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It should be a privilege to spend the rest of your life with the person you love more than anything in the world but instead it's compulsory.

'On May 18th each year every 16 year old girl and boy from each district will be married. This process will proceed by the taking of an extensive personality test 3 weeks before hand where matches will be made and the women will be taken to the district of their future husband. Anyone who does not comply and take part in a good marriage will be executed'

At first everyone just used the clause saying that if they were to marry before the age of 16 then they wouldn't be made to marry with the use of this law but then the Government got wise – they saw that everyone was just doing that so they could stay in their own district with someone they knew so one year before I turned 16 they changed the law stating that only in extreme circumstances will that be acceptable – it never was.

The day of the 'big test' had arrived - the most important test I'll ever take according to the propaganda we're forced to see in school. I take a deep breath and enter the giant room where I am to take the exam.

Three weeks later I received a letter. Oh the joy, my husband had been found. *note the sarcasm* I opened the letter praying that it was someone in this district:

'Dear Miss Everdeen,

We wish to inform you that an extremely rare occurrence has been found:

Upon translating your results into the system we discovered a 100% perfect match,

Congratulations, your future husband, Cato Lenox, is awaiting you in District 2.

Please pack the necessary items (list enclosed) and board the train at 4am tomorrow morning.

We wish you every happiness in your marriage. Good luck'

District 2?! I don't think anyone from district 2 has EVER been paired with someone from District 12! There must be some mistake...

Sighing I pull out a bag from my wardrobe and stare blankly at the list half expecting to see 'JOKE' scrawled across it. Nope.

'You may wish to pack the following items, consider that this will be the last time you are in your district and you cannot leave items here that you later want.

1 pair of underwear

1 dress

1 pair of bottoms

1 top

1 jacket

1 pair of shoes

1 photo of your family

1 personal belonging

Please do not pack any extra items as these will be confiscated on your way to your new district.'

Well, that's not exactly a lot is it? Thank goodness we're allowed to receive post from home otherwise I'd be left there with practically nothing for the rest of my life!

At dinner we eat in silence and then have an early night knowing it's an early start tomorrow.

I dress in the provided wedding dress and veil slipping on the high heels and garter. Wow I'm looking forward to that experience *sarcasm - again*

Prim stirs and wakes to see me standing there in my white gown doing my make-up.

" look beautiful" she breaths through the fog of tears she has started to see. I smile lightly and give her a hug

"Thank you little duck, don't worry about me just look after yourself OK? I'll write all the time and you'll get so fed up with me you will wish I had gone further away"

"That's not true - I'll always miss you"

"I will always miss you too Prim. I love you kiddo" I tickle her in an attempt to lighten the mood and escape the looming fear of my own tears trailing down my cheeks.

We walk to the train station holding hands so tightly that they're white within 30 seconds. My long dress swishing as I walk and my heels clicking on the uneven ground threatening to send me tumbling face first onto it. When we finally reach it I see that the train is just coming in so I give Prim one last hug, a quick kiss and an 'I love you' before I pick up my small bag sling it over my shoulder and board the train so that I may meet my husband - wow that sounds weird.

Waving almost brings those hated tears to the surface but I hold them in telling myself to be strong, just like I always am, I can't be weak. As I slowly walk through the empty carriage (each district gets its own carriage and as I'm the only one going to District 2 from 12 I'm all alone) my mind wanders to what my husband will be like, I sit down and ponder the thought of him until I arrive at District 10. Predictably, nobody comes into the carriage. This same routine continues until I reach district 5, by this point my fears have been increasing every district making me think for a brief second that I've arrived in District 2. As the train pulls up in the District 5 station I see a blond girl wearing a similar dress to me board the train, for some reason I know she's going to District 2, and I'm right. She sits herself down next to me and breathes heavily

"Thank God there's someone else here! I thought I'd not know anyone when I got there but now we have three whole districts to get to know each other!" her constant smile almost gives me a headache but I need a distraction from my thoughts so...

"Hi, I'm Katniss, what's your name?"

"I'm Clara, nice to meet you" We shake hands lightly before she continues

"I'm apparently going to be married to" (in a posh voice) "'Marvel Bowman'" I smile at her

"That sounds like a nice name, I'm going to be married to" (I match her accent) "Cato Lenox" we both giggle at the annoyance our silly voices bring. We continue to talk for the remainder of the trip and even though other girls do come on from time to time, we simply smile politely at them and stay in our own little conversation. It's nice. I'm beginning to like Clara. Maybe we'll be friends.

Finally, the train pulls up in District 2 and a peacekeeper ushers us all off onto the platform. Clara gives my hand a light squeeze "Good luck" I reiterate and then look straight forward at the long line of men awaiting us. This feels awkward - this feels like I'm on show but I know I don't have a choice in the matter.

As the women are forced to move districts we get the privilege of knowing our husband's name whereas the men just have to wait and see. That explains why they're all looking us individually up and down trying to guess.

It begins.

"Katniss Everdeen please step forward"

I gulp. Even though I knew I would be first coming from District 12 I am still nervous and shaking.

I step forward letting go of Clara's hand.

There are a few wolf whistles of approval coming from the line of men and the capital made over woman, who has the job of presenting us to our soon-to-be-husbands, continues with a clear smile.

"Katniss Everdeen, you shall be married today to Cato Lenox!" There are a few cheers and who I presume to be Cato steps forward. I, obviously, take this opportunity to look at him.

He's tall, Much taller than I am which I don't think is bad; his blonde hair is pulled back in a smart fashion having clearly made an effort for the event; his piercing icy blue eyes search my sole and I am forced to look away before I blush.

