demigods at once?" Dylan's eyes glinted. "Good luck." He laughed, before pointing a finger at Leo and sending him flying. The wind pushed him all the way off the skywalk, into the canyon. Somehow, he managed to twist in midair, slamming into the canyon wall. He clawed furiously for a handhold, latching onto a small ledge about 50 feet down the wall.

"Help!" He yelled up at us. "Rope please! Bungee Chord! Anything!"

Coach Hedge cursed tossing his club at me. I reflexively caught it in my right hand. "I don't know who you are kid, but you'd better be good. You keep him busy, while I go get Leo." He said, jabbing a finger at Dylan.

"How?" I demanded. "You going to fly?"

"Not fly. Climb." He kicked off his shoes, almost giving me a heart attack. Where the Coach's feet should've been, there were hooves. Goat's hooves.

Yup, definitely a faun.

"You're a faun." I stated bluntly.

"Satyr!" Hedge snapped, as he hurdled over the railing, sailing down to the canyon wall, landing feet (or hooves) first. He climbed down the canyon with incredible agility, finding footholds nob bigger than postage stamps, dodging whirlwinds that came to blow him off course.

Dylan watched him, amused, then turned his psychotic grin towards me. "Isn't that cute. Now it's your turn."

I hurled the club at him. It seemed pretty useless with the wind so strong, but the club whirled right at Dylan, even curving when he tried to dodge. It hit him smack in the middle of his forehead, so hard that he fell to his knees, cursing.

Piper wasn't as dazed as she appeared. Her fingers curled around the club as it rolled next to her, but before she could use it, Dylan rose. Golden liquid trickled from his forehead. I realised vaguely that it was his blood - golden blood.

"Nice try boy," he snarled, glaring at me. "But you'll have to do better."

The skywalk trembled below them. Tiny fractures appeared n the glass. In the museum, kids stopped banging on the doors, backing away in terror.

Dylan's body dissolved into smoke, as if his molecules had all separated. Through the gas, you could see his face, with the same brilliant white smile, but the rest of his form was composed of swirling dark vapour, his eyes crackling with electrical sparks. He sprouted black smoky wings, rising above the skywalk. If angels could be evil, they would look exactly like this.

"You're a ventus." I said suddenly, though I had no idea where the word came from. "A storm spirit."

Dylan's laugh resembled the sound of a tornado ripping off a roof. "I'm glad I waited, demigod. Leo and Piper I've known about for weeks. But a mistress said a third was coming. Someone special. She'll reward me greatly for your death!"

Two more funnel clouds touched down one either side of Dylan, morphing into venti - ghostly men with smoky wings and eyes that flickered with lightning.

Piper remained on the ground, pretending to be unconscious, her hand still gripping the club. The message she was giving me on her face was clear. You distract them. I'll brain them from behind."

Cute, smart and violent. I wished I remembered having her as a girlfriend.

I clenched my fists, getting ready to fight, but I never got the chance. Dylan raised his hand, electricity jumping between his fingertips, and blasted me right in the chest.

Note to self - lightning bolts are dangerous. They hurt. I recommend not getting hit by them.

I found myself lying on my back. My mouth tasted like aluminium foil. My clothes were smoking, but thankfully, had somehow survived the blast. The lightning bolt had gone right through my body, blasting off my left shoe. My toes were black with soot.

The venti were laughing hysterically. Piper was screaming defiantly, but it all sounded tiny far away, in the distance.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Coach Hedge climbing back up the cliff face, Leo slung over his back. Piper was trying to fend off the other storm spirits, desperately swinging the club back and forth, but it passed through the smoky spirits uselessly, having no effect whatsoever.

And Dylan, a dark-winged tornado of smoke, loomed over me, with his eyes crackling with power.

I rose unsteadily. "Stop." I croaked. I made it to my feet, and I wasn't sure who was more surprised; the venti, or myself.

"How are you still alive?" Dylan's voice sputtered. His form flickered, momentarily changing to the shape of a human, before back again. "There was enough power in that bolt to kill twenty men!"

"Overkill much? My turn." I reached into my pocket, puling out the gold coin I'd found earlier. Almost sub-consciously, I took it in my palm, flipping it casually as if I had done it a million times before. Mid-spin, the coin rapidly expanded in all directions, elongating into a wicked, deadly weapon. Suddenly, I was holding a sharpened, double-edged sword, the ridged grip fitting perfectly with the shape of my hand. And the whole thing was gold - hilt, handle, and blade.

Dylan snarled, backing up a little. "Well?" He demanded to the other spirits. "What are you waiting for!"

The two venti didn't look happy with that command, but they flew towards me cautiously, electricity crackling at their fingertips.

I swung my sword at the first one. He seemed so shocked that he didn't even try to avoid the blade. It passed through him, the storm clouds dissipating. The second ventus threw a bolt of lightning at me, but my sword sprang into position, absorbing the charge. I stepped forward, and with one quick thrust, the monster exploded into golden dust.

Dylan howled in outrage. He looked down, as if expecting his friends to reform, but they stayed the same. "Impossible! Who are you, halfblood!"

Piper was so stunned, she dropped her club. "Uhh... Jason?"

Then Coach Hedge leapt back onto the skywalk, dumping Leo like a sack of flour. "Spirits, fear me!" He cried, flexing his arms, before looking around, and narrowing his eyes at Dylan.

Dylan hissed, but fear was evident in his eyes. "You have no idea how many enemies you've awakened, demigods. My mistress will destroy all of you. This war, you cannot win."

Above them, the storm increased in power, the temperature dropping another few degrees. Sheets of rain poured down, cracks opening in the skywalk under the force of the wind. A dark hole appeared in the clouds; a swirling vortex of silver and black.

"The mistress calls me back!" Dylan shouted with glee. "And you will come with me!"

He lunged at me, but Piper tackled him immediately from behind. Despite the fact that he was made of smoke, she still managed to connect, sending both of them sprawling. Leo and the Coach surged forward to help, but the spirit screamed with rage, unleashing a powerful torrent of air that sent them all flying backwards.

Hedge and I managed to land okay, but Leo hit his head, and groaned, dazed by the jarring impact. Piper was thrown completely off the skywalk, slamming into the railing and tumbling over the side, until she was clutching the railing with only one hand keeping her from the depths of the abyss.

I started towards her, but Dylan wasn't finished yet. "I'll settle for this one instead!" He screamed, heading for Leo. Dylan grabbed his arm and began to rise, towing a half-conscious Leo behind him, pulling them upward and rapidly speeding up.

"Someone help!" Piper yelled from the chasm wall.

Then she slipped, losing grip on the railing.

"Jason, go!" Yelled Hedge. "Save her, I've got Leo!"

The coach launched himself at the spirit, lashing out with his hooves, horns, and fists, knocking Leo from Dylan's grasp, but Dylan grappled with the coach's arms instead. They rose into the air, gaining speed and altitude, before disappearing into the dark hole in the clouds, which quickly dispersed.

Save her? She's gone.

But again my instincts took over. I sprinted to the railing, thinking I'm a maniac, and hurtled over the side.

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