He takes my hand and we turn to the capital lady who is about to marry us. I'm getting married to a man I haven't even muttered a single word to. Great, just great.

Blah blah blah wedding ceremony stuff you've heard it before

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride"

My heart beats faster as he leans in. I'm about to have my first kiss.

For some unknown reason I start to lean in too closing my eyes.

Suddenly, I feel his lips make contact with mine, I can feel the warmth of his body pressed up against mine as he wraps his arms around me. Then, after barely any time at all cheers are heard and we pull apart getting drenched in confetti as we do.

He picks up my bag off the floor and holds my hand lightly as we walk towards his car.

Woah! He has a car! Nobody in District 12 owns a car we've only seen pictures from the capital this is incredible!

He holds the door open for me and I get in almost hitting my head as I go.

Smooth Katniss, smooth.

He chuckles under his breath and gets into the driver's seat chucking my bad in the back.

"So, Katniss. Tell me about yourself" My mind searches through the hundreds of possible things I could tell him. It's typical isn't it? You get married and when he asks you about yourself you have nothing to say. Every time!

"Well, I'm from District 12. I have a little sister Prim who I used to look after because my father died five years ago, um, that's about it really. What about you Cato? Tell me about yourself" he smiles at my twisting of his words

"Well, I'm from District 2. I'm also have a younger sibling: my little brother Jakey who I sort of look after because my mum is too weak to thanks to my dad and my dad puts too much pressure on him. I like to take him places where he can enjoy himself you know?" I nod in understanding

"I can't actually believe I'm telling you this - I've never told anyone this but I suppose we are married right" I don't know why but I feel as though I should be doing something to show I'm his wife at this point so I reach over and place my hand on his making him smile. He intwines our fingers and continues to talk

"So, what are you thinking right now? What's your perspective on your first day in District 2?" I laugh as he gives me a questioning look

"I'm thinking two things: one that I'm seriously intrigued by this car because this is the first time I've ever been in one" he laughs too obviously not realising sooner that I had never been in a car

"I'll have to take you for a driving lesson one day. What was your second thought?"

"That- that I'm lucky to have such a nice man for a husband" His smile widens and he kisses the hand that he's holding

"And I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing wife as you"

I feel the car start to slow as we pull up to a grand white house with a path leading up to the front door, Cato presses the buttons for our seat belts and gets out of the car, while I sit amazed. He jogs round and opens my door for me before grabbing my bag and pulling it over his shoulder. He pulls out some keys from his trousers and gives me a mischievous smile. I start walking towards the house but his pulls me back by my waist

"Not so fast Mrs Leonx. Hold these for a second" he gives me the keys and instantly sweeps me off the ground carrying me bridal style towards the door. I chuckle and wrap my arms around his neck unlocking the door as we get to it. He kicks it closed behind us and gently puts me down smiling.

"Here, let me show you around" he grabs my hand and leads me through the house showing me the kitchen, the lounge, the study, the spare room, the office, the guest bedroom until finally I have to ask

"So, where is your family?" he looks at me confused for a second

"At their house, why?" my eyes widen in realization. He's sixteen and has his own car, his own house and now his own wife.

"It's just that I expected them to live with you, that's what happens in 12" his mouth makes a small 'o' shape

"Come on, let me show you my, ah, our room" As we enter I see the huge king sized bed and gasp - I had to share a single bed with my 12 year old sister so this is like having an entire mountain of clouds to sleep in! He smiles at me letting me wander round the room as he watches entranced.

"I'm going to get changed out of this suit do you want to get changed or do you want to stay in you dress?" he asks awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"I want to get changed too, um would you mind unzipping me please? the dress has been made so someone else needs to do it..." he uses his finger to single me to turn around and I obey. His fingers linger slightly one each clasp as he gently undoes them. When he finishes he brushes my hair off of my shoulder but upon seeing me holding my dress up he decides just to go into the bathroom to get changed.

I step out of my dress hanging it up in the wardrobe as I start unpacking my small bag. I realize that I haven't got any pajamas - probably the sick plans the get a 'good marriage' started. Uhrg. I open the draws and find a t-shirt belonging to Cato. That's when the bathroom door creeks open so I quickly slide it over my head knowing he will have seen me do so.

He stalks over to me like a predator with a gleam in his eye that I can't quite place. When he reaches me he easily towers over my pulling me close to him as easily as if I were a rag doll - well it's not that I'm resisting is it? I keep telling myself that he's my husband now and I have to please him but it still feels strange, I'm not good with intimacy but I think that if I were to be intimate with anyone it would be him.

"This is mine" his eyes flick to my - his - top and his fingers play with the hem I giggle like a school girl

"I wasn't allowed to bring many clothes I had to wear something" his eyebrow raises and I know I've made a mistake.

"You're my wife, you never need to hide yourself from me" I finally notice that he's only wearing a town and a plan creates itself in my mind as his hands find the garter I'm still wearing. Without him noticing I detangle the knot of his towel and let it drop to the ground exposing him. If he pulls it up I win. His eyes flicker down and he smiles.

"I will never hide from you. Please don't hide from me" then, for the first time since our wedding (granted it wasn't that long ago but still) our eyes lock and he memorizes me with his gaze as we each lean in and finally meet for a proper kiss. His tounge gently grazes across my lip and he pulls back

"sorry, I don't want to pressure you into something - I was just playing" he breathes embarrassed. A warm feeling floods through me as I raise my hand to caress his cheek

"It's Ok. You're right, I am your wife and will never hide from you" I meet his lips once again and smile against them finally I will not hide. I refuse to hide from him.

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